Quick Guides to Remove Justspeakin.xyz Pop-up Tech Scam Virus

Hello. I think my computer has Justspeakin.xyz pop-up viru. Every time I open Edge, it redirects me to Justspeakin.xyz where I can see warnings. It says my computer has ZEUS virus and my hard drive will be deleted if I close the page. I tried to run anti-virus to fix the problem, but I couldn’t do it because a notification says it was infected too. It asked me to call a tech support number to fix my computer. So, I did. They said they would help me while I have to pay $200. That’s too expensive for me. I only have 5 hours before they delete my hard drive. Please help me. I know you can because I used your service before. Thank you.

Brief Description of Justspeakin.xyz Pop-up Tech Scam Virus

If you see Justspeakin.xyz pop-up warning on your browser, your computer is infected with a piece of nasty malware. It hijacks your browser and pushes fake virus report, prompting you to call a tech for instance help. Hence, we also call it Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus. It takes your browser hostage and scares you with non-existed virus infection. In order to achieve your trust, it pretends to be Microsoft certified technicians. A number will be provided. If you dial that number, well-trained salesman will storm you with useless programs that you have pay several hundreds of dollars. In this way, they can easily make a large amount of money every day. In order to protect your computer and avoid sending so much money on this problem, we suggest you remove the Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus manually.

Why did Your Computer Get Infected with Tech Scam Virus?

Most users install anti-virus programs to protect their computers. However, various viruses still can attack computers silently because the viruses change all the time. Though people improve their programs regularly, the cyber criminals develop viruses into be more and more aggressive and functional so that they can escape from anti-virus program’s control. Virus like Justspeakin.xyz pop-up scam virus disguises itself very well before it sneaks into your computer. Usually, it hides in unknown free software package. If you always download free software from sharing sites or other unknown domains, you have a big chance of downloading malware which will be installed on your computer silently. Also, you may install rogue software by thinking that it is useful and can protect your computer well. Do not use unknown security programs next time. Besides, Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus is able to access your computer while you are visiting malicious website. Many adult websites and legit websites that have been hacked carry dangerous viruses. They can attack users effectively. Do not visit suspicious websites in the future to keep away from viruses.

How Justspeakin.xyz Pop-up Fake Tech Virus Works?

Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus attacks your computer for money and sensitive information on computer. This tech support virus infection is very computer among Windows computer users. There is not any sign before the fake warning appears. All of sudden, your browser is interrupted by a flashy, scary and annoying webpage. The background of the bogus alert is black which makes people feel nervous. It says that ZEUS virus has been detected on your computer. No button is provided to close the waring in a traditional way. Also, it threatens that your hard drive will be deleted if you close that page. It is trying to keep this virus program running so as to collect as more information as possible. To grab your money, it says you must contact remote tech support to fix the problem. To urge you call the number, it displays a countdown clock, saying that your data will be deleted in xx hours. In this case, many victims who know little about computer will be worried and frustrated as they are not able to close the page and run anti-virus program. They will call the given number and listen to the salesman to purchase useless software or bogus service. We have to tell you that it is a bad idea to call them. You ought to remove Justspeakin.xyz pop-up scam virus to protect your computer.

Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the computer system, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.


Manual Removal Guides:

Removing the Justspeakin.xyz pop-up scam virus seems to be difficult for ordinary computer users, even those famous antivirus programs cannot do that successfully. Hence, manual removal can ensure that the stubborn virus will be gone completely. As mentioned above, manual removal needs professional knowledge, because the lack of experience may cause errors resulting in some other unpredictable problems. The following guide provides a general concept of the removal. You may not be able to find out some certain files for the virus can be changed. If you fear the loss of important data, please consider making a backup before starting the removal.

1. Restart the Infected Computer into Safe Mode with Networking

(* Usually the malware will be temporarily disabled in Safe Mode which will provide users a chance to get this problem fixed. If you are still getting the virus popup in safe mode with networking, please try safe mode with command prompt instead.)

Restart your computer, immediately, quickly and repeatedly hit F8 key before the Windows start-up screen shows. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”, and then press Enter key.


2. Stop the Processes Related to the Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus in Windows Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together and end the virus processes in the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager.


3. Show Hidden Files

(1). Press Win+R to get Run window


(2). Type Control Panel in the Run window and hit enter to get Control Panel


(3). Click on Appearance and Personalization


(3). Click on Folder Options

(4). Click on View tab in Folder Options window

(5). Tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives under Hidden files and folders tab


(6). Click Apply to take effect, then click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window

4. Delete Virus Files

(1). Using Registry Editor to delete or adjust all the related registry entries of Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus.

*Guides to open Registry Editor:

Press Win+R key together to get the Run box, type in ‘regedit’ then click OK, Registry Editor window will pop up


(2). Find out and remove the associated files of this fake Antivirus

Video Shows You How to Safely Modify Windows Registry Editor:


In a word, Justspeakin.xyz pop-up bogus tech scam virus aims at swindling money out of unexpected user. It makes up non-existed virus name and bogus error codes to make you believe that your computer is infected with serious viruses or system has crashed. It does not allow you to close the page and open a new tab to search for solutions online. The new tab will be occupied by the same warning. Sometimes, you can open a new blank tab if you are lucky. Though it does not lock your whole screen, it is still harmful to your system. The Justspeakin.xyz pop-up scam virus can access your browser histories and other browser related data and send them to remote owners. It would be too bad if you made browser remember your accounts and passwords. In order to avoid being scammed, please keep information below in mind. When you see warning that reports about virus detection and provides tech support number, do not trust it because no Microsoft technicians would ask you to call them via webpage popup. Do not be panic or call them or install the so-called virus removal tool. Just relax and figure out how to remove this evil malware. We are glad to tell you that you can delete Justspeakin.xyz pop-up tech scam virus manually and completely. The virus will not be able to come back again.

Can’t remove the virus and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging your computer? please contact YooCare Expert for further removal help.

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