Dec 4, 2016

Apple Device Get Infected with the Data://(null) Popup Virus? How to Eliminate?

Hey, there? Guys, I really need your help! I am almost freaked out. I have never seen a website as nasty as this one. It is something like data://(null) popup. I have done nothing. I was checking an email that is sent by somebody. I don’t know who it is. I was opening the attachment, all of sudden, i was directed to a porn website, and messages accusing me of watching porn popped up continually every time I tried to close them. It claims to be government authority and asks me to pay a fine for watching porn videos, if I don’t pay, people will come to my house to arrest me and put me in jail. What is more frightening is that they have got my IP and location! Is it real? Even though I know it is a scam, it stops me from using my safari on my ipad to surf the internet. And I can’t remove it myself. It is really a headache! Please help me! Many thanks!

Data://(null) Popup Scam Description:

The data://(null) popup is no more than a scam virus that mainly targets such devices as iPhone and iPad. But many victims are frightened and some even fooled into making the payment as the hackers say. How does this happen? After systematic analysis, here we conclude three probable possibilities. First of all, the virus pretends to be the police department to threaten the victims. In fact, the police department has nothing to do with the data://(null) popup virus. But on the popup, you are apparently able to see the logo of the autority there. And the victims will be asked to pay a fine within 24 or 72 hours. If they refuse to pay, the police would come to their houses to arrest them and they will be put into prison for illegal activities online. And the victims become more scared when they see their IP, location, device OS and other information are displayed by the hacker on the popup. Secondly, some victims may as a matter of fact, have visited immoral websites for immoral contents such as visiting a pornographic website to watch porn videos. If they don’t, they may have not got their devices infected with the data://(null) popup virus, let alone believing the story the virus tells to threaten the victims to make the payment at the first sight of the message. Finally, the data://(null) popup virus are virtually able to cause problems and troubles for the victims. According to reports, the data://(null) popup virus is able to block the victims from using their browser to surf the internet. Sometimes, the device is not blocked completely. You can start a new tab together with the virus page. But in many cases where aggressive variants of the data://(null) popup virus were reported, the victims are not allowed to access the internet at all. The data://(null) popup virus will stick to the browser all the time even if the device is restarted. It seems there is no way to get rid of it at all. Besides, those immoral porn contents will inevitably embarrass you when the device is used on public occasion.

Please Contact YooCare 24/7 Online PC Expert now if you don’t know how to start data://(null) popup virus removal on your iphone or ipad.

How do I get data://(null) popup virus scam on iPhone/iPad?

We used to think that Apple iOS gadgets were pretty immune to viruses and malware. Sadly, over the past year hackers have turned their attention to our mobile gear. Usually, the installation of NSA POP UP can be completed in a short time and then it pops up immediately to lock your iphone or ipad without signs if you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source. You will be easily get infected by this virus after you jailbreak your device.

Characteristic of Data://(null) Popup warning:

It will block your Internet access once it is downloaded.
It will pretend itself as a legitimate warning to lock you out of Safari or Chrome browser.
It will not let you exit the blocked page even you have restarted the device a million times.
It can fail all types of antivirus apps.

Important Things You Have To Know If Your Safari Has Been Blocked by Data://(null) Popup:

1. This popup can run on iPhone, iPad, iPod or other Apple devices.
2. Don’t pay for anything or provide your personal information to this hoax, it won’t help unlock Safari/Chrome, but just waste your money.
3. Currently antivirus apps are unable to detect or remove this malware.
4. There is no anti-malware software that can detect 100% of the malware out there.

How to Prevent Your Apple Devices from Data://(null) Popup?

According to many victims, they try to use the antivirus programs the kill the data://(null) popup virus. Not just a single antivirus program is used in attempt to kill the virus. But they all finally prove to be useless in the case. The data://(null) popup virus can’t even be detected, to say nothing of being killed. So, how the data://(null) popup virus is distributed? How do we prevent our device from being infected the data://(null) popup? In general, there are several ways that most data://(null) popup- like viruses use to distribute themselves. Firstly, many porn websites have been reported to contain such virus as the data://(null) popup. A lot of victims say that their device have been used to visit a pornographic website before being found infected with the data://(null) popup virus. And porn websites have been proved to be the most risky factor that result in this infection. So never to visit a pornographic website can be an effective way for you to stay away from the data://(null) popup virus. Secondly, infected email attachment can be the second dangerous source of the data://(null) popup virus infection after the pornographic websites. Nowadays, the email service is widely used in both daily life and daily work. According to reliable reports, every day millions of infected emails are created and delivered to the computer users. And it is believed that many of the infected email may have been attached with the data://(null) popup virus or other similar programs. Therefore, in your daily work or daily life, do not download and open an email attachment whose reliability has not been certified. Finally, never go to visit a website that full of suspicious ads. Because one click on a malicious ad may result in a sudden breakdown of your web browser.

Data://(null) Popup Removal on Mac OS X System:

The data://(null) popup virus is just a ransomware that will bring your all kinds of inconveniences. When you find such an infection on your iphone or ipad, you should stay calm all the time. No matter what authority it claims to be, what punishments it claims you are supposed to face, never go to make the payment as the hackers say. If not, you will lose your money without the problem settled. But some issues that are resulted from the infection of the virus require you to pay more attention. To force you to pay them, the hackers of the data://(null) popup virus have designed to the virus to be able to block you from using safari or chrome to reach the internet, which will inevitably bring your more inconveniences and troubles than just not being able to shop the beautiful clothes online or read what you are interested in on the webpages or search what you desire with your browser. In addition, many antivirus programs have turned to be helpless on this occasion. Manual removal is the best choice for you to choose. So anytime you find your device have been infected with the data://(null) popup virus, you are recommended to turn to an expert to manually remove it completely from your device without any delay.To completely get this off iPhone or iPad, you can contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

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