Sep 26, 2016

How to Optimize Windows PC for Gaming?

Hi. This is David. My PC always gets stuck in the middle of game which is very frustrated. For this reason, I barely could enjoy the game. I was about to relax myself with game, but it ruined my day instead. So, I am trying to make it run smoothly. I simply emptied the recycle bin and cleared rubbish with my security program. And I don’t think it worked a lot. Is there any way I can optimize the PC for gaming effectively? Can you help me? I don’t know much about computer. Thank you in advance.

Does Your PC Freeze Frequently When Playing Game?

PC games are pretty popular among Internet users in those years. People would like to entertain themselves with PC games, lying in comfortable chair as they are under pressure at work. They can do something that they are able to do in real life, enjoying the sense of victory. However, there is one condition. Namely, your PC performance must be good enough. In fact, many users who know little about computer always get stuck in games. Sometimes, it takes more time to load the game, and it even lags in game. When they are about to defeat the enemies, PC just freezes and won’t respond for a long time. How upsetting it would be! Does your PC freeze frequently when playing game? If you also are annoyed by the choppy game experience, we suggest you optimize the PC so as to enjoy the excellent game experience.

Why Does Your PC Freeze in Games?

You might buy the PC not long ago while you found that it failed to work normally in game. You would wonder what caused the problem. Firstly, you might fail to build your PC properly. Secondly, the PC you chose is not suitable for gaming. As we know, gaming PC needs good configuration. Suitable processor, RAM, hard disk space and graphic card are required. You should learn about those information before you pick up a gaming PC. Thirdly, your computer may be infected with a piece of malware, such as virus, browser hijacker, Trojan, warm and other malicious programs. Malware can cause many issues on PC. If you notice that your PC runs slow and freezes in games frequently, it is likely that your PC has been attacked by viruses. The viruses are trying to damage your system and grab your sensitive information. Fourthly, there are too much rubbish on your PC. Your website history data, leftovers, application data, trash in recycle bin and other useless programs can pile up quickly. They will occupy your hard disk space which will slow down your PC performance. In this case, you will not be able to run normal application properly, let alone playing games.

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How to Optimize Windows PC for Gaming?
Since you already bought the PC, there are not many things we can do on hardware. However, you still can optimize the Windows PC for gaming.
1.End tasks running in the background for more available memory.
2.Check your PC system for malware and remove them in time.
3.Clean your PC for more free hard disk space. Clear rubbish regularly. It is not enough though you drag them to the recycle bin. You have to locate and remove them out of your system accurately and completely. Uninstall programs that occupy huge space on your PC. Remove the ones you don’t need any longer or barely use.


Are you frustrated by the choppy and poor PC performance while playing game? Does your PC always get stuck in game? It’s the right time to change it. Optimize your PC for games right now. At the same time, we have to tell you that it is not such a easy job for users who do not have good computer skill. You may remove the important system files accidentally which will cause system crash. Besides, malware is very tricky and can escape from your naked eyes and antivirus program easily. You need professional help to locate and the virus. Do you want smooth and fast game experience? Take action right now!

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