Dec 30, 2016

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard Tech Support Scam Virus Manual Removal Guide

Hello. Please help me fix the computer. I have a pop-up saying that Activation is required to authenticate the copy of my Microsoft Office. It says I can do it over the Internet or by phone. I tried both of them, but I didn’t proceed because they asked for $200. It’s too expensive for me. Besides, I heard about fake tech support before. Is it possible that the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard is a tech support scam? If it is a scam, what do I do to get rid of it?

Brief Information of Microsoft Office Activation Wizard Scam Virus

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard is a tech support scam virus that shows fake notification to mislead computer users. It mainly attacks Windows computers, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10 etc. Once this scam virus is installed, it displays fake notifications, claiming that it is from Microsoft Office. That would persuade some users who know little about computer to believe that it is reliable and they would be willing to pay money to do the fake activation. In fact, those notifications have nothing to do with Microsoft Office company. They are brought by the fake tech support scam virus. To get rid of the fake pop-up notifications, you need to remove Microsoft Office Activation Wizard tech support scam virus.

How Tech Support Scam Virus Spreads?

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard tech support scam virus has been spread widely throughout the world. The cyber criminals design this virus to be tricky and complicated. Before it accesses your system, it disguises itself very well by hiding in the package of third party software. You may install it by thinking that it is piece of useful software. In this way, the virus is installed alongside. Sometimes, you may install rogue software when you visit its website which tells you that it will protect your computer from virus for free. If you install it, it will issue fake alerts and notifications to scare you. Besides, it is able to access your system while you are viewing compromised websites. Malicious codes will be injected to your browser. You will see pop-ups brought by malware all the time.

How Fake Microsoft Office Activation Wizard Works?

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard scam virus makes up non-existed issues to swindle money out of you. After it sneaks into your system, it corrupts your registries and creates new ones to keep the virus running all the time. To avoid being detected and removed, it disables your browser firewall and security program. This is why the virus can stay on your computer for a long time. The pop-up notification says that activation is required to
authenticate the copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 you use. An activation wizard is provided which prompts you to activate it over the Internet and by telephone. It gives you a Toll-Free. If you call them, they will persuade you to buy their products with excellent sale skill. Usually, it costs a large amount of money to purchase its products. Before you fix the problem, the pop-up Microsoft Office Activation Wizard will appear on the top of Windows that you open and applications you run. That will stop you from using your applications properly. In this case, you may think that buying their product is the only choice to fix the problem. Hence, you will choose to contact them. Then, they can make a lot of money every day. In addition, it also targets on your sensitive information. Sensitive information is very precious nowadays. The hackers will spare no effort to generate revenue with your personal information. If your computer is infected with the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard tech support scam virus, take necessary measures to fix the problems right now.

Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the computer system, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Manual Removal Guides:

Removing the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pop-up scam virus seems to be difficult for ordinary computer users, even those famous antivirus programs cannot do that successfully. Hence, manual removal can ensure that the stubborn virus will be gone completely. As mentioned above, manual removal needs professional knowledge, because the lack of experience may cause errors resulting in some other unpredictable problems. The following guide provides a general concept of the removal. You may not be able to find out some certain files for the virus can be changed. If you fear the loss of important data, please consider making a backup before starting the removal.

1. Restart the Infected Computer into Safe Mode with Networking

(* Usually the malware will be temporarily disabled in Safe Mode which will provide users a chance to get this problem fixed. If you are still getting the virus popup in safe mode with networking, please try safe mode with command prompt instead.)

Restart your computer, immediately, quickly and repeatedly hit F8 key before the Windows start-up screen shows. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”, and then press Enter key.


2. Stop the Processes Related to the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pop-up tech scam virus in Windows Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together and end the virus processes in the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager.


3. Show Hidden Files

(1). Press Win+R to get Run window


(2). Type Control Panel in the Run window and hit enter to get Control Panel


(3). Click on Appearance and Personalization


(3). Click on Folder Options

(4). Click on View tab in Folder Options window

(5). Tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives under Hidden files and folders tab


(6). Click Apply to take effect, then click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window

4. Delete Virus Files

(1). Using Registry Editor to delete or adjust all the related registry entries of Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pop-up tech scam virus.

*Guides to open Registry Editor:

Press Win+R key together to get the Run box, type in ‘regedit’ then click OK, Registry Editor window will pop up


(2). Find out and remove the associated files of this fake Antivirus

Video Shows You How to Safely Modify Windows Registry Editor:


You never should leave the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard tech support scam virus alone on your computer. It will ruin your system and steal your money silently with the help of remote owners. As we all know, this virus wants as much money as possible from victims. After you use their products, they may withdraw the fake notifications. However, it will issue new alerts again and again to grab all of your money. Sensitive information leak will cause more property loss. You must stop it as soon as possible. According to the research, manual removal is the most effective way so far. Hence, we suggest you locate and remove Microsoft Office Activation Wizard tech support scam virus manually and completely. Get rid of this nasty threat once for all.

Can’t remove the virus and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging your computer? please contact YooCare Expert for further removal help.

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