Feb 8, 2017

The Best VPNs for China

Would you please provide the best VPNs for China? I need one to encrypt my Network Connection and access foreign websites. It’s emergency. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It creates a secure and encrypted connection like a tunnel under the sea for you. The connections between your computer and the server operated by the VPN service guarantees that all of the data you’re sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from hacker’s eyes. People can share data freely. Some VPNs have been developed to overcome firewall so as to access websites that have been blocked in some areas. With the best VPNs for China, you will be able to visit those websites and collect useful information for foreign trade.

Reasons Why VPN Services Have Been Increasingly Popular

VPN services become famous among Chinese users in recent years. So, what are the reasons behind this? On one hand, people use VPN services to encrypt their Network connection and privacy. It becomes easier to collect information off the Internet nowadays. At the same time, the hackers seize the opportunity to spy on your online activities so as to attack your device and steal valuable information from you with the help of advanced technology and communications. Hence, many people, especially the businessmen choose VPN service to protect their privacy. They are able to have remote meetings without worrying about information leak. On the other hand, People are not able to access,,, and other similar famous websites in China because of the Great Firewall. Chinese Government has built the largest and most sophisticated firewall for national security reasons. VPN services make those Internet access possible. Of course, not all VPN services are suitable for China. You should know about which ones are the best VPNs for China.

Who needs VPN services? People who are engaged in foreign trade or regular trade that is very confidential need VPN services. Trade secret is very precious. The hackers can make a huge amount of money after they steal and sell your trade secret. Inevitably, the owner will suffer big loss. VPN services are necessary in this case. Besides, people in China need VPN services. No matter you are a Chinese or a foreigner in China, you are not allowed to access or which is very inconvenient due to China’s government policy. VPN services will provide different IPs and anonymous identify. All those websites are available with the best VPNs for China.
How to choose a proper VPN service for China? A large number of VPN services have been developed to meet people’s needs in those years. Various VPNs appear in the market. You may be confused, wondering which one you should pick up. It is very important for you choose a right VPN service. Though some of VPNs are very powerful and expensive, they may not work for your device or meet your needs. For example, you are looking for a VPN to help you access Facebook in China, you choose an expensive one with high reputation. However, its significant function is data encryption. Also, it is not good at overcoming the Great Firewall. In this case, it is not worth it. Hence, you should put all things into consideration before you choose a VPN service. Get the best VPNs for China.

3 Best VPNs for China

The Great Firewall prevents people from accessing some of the foreign websites which is very inconvenient for Chinese people who are engaged in foreign trade and foreigners who go to China for a trip. Chinese people can’t watch Youtube or use gmail. Foreigners are not able to check their gmail or post traveling photos on Facebook or Twitter like they are isolated from their country. Proper VPN services will resolves those problems.
First of all, ExpressVPN is a good choice. ExpressVPN offers a world-leading service for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users. The reason why we recommend it is that it is pretty simple to use. At the same time, it is powerful enough to use. You can follow easy guides to set up ExpressVPN on your devices no matter it is a computer, tablet or phone. Once you use ExpressVPN, you can watch videos on Youtube or other videos from anywhere at an amazing speed. It encrypts your network connection, protecting your real IP address and data you share with your partners. The most important feature is that it allows you access any website without the restriction of censorship. You can visit certain foreign websites freely and do not need to worry about the Great Firewall.

In the second place, you can consider about VyprVPN. VyprVPN connection is one of the fastest VPN service with its outstanding infrastructure. It unlocks your favorite websites, such as facebook or google websites and bypasses the Great Firewall easily. You can enjoy your browsing activities without restriction. Wall-escaping is its most obvious character. It will protect you against China’s cybersecurity laws. However, please keep in mind that it is illegal to post or watch child porn on the Internet in many countries. You may violate the international laws with improper actions. Do not use it to do illegal things. In addition, VyprVPN works for Windows, Mac, Android and your router. One of its disadvantages is that it does not accept Bitcoin.

In the third place, you are suggested to use NordVPN service. It helps you get instant access to Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV and other websites that are not available for users in China. NordVPN also unlock some social websites and share legit resources freely and securely. You can enjoy amazing videos on Youtube and post interesting things on Facebook and Twitter. Besides, you can check your bank accounts or other confidential information without worrying about information leak and cyber hack at public hotspots when using NordVPN. No one can spy on your meetings with your trade partners. Your communications are highly encrypted.

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VPN services are necessary for people in China. Economy in China has been grown at a high speed and Internet connection plays an important role in it. It helps businessmen protect their trade secrets well and develop their business effectively. It also helps ordinary people in China access the interesting life outside the world via the Internet. Lots of amazing videos on YouTube are available for you. You can play the computer games that you look forward to play for a long time. You can not play some games with a Chinese IP. With the best VPNs for China, you can play them with a fast speed whenever you want. At the same time, it protects you against mass data collection and the casual criminal vacuuming up user data. However, how to look for the best VPNs for China? That is very important. You ought to think carefully and observe carefully when choosing the best VPNs for China. Otherwise, you will lose money and get nothing good. If you have any questions about the best VPNs for China, welcome to contact YooCare computer experts.

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