Aug 22, 2016

How to Use VPN on Windows/MAC

What’s VPN and How does it Work?

VPN now is more popular with Windows, Mac even mobile device users. But what’s VPN? VPN short for Virtual Private Network is a way to securely send and receive private data across shared or public networks using encryption and other security mechanism. To illustrate simple, VPN actually can be treated as a transit server. A VPN offer network connection over a possibly long physical distance. For example, with VPN, you can smoothly and quickly visit overseas websites that are not available via your local network. For this reason, a VPN can also be seen as a form of WAN (Wide Area Network). And a VPN is mainly capable to use public network like the Internet rather than depend on private leased lines.

What will You Benefit from VPN?

VPN is mostly used by organization, corporate and business computer as VPN not only helps expand their networking capability but also reduce company’s cost basically. And also it’s more convenient for mobile employee who often works outside of their office. Therefore, for those workers who often go on business trip or travelling, they can keep stay connecting to corporate intranet. And VPN also can be reached in home and workplaces where company allows their staff to safely log in company networks. Besides, VPN help reduce long-distance telephone charges as VPN can replace remote access servers and long-distance dialup network connections. For a VPN supplies best reach and quality of service, more and more corporate and business even individual choose to use a VPN for their career. And even many corporations and organizations have also used VPNs as a security solution for private Wi-Fi wireless networks.

How to Use VPN on Windows/Mac and Why Some VPN Error Happens

However, how to properly set up a VNP for your device like Windows computer, Mac computer, MacBook, even mobile device like phone and tablet is the key issue, as if your VPN is not set up correctly, connection error will be reported and you will not get smooth network connectivity. Therefore, to set up a VPN and keep it running properly, it not only needs computer knowledge but also requires being qualified with professional and specialized DNS technology. What’s more, once the VPN errors message with a code number happen, standard network troubleshooting procedures and precise error detection are urgently needed to resolved the error issue.
Due to certain reasons, VPN errors like Error 800, Error 619, Error 51, Error 412, and Error 721 etc. will happen. For Error 800, it will say “Unable to establish connection” – The VPN client cannot reach the server, and this should be because VPN server is improperly connected to network or the network server is overloaded with traffic. Also VPN client has incorrect configuration settings or your type of VPN being used is not compatible with your local router will also cause the Error 800. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate VPN compatible with your local network and if you want to handle VNP by yourself, skillful and professional computer knowledge and VNP technique are needed.

If you don’t know how to use VNP or are afraid of any severe problems happening when you handle any VPN errors problems by yourself or you need expert advises to recommend advanced and excellent VPN server, please click here below the live chat button to contact our professional technician expert, and our expert will help you resolve the problems soon!

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