How to unlock your mac if it says your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number

Yesterday, I was browsing for New Year gift for my younger sister on Safari. What a hell! After I clicked on a link, I got a pop-up window saying that “your mac has been locked for security reasons”. What is that? I was asking to call the listed number for tech support so as to unblock my browser. Should I call that number? I couldn’t exit out that page. No matter what I was doing on that page, the page was remained without any change. What should I do? How do I get rid of this page? Please help!

More Information About “Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” Pop-up On Safari:

With the rapid development of high technology, cyber criminals find their ways to hack computer system around the world. Recently, more and more people have reported that they kept receiving pop-up notifications saying that ‘your mac has been locked for security reasons’. Once you got this notification appeared on your safari screen, you will be asked to call their free toll. It said that if you want to get rid of this malicious scam virus and then fix your mac computer, you have to call that number and then pay for a fine they asked. It may tell you that this fine is asked by the “real” police. If you don’t pay for it, the “real” police will come to your house and then get you to the jail. Is that true? Of cause not! This is a JavaScript scam virus which only hacked your Safari, the default web browser for iOS devices. This pop-up is a malicious scam virus. You should know that even through you call that number for tech support, it does nothing help to remove this virus. But it will cause you to lose your money just in a sec. Anyway, once you see this pop-up virus on your Safari, do not call that number, but take immediate action to get rid of it as early as possible.

If you think that Apple device is free from virus attack, then the reality will break your thought just in a sec. ‘Your mac has been locked for security reasons’ pop-up used to get into your Mac computer through adware or potentially unwanted programs. Generally, this pop-up may get the chance to hack your IOS system after you open a spam email attachment, download files, visit websites programmed to download malicious software or click on a malicious pop-up advertisement. Once it gets installed, it will take control of your web browser, Safari and then block it immediately stopping you from browsing normally. Every time you clicked ok, that pop-up window keeps coming back. If you clicked X to close the window, it will ask you ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page?’ with two options listed below: Stay on page or Leave page. If you clicked on leave page it send you back to the previous window that keeps forcing you to call the toll free number. Please bear in mind that this pop-up is a fraudulent website, totally a scam virus web. All the information stated on your Safari screen is fake message. You should not call that number or provide any personal information for the so-called tech support service. This fake tech support will ask you to pay for the fine to fix your mac. Once you paid, you will fall into a big trap. That number you called is not a call for real tech support, but for hackers who create this virus to scare you into thinking there is something wrong with your computer. Actually, this pop-up is a malicious scam virus. Once you gets it on your mac, you are strongly suggested to remove it as quickly as you can before it damages your whole mac system and then make you face a large potential risk of personal financial loss. To remove this risky pop-up virus, manual removal way is the most effective way to remove it completely and clearly.

The following instructions require certain levels of computer skills. If you’re not sure how to get rid of this fake pop-up virus, please live chat with YooCare experts now.

Main Symptoms of ‘your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number’ Pop-up on Mac

1. It is designed to hack IOS mac computers.
2. It falsely claims your computer has a virus and then tricks you to call a toll free 1800 number to remove the virus so as to fix your infected mac.
3. It scares innocent users that if they don’t fix this issue immediately, their device will be blocked.
4. It usually comes into the target system with the help of freeware downloads, spam email as well as its attachments, suspicious websites, infected links, pop-up and ads.
5. It allows cyber criminals to remotely access your Apple device in order to install malware and steal your personal information as well as other sensitive information if you call the toll free number it provided.

NOTE: If you find ‘your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number’ pop up on your Safari, then your device must be suffered with kinds of computer trouble, such as adware, browser hijacker or potentially unwanted program. If you are afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing the fake tech support scam from mac computer? Please contact YooCare Online Experts for further assistant. We are here to help you!

Remove “Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” Pop-up Immediately from Safari

“Your mac has been locked for security reasons” pop-up is classified as one of tech support scams. People used to get this virus through malicious ad-supported extensions, adware or browser hijacker that can be added on any web browsers without any permission of the mac computer users. This fake message may claims that your mac computer was involved in criminal activities and then it lists some crimes involving copyright and related rights law violations, distribution of prohibited pornographic content. You have to call the listed number for an expert to help you unlock your mac, remove the virus. Actually, this malicious pop-up is just a fraud warning that contains a malicious javascript which does not allow you to close the browser window or switch to a different web page. Please be more cautious! Do not fall into this trap, the risky scam!

1. It will pop up and lock your Apple devices after you visited a phishing site, opened a junk e-mail attachment, clicked on an unknown link or downloaded an application from an unsafe source.
2. It not only attacks Mac computers, but also targets iPhone or iPad.
3. So far, no any antivirus program can get rid of this virus. It can be removed by step by step manual removal only.
4. Manual removal process requires sufficient computer expertise. To safely get rid of this fake pop-up, you are recommended to contact an online expert for further removal help.

In Conclusion

‘Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number’ is an artificial notification that disguises to be a real official alert to trick innocent mac computer users. This notification seems to be “real”. Once you see this message, you may think that your computer has been blocked or infected by the virus. You may be too scared then follow its instruction to call the free toll number to get “tech support” to fix your mac computer. However, when you call that number, you will be asked to pay to remove the non-existed virus from your mac. As a matter of fact, that is a scam virus which has infected mac computers for years. It is completely a scam virus, not a helpful tech support service. Hence, no matter what happens, do not call that number. Do not agree to the remote control invitation of the experts on the other side of that number. Once you see this bogus pop-up on your mac, you must remove it immediately by manual removal guide.

Note: Manual removal is a skillful and risky job, if any mistakes are made in the process, you may damage your Apple device immediately. If you are not sure how to unlock your browser or remove the virus, please contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

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