Jan 17, 2016

How to Remove International Cyber Police Warning from an Iphone/iPad

How to remove international cyber police warning from my iPhone? The international cyber police demands for fine from me. That horrible message popped up when I was searching for the Christmas present for my friend. I was totally freaked out at that moment. It locked my Safari and asked for $500 of ransom. I can’t close the warning page. It’s still there no matter how many times I restarted my iPhone. It never disappears and won’t let me do anything on my Safari. Is that a real authority institution or just a scam? Do I need to pay for it? What should I do? Help please.

How to Remove International Cyber Police Virus from an Iphone

International Cyber Police Warning is the ransomware virus that is designed by the cyber hackers aiming at attacking mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook and so on. As the mobile devices are widely used today, hackers mainly target the tablets and phones. The cyber hackers spare no effort to spread the virus on the internet. Therefore, it’s easy for the internet users to get the virus. More and more victims suffered from it.

The targets that being affected by international cyber police virus are mainly known as Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. It plans to redirect users to suspicious website which asks to update new version program. Rather than helping users on browsing issues, the real purpose for international cyber police warning that is to download other dangerous threats and programs into mobile device together with the suggested program. After the internet user clicked on the unknown link, opened a spam email, or downloaded free malicious software bundled up with unwanted extensions, the virus would seize the chance to sneak into the user’s device. The virus can ruin the infected device in a nasty way. By exploiting vulnerabilities on the device, it invades the device secretly. After that, it may encrypt the files on the device further and block the internet. The users can’t access Safari. The user only can be redirected to the fake warning page all the time. The fake warning may ask for fine arranging from $100 to $500 for violating the specific laws or watching children porn on the internet. Otherwise, the user would be put into jail. That fake message may claim that it comes from the FBI department, Australian Federal Police or RCMP Ukash etc. They make use of fake authority to scam the users. Besides, it may install other threats to get the user’s personal information including bank account and password, contact list, address, business detail and other sensitive information.

Since paying the so-called fine won’t help you remove this virus, manual removal is an effective solution for this. Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of tech skill. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the cellphone, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Why Would the Cyber Criminal Spread Virus on the Internet Widely?

The cyber criminals write the virus and bundle it to the third party’s product, such as malicious attachment, ad pop-up, porn links. After the victims click on the malicious product with virus. The virus will scare the victims by displaying fake police warning and scam them for money. In this way, the cyber criminals will get lots of money from it. The cyber criminals will always control the virus. Therefore, the virus will create the vulnerability on your iPhone/iPad in order to let the cyber criminals to hack your device further and gain more illegal money from the victims. In a word, the criminals create the virus to make illegal money. Don’t let the cyber criminals get what they want. Please remove the virus from your iPhone/iPad, so the virus will not be able to stay in your device. Just get rid of it as soon as possible.

International cyber police virus can really make users panic to the extent they go on paying the ransom amount as no one want to get into trouble in the police. The seal you see on the warning also look real. After you got the virus, you would get message like this.

International Cyber Police Warning
Country: United Kindom
City: London
Your location:
Operating System: iOS
“ATTENTION! Your phone has been locked up for safety reasons. Amount of fine is to be paid. Pay Now.


In this case, many victims are so scared and will choose to pay for the fine to solve the problem. However, it won’t help. Your device will still be blocked. Therefore, don’t pay for the fine. Just remove the virus. And you must do it right now. Don’t give any chance to the virus to do something harmful to your device.
Furthermore,international cyber police virus may install other malware aiming at stealing your personal data on your iPhone/iPad.
As we all know, international cyber police virus is so nasty and harmful. It can access the victims’ personal data like contacts and send it to the remote hackers to make illegal profit. It even can install further virus and ruin the device. Therefore, if you got the virus on your iPhone, don’t be tricked by it. Remove international cyber police virus out of your device right now. Don’t let this virus get money from you and ruin your device!

As the virus removal process is quite dangerous and complicated, you need professional guide to walk you through. Please contact experts from YooCare Online Tech Support for further assistance.

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