Nov 13, 2013

Foxstart Redirect Removal Guide

Do you want to get rid of  Foxstart Redirect? Have you tried many tools to remove it but failed? Have you think about using manual way to get rid of it completely? You accidently got it in you browser and then your browser, your laptop and your network speed is becoming weirder and weirder? Your network speed is being reduced and Internet connection is being cut off over and over so you can barely get online when using the victim browser? Do you want a effective removal guide of foxstart hijacker? This article won’t disappoint you.

Details of Foxstart Redirect:

Foxstart Redirect is a new browser hijacker which has been reported by many people about how it keeps redirecting website to its domain and forbidding them to change browser settings to its original one. The virus in their computer is very nasty and stubborn. Common users are barely capable to detect its hidden place in the victim computer. The definition of browser hijacker is more resemble to a nasty redirecting advertisement than a Trojan virus. So antivirus or removal tools will not treat it as a virus and will not be able to show infection alert in scanning result. The only sign shows that your laptop is infected is that your browser is being hijacked by this malicious website. You cannot use the victim Firefox correctly.

Foxstart virus has a very similar domain and appearance to firefox so that it can easily cheat people to open its website or use its search engine. When you search something on its search box, you will realize that it is not the real firefox you thought and the search result is not clear to let you recognize which one of them is unsafe site. Through the help of search results it shows, it is capable to get malware or unwanted adware installed in the current computer you are using. The most horrible thing it brings is not that it will kidnap the existing browser to refuse you using it appropriately but it intrudes unknown scam software into target computer without your consciousness. If you have noticed that it is in your computer, you need to get rid of Foxstart Redirect immediately.

The following instructions require certain levels of computer skills. If you’re not sure and are afraid of making any critical mistakes during the process, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Screen Shot of the Redirect :


Symptoms of Infection:

1. Your computer performs slower and slower.

2. You need to wait for a long time while opening a webpage and your browser runs much slower than before.

3. You are always redirected to some malicious websites.

4. The harmful redirect also causes poor Internet connection and system crash frequently.

5. You will get many advertisement windows when you are using the Internet.

How dangerous is the virus?

1. It allows the virus makers to access your computer remotely without letting you know.
2. It accesses your data, your tabs and browsing activity on all websites.
3. It is able to cause system crash and disable your executable programs.
4. It drops some other threats including malware, adware parasites and spyware into your computer.
5. It is capable of collecting your browsing history and other important data.

Manual Removal Guides :

Foxstart Redirect is a high-risk browser hijacker which will change the homepage and browser settings, and redirect your web search results to random sites containing lots of illegal advertisements, even Trojan, rootkit or other malware virus. Sometimes the antivirus software cannot identify the computer threat accurately and timely or remove it permanently. Therefore, manual removal is the best choice to uninstall it completely from your computer. Users can follow the manual guide here to have this virus removed instantly.

1. Clean cookies

* Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options →the General tab, Delete the Cookies button can be directly seen in IE6, IE7 is to click the Delete Browsing History button then tick Cookies and click Delete.

* Firefox:Tools → Options → Privacy → Remove Individual Cookies → Delete corresponding cookies in the cookies showing box.

* Opera:Tools → Preferences → Advanced → Cookies →Delete corresponding cookies in Management Cookies.
2. Clean add-ons and extensions

* Internet Explorer:

(1). Click Start, type: Manage browser add-ons


(2). Hit Enter on your keyboard

(3). Click Manage add-ons and disable all the suspicious add-ons.


* Firefox:

(1). Click the Firefox menu and click Add-ons


(2). Click Extensions, select the related browser add-ons and click Disable.

* Google Chrome:

(1). Click the Customize and Control menu button →Tools→ click Extensions


(2). Select the related Extension and click Disable.

3. Show Hidden Files

(1). Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel

(2). Click on the Appearance and Personalization link


(3). Click on the Folder Options link


(4). Click on the View tab in the Folder Options window

(5). Choose the Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category


(6). Click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window.

4. Delete Virus Files With Foxstart Redirect

(1). Delete the related registry entries through Registry Edit

Guides to open registry editor: Click “Start” menu, hit “Run”, then type “regedit”, click “OK”


(2). Find out and remove the associated files of this browser hijacker virus.

Video Shows You How to Safely Modify Windows Registry Editor:


The hijacker, like other redirect problems, can be widely spread over the internet. That is to say, as long as a computer is connected to the internet, this virus will be able to seize the chances to infect your computer. Generally, a browser redirect tries to confuse computer users between other common web sites and itself. It doesn’t dress up like a redirect webpage so people are easily tricked. This kind of issue has been very common in these days. It usually helps hackers collect the browsing histories of the victims and benefit from them later on. In order to get this redirect issue, computer probably has been used to surf online porn sites or install/ download unfriendly programs/ plugins. Once the infection is done, you will come through all the consequences listed above and among which collecting valuable information is the most dangerous. Hence, a complete removal of redirect virus is needed to be done as soon as possible!

If you are not familiar with virus removal, please contact experts from YooCare Online Tech Support for further help.

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