Cannot Totally Remove SSC Service Utility from Your PC?

Hello. I have a problem on my pc. Here is the detail. I have changed printers and deleted SSC Service Utility from my control panel, but when I try to delete it from my C Drive, it tells me access denied. How do I get that folder off my C Drive program files? I tried everything, but no luck. Please help me. Thanks a lot.

What is SSC Service Utility?

SSC Service Utility program is developed by SSC Localization Group SSC which allows you reset various parameters on printer. Its size is about 781 KB. If you install SSC Service Utility, you can clean the color and black print heads separately thus saving inks. However, it is difficult to uninstall it when you don’t want it any longer. SSC Service Utility comes onto your PC without a built-in uninstall option. You can’t remove it in a traditional way. It is common that people without proper PC knowledge meet problems when uninstalling this program. Therefore, if you have problem in removing SSC Service Utility, we suggest you ask someone who is skillful at PC for help.

Why is it Difficult to uninstall SSC Service Utility Completely?

Why can’t you remove SSC Service Utility files from C Drive? Why does it still exist on your PC after you removed it in control panel? The answers are different. Firstly, you didn’t install this program correctly. Its important files can’t be removed when you uninstall it. Secondly, registry entries of SSC Service Utility may be corrupted and are not available. Thirdly, you may change name or other settings of the default uninstaller by mistake. Hence, your windows system fails to uninstall SSC Service Utility completely. Fourthly, your PC may be infected with serious virus which stops your system from functioning well. Though you uninstall SSC Service Utility, it still runs in the background.

Cannot Totally Remove SSC Service Utility from Your PC?

When you try to uninstall SSC Service Utility, notifications continually pop up saying access denied or other error. It says, “SSC Service Utility is running” or “you don’t have right to uninstall it”. If you quit the program and try to uninstall it again, there is still a problem. No option is provided to change the user’s permission. You just can’t finish the uninstallation. Though you went through the control panel process, the files are not totally removed. The endless pop-up errors will drive you crazy. If you leave it alone, some files and components of SSC Service Utility still exist on C Drive which will slow down your computer and cause vital error. We suggest you remove all the files completely.

What will Happen if SSC Service Utility is not totally removed.

You are not able to install other program after you fail to uninstall SSC Service Utility though you download the right version. You may find that some shortcuts disappear from the desktop. When you click on the program under Start menu, it says program is removed from your computer and will not run. Besides, your computer will run slower and slower with rubbish that are piled up on your C Drive. Your Windows system may fail to function properly. The virus can seize this chance to attack your computer suddenly.

Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the computer system, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

SSC Service Utility Manual Removal Guide

1. Click on “Start” and run “Control Panel”. Under Control Panel, click on Programs.

Control Panel

2. Look for related programs and remove them completely Under Programs.
Uninstall Programs

3. Run Registry Editor
Registry Editor

4. Search for and delete all registry entries of SSC Service Utility

Delete registry entries

In a word, it is necessary to remove files of SSC Service Utility completely. The leftovers of this program do nothing good to your computer but ruin the system instead. As we mentioned above, it is not a easy for common people who lack computer skill to finish it. You may remove the wrong files by mistake that are important to your computer. It will damage your system badly. Therefore, it is a wise idea to seek help from computer experts. You can ask them to guide you through the process or just ask them to uninstall SSC Service Utility for you directly. There is no need to worry about any vital mistake under the help of computer experts.

Can’t remove leftovers of SSC Service Utility and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging your computer? please contact YooCare Expert for further removal help.

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