Sep 30, 2016

How to Free Up Android Phone/Tablet?

Hello. My android phone runs slow lately. When I am about to install an app, it tells me that Storage memory is full. The size of that app is pretty small. I don’t know how it happens. Now I can’t install new app and download movie with large size. It makes me feel frustrated because there are many games I haven’t played. The message which tells me Storage memory is full will not go away and just sits on my notification bar. I am uneasy with the notification. Is there a way to free up my phone? What do I do? By the way, it’s a Samsung S6. I bought it not long ago and I don’t want get a new one right now. Please give me advice. Thank you in advance.

Do You Need More Free Space on Your Android Phone/Tablet?

How is your Android phone/tablet running? Does your device run slow? Do you have difficulty in installing new app due to the full Storage memory? It is well-known that Android phones and tablets can be filed up soon after you downloaded apps, music, movies, pictures and other data off the Internet. No matter how many gigabytes of storage you have on the device, the memory will run out eventually. If you have no enough free space on the phone, your phone will lags in response and get stuck frequently. Especially when you play games, it takes a long time to load. You can’t play the game smoothly and the tableau sense is terrible. Not only for game apps, other regular apps like Facebook and Twitter load and respond slow. When you get update notifications, you fail to update them because there is not enough free space for the update. You need more free space to make your device properly. Therefore, it is necessary to free up your Android phone/tablet.

You may wonder why your phone/tablet starts to run slow though you just bought one or half a year ago. It is because data will pile up very quickly once you the device. Especially for users who always play games on phone/tablet, less free space is available as the size of game app is pretty large. Besides, data of game apps will increase along with the levels you play. Other app also takes up more space than its size because of its cached data. Sometimes, its cached data is even larger than its size. Besides, the music, videos, documents and other files you downloaded can occupy large space on the device. You may take photos of your little child or kindly parents a lot to record your happy life. All of those data will fill up your device at an amazing speed.

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So, how to free up your Android phone/tablet? We suggest you clear your device carefully. First of all, uninstall apps that you don’t need any more which is a very effective way. That does not mean that you will lose them forever. You can download them again if you need them in the future. The apps that you paid for are always available in Google store after you log in your Google account. Clear rubbish which comes into being while you use your apps connecting to the Internet. You also can clear your download files properly. Then, you can remove or transfer photos and videos if necessary. If don’t want lose the previous data, you can transfer them to your PC or upload them to the cloud service. Besides, use a SD card if there is a SD card slot. And then, transfer your apps, photos, videos and music to SD card. Your device will run faster. Finally, check if there is a virus on your device. You must know that virus can damage and slow down your device badly.


With the fast development of technology, phones and tablets becomes very important in daily life. They are easy to carry and can help people with many things. One phone or tablet in hand, they can study or even travel well. If you want a useful device which can help you solve problem in time, you need a fast smart device. No one wants a slow phone or tablet. A slow device will frustrate you instead of helping you. If you really need some important information from the Internet, you have to wait for the Internet app to load. Also, the Google just takes a long time to load the information. Hence, it is never a bad idea to free up your Android phone /tablet. If you have any problem in processing, you are welcome to contact our experts for help.

Don’t know how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging your phone/tablet? please contact YooCare Expert for further help.

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