Are all Browser Extensions Safe to Use?

Hello. I have questions about the browser extensions. I use browser to work and do shopping every day. However, I saw pop-up message suggesting me install extensions to improve browsing experience. It says I should install InvisibleHand extension as I always buy product online. It will help me find cheaper and better goods. Should I install it? Is it reliable? Can it be the spyware?

What is Browser Extension?

Browser extension is a browser plug-in that extends the functionality of your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. You can use the extensions that supported by your browser safely. Nowadays, the reliable extensions are able to change the user interface of the web browser because they are authored using web technologies such as JavaScript CSS and HTML. Different browsers started supporting extensions in different time. The first browser that started supporting extension is Internet Explore. The second one is Mozilla Firefox. It has supported browser extensions since it was launched in 2004. The third one is Opera desktop web browser which supported in 2009. Next, Safari and Google Chrome both started in 2010. Safari mainly supports native extensions. Microsoft Edge didn’t support extensions until March, 2016. Besides, it supports fewer extensions. In addition, different browsers support different extensions. You need to choose the ones that suit your browser.

Are all Browser Extensions Safe to Use??

To meet people’s need, various extensions have been developed. People can download the ones they need from the online store on browser. Most of the extensions give you better browsing experience. Some of them will improve the browsing security and block the annoying advertisements. Some allow you have organized and beautiful browser interface. In those days, browser extensions have been popular. However, some people seize this opportunity to release malicious browser extensions for illegal money. For the question “Are all browser extensions safe to use?” the answer is “No”. Hence, you need to be very careful. Not all the extensions are good to your browser.

Why Should I Stay Alert against Malicious Browser Extensions?

The cyber criminals design malicious extension programs very well. Those extensions just pretend to be legit and useful to trick you into installing. Their functions are kind of complicated which helps their developers generate revenue. As other legit browser extensions, the malicious ones also have access to everything done by the browser. Once they are installed, they can record your browsing activities and information you use on the browser. Later, the sensitive information will fall into the criminals’ hands. Also, they inject commercial ads into your browser. Many ads will pop up when you are viewing goods online. Besides, the browser extensions are not constrained by the security model of the Web. The criminals take advantage of this character to make malicious extensions download malware off the Internet without your knowledge. In a word, the malicious browser extensions can do much more damage to your computer than you can image. It is necessary to pay a close attention to the browser extensions you use. If you see any suspicious one, remove it as soon as possible.

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Though some of the browser extensions are nasty, we can’t deny all the programs. The good extensions you download from legit websites and online stores do bring you convenience and advantages. You still can enjoy the satisfied browsing experience under the help of browser extensions. At the same time, be cautious and recognize the evil programs. If you are not sure whether it is a good one, you can ask yourself like this, “Since I installed this extensions, does my browser run slower? Does unknown ad pop up frequently? Is there any strange program or plug-in on the browser that you didn’t install before? Does your browser act weirdly? Does your browser redirect you to unknown websites?” If you say “Yes”, you must be careful. Potential risk exists on your computer. You must stop it as soon as possible. If you have any difficult in fixing this problem, please feel free to contact our experts for help.

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