Aug 26, 2016 Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Hello. My computer has been infected with this browser hijacker. It takes away my homepage and does not allow me change it back. I don’t think I can stop it because more and more annoying applications have been installed on the browser. There is no option to uninstall them. There is no instructive information from this new search engine. I only get weird results redirects me to ad websites. How come this malware did all those things so easily while I have Norton to protect my computer? I have tried many ways to get rid of it, but no luck. Is there any way to remove it completely? Please help me. I am worried.

Brief Description of Browser Hijacker

Computer security experts have identified as a browser hijacker which alters your default browser settings so as to takes over your browser. Your favorite homepage and search engine will be changed into other unknown ones. You may find that it is very difficult to bring your browser back to normal because specific code has been used to stop you from accessing the browser settings. This ad-supported program is well-designed and is capable of infecting Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other similar browsers. Once your system is infected with this browser hijacker, you will always face different abrupt symptom such as redirecting to website you never had intention of visiting, unwanted bookmarks gets added to favorite website lists, Internet options settings will automatically get grayed out, lot of pop-up window flow on your display web pages etc. Lots of unknown applications are installed to support its activity which is very harmful to your system. Your computer may fail to work properly now and then. Hence, if you see on your browser, stop it as soon as possible.

How Does it Work?

As soon as it sneaks into your system, it changes your browser settings to take over your browser. Your homepage will be changed into or other suspicious websites. You just can’t change it back though you reset your browser. Many useless programs are added to the toolbar which make your browser load very slow. One of the important characters of is that it redirects you to unknown websites randomly. Without asking for your permission or giving you any sign, it just takes you to websites that you do not intend to visit when you clicking on any search result or ads supported by this browser hijacker. Its developers write this program to promote its sponsored websites and affiliated products. Commonly, those websites are full of ads. It is worth mentioning that not all those websites are safe to use. You need to note that ad websites can be hacked and compromised easily. Computer threats can hide on those websites and wait for your visit. At the same time, related ads pop up frequently when you use the browser. In addition, browser hijacker has the ability to track your browser’s history, cookies and search queries. It definitely is a real threat for your privacy. Such information can be misused and forwarded remotely for illegitimate purposes. This is the reason why you should get rid of it immediately.

Ways that Browser Hijacker Access Your Computer

No.1: illegal movies or music. You may note that lots of illegal movies and music demand a certain media player. The website provides link to download the software, but you need to be careful. The malware like this browser hijacker is embedded in the downloaded software on behalf.
No.2: pop-up ads. The cyber criminals usually design the browser hijacker programs very well and make them pop up in an attractive form. We have to tell you that unexpected clicks on suspicious links or pop-up ads may install this nasty browser hijacker on your computer.
No.3: malicious Trojan programs. Most of the Trojans are spreading via malicious software nowadays. Users who access these malicious programs in conjunction with Trojan virus will severally got infected with this browser hijacker.
No.4: ad-supported programs. Many people would like to download free software from the Internet. You should know that browser hijacker program usually is bundled with free software and shareware. It will be installed along with this kind of software as a plug-in. Cancel the plug-in installation to avoid unwanted programs.

Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the computer system, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Removal Guide

1. Clean Add-ons and Extensions

* Internet Explorer:

(1). Click Tools in the Menu bar and then click Internet Options

Tools in IE

(2). Click Programs tab, click Manage add-ons and disable the suspicious add-ons


* Firefox:

(1). Click Tools in the Menu bar and then click Add-ons


(2). Click Extensions, select the related browser add-ons and click Disable

* Google Chrome:

(1). Click Customize and control Google Chrome button → Tools → Extensions


(2). Disable the extensions of

2. End Relevant Processes

(1). Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to pop up Windows Task Manager, click Processes tab


*For Win 8 Users:

Click More details when you see the Task Manager box


And then click Details tab


(2). Find out and end’s processes

3. Show Hidden Files

(1). Click on Start button and then on Control Panel

(2). Click on Appearance and Personalization


(3). Click on Folder Options


(4). Click on the View tab in the Folder Options window

(5). Choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category


(6). Click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window

*For Win 8 Users:

Press Win+E together to open Computer window, click View and then click Options


Click View tab in the Folder Options window, choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category


4. Delete Relevant Registry Entries and Files

(1). Delete the registry entries related to through Registry Editor

Press Win+R to bring up the Run window, type “regedit” and click “OK”


While the Registry Editor is open, search and delete its registry entries

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Random’

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random

(2). Find out and remove the associated files




Video Shows You How to Safely Modify Windows Registry Editor:


As we mentioned above, is not going to bring you useful information or perfect your browsing experience. Instead, it can mess up your day by redirecting you to unknown websites and delivering you endless ads. Your computer can pick up viruses, Trojans and other computer threat from those dangerous websites you are redirected to. When this nasty browser hijacker runs in your system background, it highly takes up huge portion of system resources by dropping malicious files on your computer. In these cases, if you do not eliminate such irritating browser hijacker infection timely, it will constantly track your web surfing habit and collects the search terms, browsing history and other critical data. What’s worse, this hijacker program frequently sends these financial data to remote criminals for unethical usages. For the safe of your computer and money, remove browser hijacker out of your system right now.

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