May 17, 2016

How to Remove NSA.GOV Pop-Up Virus On iPhone/iPad

I was listening to music on my iphone and then an ad appeared. When I tried to get out of the ad, it took me to a porn site and then an popup came up and said I had been caught watching rape and child porn even though I wasn’t! I’m scared to death. It said I had to pay $500 or go to jail in the next 24 hours because I have violated the law of the United States of America. On the NSA.GOV pop-up it told me the ways to pay the fine, also had a screenshot of my face, knew my location and said that if i didn’t pay they would contact my family and friends and erase my data. The warning stated that I will be fined for $200,000 if not payed I will be arrested for 4-5 years in jail or prison. It looks real because it had National Security Agency logo on it. I do not have the money. I panicked and kept hitting cancel but the pop up still won’t go away. Was this real or a scam? I am really quite scared about all of this since it doesn’t look like other fbi scams? What do I do to get it off my iPhone?

NSA.GOV Pop-Up Scam Description:

NSA.GOV Pop-Up (as known as NSA Virus or National Security Agency Virus) is most likely either a virus or malware because the real government agency would not persecute you by telling you that you are breaking the law or giving you any warning on your Internet browser, not to mention asking for money from prepaid cards. There have been a lot of recent scams like this one, such as ICSPA Virus, FBI Virus or Cyber Police Virus etc. They are all designed to attack Apple users who are using iPhones, iPads or iPods. The malware freezes Internet browser, locks infected device and displays a fraudulent message stating that the reason that blocks your device is due to multiple copyright violations, email spamming, as well as the distribution of pornographic material online. And it claims the user must pay a fine of $500 within 24 or 48 hours in order to regain access to the phone. The message is usually designed to trick the Apple users into thinking that it is coming directly from the National Security Agency, and it has NSA seal and logo on it, but actually it is not associated with any government authorities. It is a tricky virus that uses scare tactic to extort money from mobile users. Paying fines demanded by these browser-blocking messages is equivalent to sending money directly to cyber criminals.

NSA.GOV Pop-Up masquerades as a legitimate warning from National Security Agency and blocks Internet users from accessing Internet whenever they are on Safari or Chrome browser. The malware uses javascript to hijack Internet browser and display misleading alert. It alleges that your iphone or ipad has been blocked due to the reason that you have been violating Copyright and related laws, viewing or distributing prohibited pornography and others similar crimes. The malware relies on fake law violation notifications to scare mobile users into paying a bogus fine. Each time you open the Chrome or Safari, a warning message appears: “YOUR BROWSER HAS BEEN BLOCKED. ALL DATA WILL BE DETAINED AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURES WILL BE INITIATED AGAINST YOU IF THE FINE IS NOT PAID.” You are only given 2 options “OK” and “Cancel” but neither of them works to close out the fake NSA.GOV pop up. The message also uses a threatening tone saying that if you do not pay the fine your data will be erased, your device and Apple ID will be blocked forever and police will come to your house to arrest you finally. Many users were fooled by that and mistakenly paid for the fine because of fear. The victims urgently want to get the phone unlocked and remove NSA Virus pop up because they do not want to ruin the cell phone, lose precious data or get involved in the law violation problems. They go to Walmart or 7-11 to purchase the required Moneypak or Ukash card, loading it with $500, and then enter the PIN trying to unlock the device. Unfortunately paying the fine is not a good idea to gain access to the phone. Once the payment is sent the user will never hear from the hackers again. The browser will remain blocked and the only way to remove that is by deleting NSA.GOV Virus step by step.

Please Contact YooCare 24/7 Online PC Expert now if you don’t know how to start NSA.GOV Virus removal on your iphone or ipad.

How do I get NSA.GOV virus scam on iPhone/iPad?

We used to think that Apple iOS gadgets were pretty immune to viruses and malware. Sadly, over the past year hackers have turned their attention to our mobile gear. Usually, the installation of NSA POP UP can be completed in a short time and then it pops up immediately to lock your iphone or ipad without signs if you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source. You will be easily get infected by this virus after you jailbreak your device.

Characteristic of NSA.GOV pop-up warning:

It will block your Internet access once it is downloaded.
It will pretend itself as a legitimate warning to lock you out of Safari or Chrome browser.
It will not let you exit the blocked page even you have restarted the device a million times.
It can block all types of antivirus apps.

Important Things You Have To Know If Your Safari Has Been Blocked by NSA.GOV Pop-Up That Asks for $500 Fine:

1. This message can run on iPhone, iPad, iPod or other Apple devices.
2. Don’t pay for anything or provide your personal information to this hoax, it won’t help unlock Safari/Chrome, but just waste your money.
3. Currently antivirus apps are unable to detect or remove this malware.
4. There is no anti-malware software that can detect 100% of the malware out there.

How to Prevent Your Apple Devices from NSA.GOV Pop-Up?

Since viruses are quite inevitable, there are some tips you can avoid being fallen into NSA.GOV Virus Scam in the future:
1. Be careful of downloading applications in the internet because many of them are just cloned applications. Visit legitimate app stores like Apple Store because it filters out the reliable application from what’s not reliable. Most viruses are from gaming and anti-virus applications which are forged. Before downloading an application, try to read some customer reviews so that you will be assured that it is truly a trusted app. Stick with apps from App Store and don’t jailbreak your device and install apps from third-parties.

2. Be cautious at opening attachments thru MMS, SMS messages and e-mails because you might open an unknown attachment from unknown sender. Never open any attachments which are suspicious to you.

3. Don’t open your Bluetooth connection when not in need. It would be easy for the virus to go inside the phone’s application and destroy the phone’s performance.

4. Read the permissions. Every app you install has to declare its permissions, meaning the app lists what it will have access to on your phone. Don’t just click OK without reading what the app will do.

NSA.GOV Pop-Up Removal on Mac OS X System:

NSA.GOV Pop-Up virus uses javascript to block user’s Internet access and prevent them from going online properly. It uses scare tactic to deceive people into paying the ransom without unblocking their device. Obviously it is a hoax. The virus rapidly spreads over the Internet and has infected thousands of devices at an alarming rate. There is no anti-malware apps that can delete the virus automatically. Worse still it won’t go away unless you have removed all its components step by step. Even in some cases it may disappear itself for a while to let you get Internet access back, but your device is still unsafe. It is still a threat for your privacy. To completely get this off iPhone or iPad, you can contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

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