Sep 12, 2015

Remove ICSPA Virus Scam From iPhone/iPad

Hi, I was recently trying to watch some movies. I accidentally pressed on a wrong link and then all of a sudden I was locked out and I received a long ICSPA pop-up message stating that I was viewing pornography or distributing illegal contents and I need to pay $500 dollars as a fine. It locked me out of Safari app so I cannot access Internet anymore. It also said that if I don’t pay after 48 hours, it will erase my Apple ID, photos and block my phone. It freaked me out! I don’t watch child porn! If I refused to pay, are they going to come to my house and charge me with something? I searched the web and many people had the same problem. They said it is a virus. So how do I get rid of it? And, the warning knew my IP address and location, why?

Is ICSPA Virus on My iPhone/iPad Real or Fake?

ICSPA Virus (also called International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus) is categorized a “malware” or “ransomware” designed by cyber criminals to affect Android users, Windows computer users and even iOS(iPhone, iPad & iPod) users. Apple devices are always said to be more secure than Android, and also as iPads and iPhones have gotten more sophisticated, most users have been pretty confident that Apple devices are virus free. But actually Apple devices can be infected by malicious viruses too. ICSPA Virus usually gets into the system by visiting compromised website, downloading free apps from third-parties, opening attachments from spam emails, or clicking unwanted pop-ups. Once it finds its way to access the iPhone or iPad, it utilizes JavaScript to hijack user’s internet browsers such as Safari and Chrome. Therefore, whenever you try to get online, ICSPA pop up will appear immediately blocking your Internet access. The pop up uses a threatening tone saying that you were being accused of activities against copyright laws, such as viewing or distributing pornography, spam distribution etc. and that it was running facial recognition and you have to pay a fine of $500 within the next 48 hours or it would lock down your entire Phone. It uses the same scare tactic like Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus, FBI virus (targets computer users mainly in the United States) and Cheshire United Kingdom Police Virus (United Kingdom) to trick innocent users and aim to steal as much money as possible.

Complaints from victims who got infected by ICSPA Virus are on the rise. Generally, this sophisticated ransomware locks down Safari browser immediately and it won’t give you any other options to exit or minimize its page except for inputting a code. It blames victims for being involved in illegal activities including downloading copyrighted material and viewing pornography and then it demands a fine of $500 within 48 hours. Don’t pay the fine in any circumstance. People should realize that ICSPA Virus pop-up is just a fake message trying to fool you, and it is not real, so simply ignore it. Police won’t come to your house and you won’t be sent to jail even if you don’t pay the fine. Now these ransomware viruses are becoming more and more common on mobile gadgets:

“Earlier today I was browsing the Internet on my iPhone 6, and this ICSPA Virus message suddenly popped up and locked me out of Safari. I tried to exit the page but it didn’t change anything. It said it was from the ICSPA, telling me my location and that I was being accused of viewing or distributing child pornography and if I didn’t pay $500 using PayPal in a certain amount of time that I would be prosecuted and it would delete all my stuff on the phone. Obviously this is fake and a scam! I restarted my iPhone many times but it didn’t go away. Does anyone know how to get rid of it completely?

Paying the fine will not remove ICSPA virus or any form of ransomware from your Apple device. This message is no way associated with the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, FBI or any government departments. It is just a trick used by cyber criminals to steal money from iPhone or iPad users. So once ICSPA virus pops up on your browser, you had better get rid of it manually as quickly as possible.

Please Contact YooCare 24/7 Online PC Expert now if you don’t know how to start ICSPA Virus removal on your iphone or ipad.

How Do You Get ICSPA Virus on iPhone/iPad?

We used to think that Apple iOS gadgets were pretty immune to viruses and malware. Sadly, over the past year hackers have turned their attention to our mobile gear. Usually, the installation of ICSPA virus can be completed in a short time and then it pops up immediately to lock your iphone or ipad without signs if you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source. You will be easily get infected by this virus after you jailbreak your device.

Possible Danger Caused By ICSPA Virus Scam:

It will take control of your mobile phone rapidly once it is downloaded.
It will pretend itself as a legit warning and then ask for a ransom.
It will not allow you to change your phone settings or open Apple Store to download antivirus program.
It will not let you close Safari or Chrome except for inputting the demand Greendot Moneypak code.

Important Things You Have To Know If Your iOS Device Has Been Blocked by International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus:

1. ICSPA Virus scam can attack smartphones running with Android or Mac OS X system.
2. Don’t pay for anything or provide your personal information to this hoax, it won’t help lock out of the fake ICSPA virus warning but just waste your money.
3. Currently antivirus app is not able to detect or remove this malware, and there is not an app can prevent the virus from attacking the mobile device again.

ICSPA Virus Removal on Mac OS X System:

ICSPA virus acts like a hijacker when it is running on Apple system that can block user’s Internet access and prevent them from going online properly. Unfortunately no anti-malware apps can delete this malware so far and the virus won’t go away unless you have removed all its components step by step. Even in some cases it may disappear itself for a while to let you get Internet access back, but your device is still unsafe. It is still a threat for your privacy. To completely get this off iPhone or iPad, you can contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

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