Oct 26, 2016

How to Uninstall Style Jukebox Completely?

Do you want to uninstall Style Jukebox Completely from your computer? Do you know how to uninstall it manually? This article will tell you something about Style Jukebox and the way to remove it completely from your computer. Uninstalling it from control panel is not enough. There are still some leftovers of this software stay in your computer. To free up more computer space, you should clean the leftover also. If you don’t know where the leftovers are, let’s give you some advices below.

Information about Style Jukebox

Style Jukebox is a music player that can be used on Windows, iOS, Android device. It allows users to upload their music to the servers then listen on the compatible device. For some people, this software is good to use. But for some people, they may think that this software is not good enough and want to try other music players. When people uninstall this software, they may find that it is not easy to uninstall this Style Jukebox completely from their computer. Or when they finish the uninstallation, they are told that there are some leftovers in the computer and they need to clean them manually.


There are no perfect software that can meet everyone’s needs. Some people may not like its appearance and some other people may not like its pushing contents. Or some people just want to try other similar software. If you want to uninstall a software, you should remove it completely or there will be more and more useless files in your computer then make your computer slow. Before you remove this Style Jukebox, it is important to stop the processes which relate to Style Jukebox from task manager. Only when the related processes are all ended will this software be uninstalled completely. Furthermore, if you uninstall this software improperly, you may get annoying and serious system errors. It is not such simple job to uninstall this software completely from your computer.

The way to uninstall Style Jukebox completely from your computer

If you want to uninstall this Style Jukebox completely from your computer, you can go to control panel to uninstall it. But please be aware that this software can’t not been deleted completely if you just uninstall it from control panel. You should do more steps to clean the residue of this software.

Firstly, you should uninstall this Style Jukebox from control panel: Click on “Start”


Once you click on “Start”, please find “Control Panel” then click on it. “Control Panel” should be on the right side.


Then please find “Programs and Features”, once you find it, please click on it then find “Style Jukebox” then right click on it then choose “uninstall”


If you can’t find this software under “Programs and Features”, you need to uninstall it in other ways. If you don’t know the other ways to uninstall it, please contact YOOCARE ONLINE EXPERTS to help you now!

In addition, to completely remove this Style Jukebox completely, you need to remove the leftovers also. If you don’t know the location of the leftovers, you can contact our experts to help you. They are all ready to help you find the leftovers of this software then uninstall it completely from your computer.

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