Jul 20, 2016

Ghost Push Virus – How to Remove?

I got hit by a virus called ghost push virus. When I connect to Wifi, my tablet keeps downloadding apps and popping ads. And I can’t control my tablet. This evil virus is too powerful for me to take it down. Even if I delete a bunch of apps under settings on my tablet, the virus goes back again and again. It is just like an annoying ghost haunting there. What should I do to get rid of it? I don’t think I can handle this issue by myself. I know little about tablet tech. Can you walk me through to remove it? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Brief Description of Ghost Push Virus

Ghost Push Virus is a Trojan program that has been created to infect Android devices. It is one of the most aggressive and complicated virus. Once your device is infected, the virus program is set into the device ROM which will cause great damage to the system. Without your permission, it downloads lots of malicious programs and installs viruses that are very difficult to remove. In order to access your important information for illegal money, it opens your data automatically and sends it to the remote hackers. Your money in bank is at considerable risk if you use your debit card or credit card to do online shopping on your device frequently. You may find that your device runs slow. You have to charge the device now and then as the ghost virus can drain your battery. It spares no effort to damage your device and steal your money. You must remove this Ghost Push virus as soon as possible.

As smartphone and tablet have been important parts our life, the hackers changed their target. More and more virus programs have been written to attack phone and tablet for your money. Mobile devices bring us sticky problem along with convenience. It is very important to stay on alert against viruses when using mobile device. Generally, Ghost Push virus hides in third-party apps which have been hacked. Those apps are usually from unknown websites. They disguise themselves as legit and useful apps to trick you into installing. Sometimes, you finally find a movie that you always wanted to watch. However, it tells that a certain media player is required when you click on it. You have to click on the given link to download. We don’t advise you follow it to install this kind of media player which contains virus inside. Though the virus is only a small plug-in, it can root and ruin your device badly. The good news is that apps in Google Play store are free from Ghost Push virus. You download and use them without hesitation. Do not download unknown free apps from unsafe websites any more. Or, your device can be infected with virus in any minute. Besides, the cyber criminals spread Ghost Push virus via browser ads. You may notice that all kinds of ads pop up on your computer frequently. Some of them are about promotion. Others have sexy ladies or other attractive content. They all share the same function namely attracting your attention. You can’t help and just click on it to see what it is about. According to our research, browser ads contain malicious links that will lead you to dangerous websites. Ghost Push virus can be downloaded once you click on the fishing links. To keep your device safe, do not click on pop-up ads. Do not allow your curious cause any damage to your device or loss of money.

If your device is infected with Ghost Push virus, it turns on Wifi and connects itself to the Internet without your approval. Lots of malicious apps will be downloaded continually until your device runs out memory space. Sometimes, it will not allow you uninstall the downloaded apps. Only “Force stop” and “Enable” are highlighted. Nothing will happen when you click on the uninstall option. Sometimes, you are able to delete the annoying apps temporarily. However, they all will come back after you restart your device. Again, all of your memory space will run out. You probably find that pornographic videos are downloaded on your device. Do not celebrate it too though you can watch porn for free. The fact is not so nice. It is only another form of virus which is very harmful to your device. Things can be out of control. It plays the video and sets the volume to the loudest. You can’t cut off the video or turn down the volume like it has been controlled by someone else. No one would be comfortable when suffering from this infection. Ghost Push virus must be removed immediately.

Processing Ghost Push virus manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of tech skill. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the cellphone, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.


Ghost Push virus is much more powerful than you can image. It is able to leak data on your mobile device, send short messages to confirm payment that you are not involve, grab your private information like credit card and debit card detail, username and password, and even damage your device. Though you install top-rated and famous antivirus software, it is not able to help you remove it. The Ghost Push virus can even deactivate your phone/tablet administrator without your permission, and you won’t be able to uninstall the virus after that.The criminals have spread it widely throughout the world. According to the report, 14,847 phone types and 3,658 brands have been infected with Ghost Push virus. There are about 600,000 phone/tablet users have been attacked by this virus every single day. Hence, remove Ghost Push virus out of your phone/tablet right now if you are one the victims. If you are lucky and are fine from virus, protect your device well and keep it away from this Trojan virus as virus removal is really a tough job.

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