Sep 21, 2016

How Can I Remove Duplicate Files without Losing Anything Important on Windows?

Hello. I am trying to remove unneeded files for more free hard drive space. I emptied the recycle bin and removed unnecessary applications. But I am not sure how to remove the duplicate files being afraid of losing important data. As I always travel around, I have many pictures and videos on my computer. I edited the pictures and videos many times before I posted them on Facebook because I must make sure that all of them were perfect. Hence, there are many similar pictures and videos. I realized that I have to remove some of them, but I am thinking about writing a series of books with those beautiful pictures and creating blogs with the fantastic videos. I don’t want to lose the ones I want to keep by mistake. Please help me remove the unwanted ones safely. Thanks.

Do You Notice that Duplicate Files Exist on Your Windows Computer?

Do you always use your computer to download homework from the public email or important documents from your boss? If you do, you might download the same file multiple times. Sometimes, you just forgot where you stopped the last time among the list of files. Sometimes, you downloaded the files first and left them alone in a particular folder for a period of time. Somehow, you could not remember where you stored them when you needed them again. You have to download them again while they already existed on your computer. Do you use your computer to edit pictures, videos or blogs? If you say “Yes”, many duplicate files can come into beings on your computer. To achieve a satisfied work, you have to edit and design it for many times. You have to save several versions and pick up the best one. Besides, you have to backup the files so as to avoid any accident and data lose. You may copy them from Drive D to Drive E. Hence, duplicate files can pile up quickly.

Why Should You Remove Duplicate Files?

Some of you may think that the duplicate files are harmless and it is not necessary to remove them. We don’t agree with your opinion. Let me talk about my reasons. First of all, the duplicate files waste precious space on your computer’s hard drive which will slow down your computer. This is the most obvious reason why you should get rid of duplicate files. No matter how large your hard disk drive space is, it will be overloaded and filled full eventually. Secondly, duplicate files make you confuse and waste your precious time to search for the right one you are looking for. There is a common mistake that people think they will find the files easily if they place several copies on computer. It is not true. If you have many copies, it will takes more time when you use key words to search for the targeted file on hard disk. Last but not least, duplicate files may cause data loss. As the same files pile up fast, important data may be lost from your disorganized files. Among the similar files, you may fail to recognize them correctly and drag one to trash thinking it is one of the copies. In fact, it is a different important file. You must be cautious when dealing this kind of file.


Do you want to bear such a slow Windows computer? Does it drive you crazy when computer get stuck suddenly and make you wait for a long time? Do you want to waste your precious time on selecting the right files among a bunch of similar ones? Are you willing to take the risk of losing important data? The answers are pretty obvious. So, what you should do? Remove duplicate files without hesitation! If you have any question or are afraid that you may remove your important files, you are welcome to contact YooCare Experts for help.

Have no idea to find and remove duplicate files and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging your Windows computer? please contact YooCare Expert for further removal help.

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