Sep 1, 2016

How to Remove Data Text US Police or Data Null Message from iPhone/iPad?

Can someone help me? the I was watching some videos on YouTube just like daily video people watch. And then, a warning from the FBI said if I didn’t pay $100 in moneypak thing. I would be arrested within 24hr. The things said that it had my address due to my broadband or something and that they would be sending a letter. it completely blocked me from using safari on my phone… Should I be worried? Is it a scam? Could they send a letter to my home? Help me out please. Thank you in advance.

Brief Information about Data Text US Police and Data Null Message on iPhone/iPad

In those years, the cyber criminals abuse the name of authority law enforcement to scam people rampantly. They have virus installed on your iPhone/iPad and show you Data Text US Police or Data Null Message. The virus may say it is FBI, cyber police American national security agency, us marshals, Cambridge police, American national security agency, Homeland security police, Department of Justice and other law enforcement. The Data Text US Police or Data Null Message accuses you of watching banned videos, violating copyright or other illegal thing. They block your Safari or Google Chrome saying that you must pay a ransom to have your device back. You probably are scared by this “horrible” message and want to send the “police” money to solve the problem. However, we have to tell you that this police threat and data null are fake. Its owner is the cyber police. You don’t have any trouble with the real police. The criminals are trying to scam you by using your fear as the weapon. You are not supposed to pay any money to the nasty virus’s owner. Just ignore the fake warning. However, you must remove the virus to get rid of the Data Text US Police or Data Null Message. Do not leave the virus on your iPhone/iPad for a long time. Do not give it any chance to damage your device further.

Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of tech literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the device system, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

How did You Get Data Text US Police or Data Null Message on iPhone/iPad?

Most commonly, people get this Data Text US Police and Data Null Message when they are viewing pornography things on unsafe website. While they download or watch porn, the police threat message just pops up. It is well-known that most people would like to choose pornography to kill time. Pornography can attract people easily and effectively. Hence, the criminals tend to choose pornography websites as their tools to spread viruses. You ought to be careful with malicious websites. Besides, they cyber criminals can deliver you virus in a spam. The virus can be embedded in the attachment. Or it provides you a link saying something about failed delivery and asking you to click on it. Do not click on the link. It can lead you to malicious website to download virus. It is a wise idea to ignore and remove spam once you see it. Last but not least, the virus can sneak into your iPhone/iPad after you download illegal music, movie or unknown free software. It is necessary to check if the source is safe or not before you download it off the Internet.

How Data Text US Police or Data Null Message Works on iPhone/iPad?

As soon as the virus sneaks into your iPhone/iPad, it hijacks your Safari or Google Chrome and stops you from accessing the Internet. When the Data Text US Police or Data Null Message pops up, you may think that it is a normal pop-up notification on iPhone/iPad. However, it is not a regular one. You may be freaked out when you see FBI, Cyber police or any other police saying you violated the laws. No one wants to have trouble with the police. It says your browser is blocked for safety reason. Suspicious activities, such as storing and spreading child porn and downloading illegal music or software have been detected on your device. The Data Text US Police and Data Null Message has the logo of law enforcement and the picture of President Obama. The President just points at you with a serious look. You also can see the related laws are listed on the warning page with the official seal. To make you believe that the police always monitor your online activities, it lists your IP address, location, version of your OS and even contacts of your friends. It threatens that your friends will be in trouble for what you have done. The police will come to your house and take you to court if you don’t pay $100 or $500 within the deadline. It usually gives you 24-72 hours to pay the money. It claims that you will spend the next 7 to 11 years in jail if you ignore this warning and refuse to pay the fine. If you believe it and send money to the so-called police, the criminals achieve their goal. This pop-up is different from a normal notification and will not go away after you quit the browser. Every time you open Safari app or Google Chrome, the Data Text US Police or Data Null Message appears again immediately. We understand how that would be upsetting, but don’t worry. This pop-up message is bogus. You are fine and don’t have the obligation to pay a fine as you did not violate the laws at all. You only need to remove the virus to get rid of the Data Text US Police or Data Null Message.


All in all, the Data Text US Police or Data Null Message is totally a hoax. It is supported by a JavaScript virus which is used as a tool by the cyber criminals to grab money from the innocent users. You need to know that the police will not contact you on a web page and collect fine via a prepaid card. Did you ever hear that the police demanded $100 iTunes gift card as a fine? What they will do with the iTunes gift card? Why don’t they pay you a visit directly as they say that they have your location? Obviously, it is a scam. Do not be fooled by it and send money to the cyber criminals. It will not help your infected iPhone/iPad. Our customer told us that the virus was still on the device after they paid as it demanded. Some of them lost $100. Other lost $500, but they got nothing in return. Please keep in mind that the Data Text US Police or Data Null Message has nothing to do with the police. You can relax. And then locate and remove this evil virus completely.

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