Oct 25, 2013

Remove Trojan horse dropper.generic3.AEYC.dropper

You receive a warning message about Trojan horse dropper.generic3.AEYC.dropper from the antivirus software? When starting the computer, you always get a variety of errors? Can you use the antivirus software to delete the virus? You are tired because you have tried various ways to deal with it but to no avail? You are advised to learn more knowledge about the Trojan before you try to remove it.

Details of Trojan horse dropper.generic3.AEYC.dropper:

Trojan horse dropper.generic3.AEYC.dropper, as many users complain, is a new and powerful Trojan horse virus. You know its existence because the antivirus software detects it and sends you a warning. It is able to bypass the protection of antivirus software as well as Windows Defender and then sneak into the computer secretly. Malicious websites, unknown application packages and junk email attachments can be its carriers. If you surf the web without carefulness, the Trojan is capable of seizing the opportunity to enter your system.

This Trojan is your headache for it keep making trouble on the target computer. The infected computer runs strange, which makes you crazy. It will restart or even shut down your computer suddenly, and even lead to terrible blue screen displaying a pile of unknown codes. You may find that when you run programs or try to open them, they will become unresponsive accidentally. All kinds of strange files appear in the computer and then disappear. The Trojan also prevents programs from running, thus, sometimes you cannot open EXE files and some DLL files that are important to the system will be disabled. Its malicious behaviors are done in the background without allowing you to be aware of. It will implant its malicious components into target computer and modify important registry keys. However, it is able to mutate continuously so that new components keeps being generated in new locations, that is why you find some files with strange names come and go. What is more, the virus opens a backdoor in the infected computer, which results in more viral invasions to the target computer. With the help of the Trojan, cyber criminals are able to access to the target computer. In this case, your personal information saved in the computer including bank account details, credit card password, email password and personal files will be stolen by the cyber criminals. In the face of such a hateful Trojan infection, many victims come to a deadlock when they are in an attempt to use automatic removal tools to remove it. Although they have updated the antivirus software to the latest version, it is still difficult to remove the virus from your computer. Therefore, you may as well try manual removal.

The following instructions require certain levels of computer skills. If you’re not sure and are afraid of making any critical mistakes during the process, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

How dangerous is the virus?

1. It allows the virus makers to access your computer remotely without letting you know.
2. It is able to cause system crash and disable your executable programs.
3. It drops some other threats including malware, adware parasites and spyware into your computer.
4. It is capable of collecting your browsing history and other important data.

Manual Removal Guides :

Trojan horse dropper.generic3.AEYC.dropper is a malicious Trojan virus which can install itself into the computer system without your consent and awareness. It makes your computer work slowly and implants other nasty infections into the computer. To make things worse, this Trojan is a tool for the hacker to invade the infected computer to steal your information. It is recommended to remove it as quickly as possible. Users can follow the manual guide here to have it removed instantly.

1. Show Hidden Files

(1). Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel

(2). Click on the Appearance and Personalization link

(3). Click on the Folder Options link

(4). Click on the View tab in the Folder Options window

(5). Choose the Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category

(6). Click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window.

2. Delete Virus Files

(1). Delete the related registry entries through Registry Edit

Guides to open registry editor: Click “Start” menu, hit “Run”, then type “regedit”, click “OK”

While the Registry Editor is open, search and delete the following registry entries listed below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” =Random


(2). Find out and remove the associated files of this virus.



%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~random

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Random “.exe”

Video Shows You How to Safely Modify Windows Registry Editor:

Trojan horse dropper.generic3.AEYC.dropper is a high risky Trojan infection. It hides deeply in the computer. Once being infected with the virus, you often get all kinds of errors whenever you start your computer. It degrades the performance of the infected computer, prevents you from using many legitimate programs and even leads to system collapse. Cyber criminals can control the computer via the Trojan for it contains components that are capable of recording your browsing history as well as online activities and scanning your privacy data in the computer. The Trojan is so bad that it causes fatal damages to the target computer. Thus, you should delete it from your computer timely.

If you have no idea of how to do that, please contact experts from YooCare Online Tech Support for further help.

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