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Failed to delete redirect virus? My computer was attacked by this redirect virus and it got poor performance in startup, shutdown, website loading and program launching processes. I ran full scans via my advanced antivirus, but I just find that the antivirus failed to pick up the browser hijacker entirely. What damages will the redirect virus bring to the computer? How to get rid of the nasty hijacker infection safely? To get better clues of redirect removal, please go over this post and deal with the redirect virus effectively.

Description of Redirect: is identified as a browser hijacker which does great harm to computers. The interface of the bogus website seems as those licensed ones, in order to cheat net users into taking it as the default homepage and search engine. The browser hijacker tricks net users into performing the same way as Google search that offers functions for computer users search for their favorites. It pretends to offer functions for net users to enjoy their favorite webs, news, videos and images etc. However, the fake web page is a computer infection itself which won’t help users to perform web browsing activities as usual. On the contrary, the affected browser will perform abnormally. The hijacker infection will casually redirect users’ web search results to other harmful web pages even if you only open those familiar web sites. Also, it modifies your search engine, homepage and other browser settings. As a result, the target browser will start up with as its homepage. Meanwhile, constant pop-up ads will appear on the screen, making net users so much annoyed. Actually, the redirect must be removed immediately, or it will bring unexpected damages to the computer.

This browser hijacker mainly spreads through network and takes over your web browsers such as Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer and Opera, etc. It will take advantages of the system vulnerabilities to bring many risky adds-on, plug-ins and toolbar to the affected computer. After these additional free items are installed, the computer will be slowed down and perform really poorly. The redirect infection, together with bundled ads-on, plug-ins and toolbar, takes up the CPU usage greatly. That is why users have to wait for a while to load web pages, launch large programs and shut down the system and so on. They also get stuck easily in processes of activities like playing games, surfing the net and running programs. The computer will get worse if the redirect virus stays there for a long time. Further damages including system crash, blue screen of death and corrupting system file errors etc. may occur to the computer. Urgent as the situation is, the hijacker must be removed from the computer immediately.

While being affected, PC users will get many random pop-up ads on the screen every time you click on a web link, open an email attachment and download software and so on. These pop ups may ask users to download freeware to speed up the computer and get full functions of the browser, install ads-on and even purchase some unwanted things. PC users ought to keep watch on these pop-up ads so as not to add unknown items to the computer blindly. Moreover, users may find it an obstacle to gain access to the Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo mail etc. after getting this browser hijacker. The main risk of the redirect remains in its ability to record the system data and online history for cyber hackers to carry our illegal activities. Be aware of the aggressiveness of this browser hijacker and take actions to remove it completely soon.

The following instructions require certain levels of computer skills. If you’re not sure how to delete this redirect virus, please live chat with YooCare experts now.

Why Does My Antivirus Fail? How to Remove This Redirect Virus Safely?

PC users may notice they have obstacles to surf the web, launching programs and doing other computer tasks after this computer is infected by this redirect. In fact, many executable programs are blocked by the hijacker infection to take effective. Once affected, functions of the antivirus will be disabled, and the antivirus won’t be able to help you get rid of this browser hijacker entirely. Even if you try another antivirus or reinstalling the target browser, you will find that the computer gets worse. The virus keeps popping up every time you launch up the Internet browser. A PC repair shop or a technician will help out of this redirect issue, but you will have to spend much money and time to get the redirect virus removed this way. Instead, a redirect removal with PC professionals online is a better choice, for those experts will help you get rid of the browser hijacker manually and completely.

Instructions on Removing Browser Redirect Manually:

Manual removal is initially suggested for advanced users, as it is quite complicated and difficult. PC users need to know better about how to reset browser settings, find out all additional ads-on, plug-ins and toolbar related to this hijacker infection to wipe them out and deal with system files and registry entries etc. Do not delete anything that you doubt whether it is a normal computer file or an infected one. To make it easier, please follow removal guide given here to deal with the hijacker virus effectively:

1. Open the Windows Task Manager
You can press Ctrl + Shift + ESC together or Ctrl + Alt + Delete together.

If it does not work, Click the Start button, click the run option, type taskmgr and press OK. The Windows Task Manager should open.

2. In the Windows Task Manager, find out the process of THE Redirect by name random.exe. Then scroll the list to find required process. Select it with your mouse or keyboard and click on the End Process button. This will end the process.

3. Search for malicious registry entries related to this redirect and wipe them out entirely.

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run |Regedit32

4. Remove harmful files of this redirect virus infection.


Video Shows You How to Successfully Modify Windows Registry Editor:

In Summary:

As we learn that is a big threat to computers, and users need to be cautious when doing web browsing activities. In general, this redirect virus spreads through network and it takes over the affected computer immediately. Your homepage and favorite settings are greatly modified and all pointed websites are redirected to malicious web pages and advertising pops up. Also, the affected computer will run slowly and it gets freezes easily at startup, shutdown and program launching processes. Particularly, the anti-virus tool is attacked to get malfunction, and it won’t take effective to help users delete any computer threat entirely. It is necessary for users to delete all infected items related to the virus entirely so as to regain a clean computer. Thus, manual removal will do you a great favor. If you have tried in vain, please contact YooCare: PC professionals 24/7 online will assist you to remove hijacker virus completely.

Note: If you find that the manual removal process is difficult, please contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online will help you remove redirect completely.

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