Jul 14, 2015

Why You Should Root Your Android Device?

As we all know that Android is the world’s most customizable mobile platform and it is widely used for Smartphone users nowadays. So many users may have heard about “rooting Android” from some of friends or read it on newspaper or Internet before. Do you really know what “Rooting” means and what benefits it will bring to you? Is there any damage if you root your android? How do you do it on your own? What can a rooted phone do that an unrooted phone can’t? Is it safe? Here we will give you a comprehensive introduction on what “rooting” is and tell you the reason why you should root your android device. Now let’s know more detail about rooting Android devices (including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google and HUAWEI which runs Android 2.1 to Android 5.0).

Reasons to Root Your Android Device

“Root” is the process of modifying the operating system and allowing Android users to get privileged control. With your android device rooted, you can overcome limitations that the carriers and manufacturers put on your phone, extend system functionality, and even upgrade it to a custom flavor of Android. It is like an Administrator authority on Windows computer, you have access to the entire operating system and you can do whatever you like while a guest or a standard user can’t, or it is similar to jailbreaking an Apple device. With root access, you can enjoy a lot of benefits when you use your a android phones or tablets. It opens up many new possibilities to customize your device and improve your Android experience. The following list covers the main advantages of having a rooted device:

1. Remove pre-installed apps or any apps you want.
It’s believed that most Android users love pure Android without the crapware that phone companies put onto them. However, the fact is many annoying, battery-draining, space-wasting crapware apps are installed in your phone by-default by manufacturer or Carrier when you get a new phone. You will not be able to uninstall those apps which are taking up your system memory. But only with your phone rooted, you can do that easily. You can uninstall everything you want with no problem.
2. Fully customize your device.
When you get your phone rooted, you will have administrative privileges for customization and you can install home screen launchers, widgets and custom fonts of your choice on your android phone. Your phone will be like what you want it to be. You even can remove the annoying AT&T splash screen and all AT&T customization from the phone.
3. Install any root-only and incompatible apps.
A rooted device lets you install almost any app that requires root access. You can install any apps from third-parties without money and you can enjoy the fun of most games.
4. Block all the apps.
While surfing internet or using a specific app, you may have tons of ads that keep interrupting your activities. Those ads are annoying and misleading and it may install potentially unwanted applications to your device against your will. But once you get the device rooted, you can remove almost all ads in the applications or browser.
5. Increase the performance of your device.
Almost every phone user complains about battery life, and certain versions of Android slow the OS down to a crawl. But after rooting your android phone or tablet, you will be able to speed up your phone and increase battery life. You can install apps which let you to overclock your phone for better performance or underclock your phone for better battery life freely.
6. Better back up data.
Although Non-rooted Android users can back up their data, they still have problem backing up everything on the phone like certain apps. But if you are using a rooted device, the problem can be solved right away. Apps which help back up data including system apps and their data, all your contact information, message history, all your installed apps and setting always need a root access before you install them.
7. Get the latest update & new Android version.
Every time the latest version of Android (like Android 5.0) comes out, it brings you new features, and improves user experience. However, the latest version is only available for limited flagship Android phones. However, as long as you have rooted your device, you also can be the first one to use the latest Android version even if you are using an ordinary phone which hasn’t got any update warning yet.
8.Flash a custom ROM.
If your manufacturer doesn’t provide updated version for your phone, don’t worry because you can update latest version just by rooting your phone. Flashing a custom ROM brings a lot of benefits for you. It improves the device performance and you can install some ad-free apps to improve battery life, upgrade later versions of Android to your Android phone which doesn’t have it yet.
9. Free more internal storage:
Rooting helps you move all apps from devices to an SD card. While using an unrooted device, you may not be allowed to move all the apps you want to an SD card, therefore you will get a low internal memory. Only if you root your phone, you will be able to do that and it helps make more free RAM.

Warning: Although rooting phone or tablet can provide a ton of customizations and enable you hundreds of hidden features, it is a risky job for average users to complete. If you do anything wrong during the rooting process, you will damage your device immediately. Also rooting an Android device voids the warranty. But, thankfully, it’s not difficult to “un-root” a device and to flash a stock ROM or a manufacturer supplied ROM onto the phone. After doing that, your device won’t show any sign that it used to be rooted, thus making you eligible for any warranty claims. If you device to root your device but don’t know where to start, please contact YooCare Online Experts for help.

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