Your Computer has been locked! Virus Removal

I got a “Your computer has been locked” alert when I surfed the web. Have to pay the fine of $200 to unlock your computer? Why my computer has been locked? How to unlock your computer and remove the computer locked virus entirely from your computer? Read this article and remove the Ransomware completely with following guide.

“Your computer has been locked!” Virus Description:

“Your computer has been locked!” Virus is a malware infection defined as Ransomware. This Ransomware is designed by cyber criminals to lock down your computer and pretends to be from U.S. federal office asking a fine of $200 to unlock your computer. Such type of malware infection can encounter PC users from worldwide with different names which have been known as FBI MoneyPak malware/ virus and Australian Federal Police Ukash virus and so forth. It pretends to be from government officials and claims that “Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution”, in an effort to pilfer money from unknown PC users.

The Ransomware is designed by cyber criminals to trick unknown PC users into paying the fine of $200 to get their computers unlocked. Specifically, the malware infection displays a fake notification on your computer screen claiming your computer is blocked due to your use or distribution of child pornographic materials or other related illegal activities. On the lock-up screen, it puts some articles of U.S. federal laws in details and states results of your violation of these items which are non-existing at all, only to make you think you are committed to cybercrime. For example, the Ransomware alert claims that any individual who (attempts to) violates mentioned laws shall be sentenced to a mandatory term of imprisonment from 4 to 30 years and shall be fined up to $250,000. To make you convinced, the cyber criminals also display your IP address and host name on the pop-up fine requested alert page, and these scammers put some government office logos on the top of computer locked warning page. Actually, all warning messages and information on the fine requested page is totally false and fraudulent, trying to trap you into its scam and gather fake fines.

Furthermore, the Ransomware alert shows three steps for PC victims to pay the ransom as requested through MoneyPak. However, do you have to pay a fine of $200 to unlock your computer? Absolutely, you are not at a risk of being caught by the police as the Ransomware alert is a virus infection itself, trying to corrupt your computer terribly and dig into your pockets through illegal ways. Providing that you pay the fine, you just find that your computer is still locked up and damaged gradually and your hard earned money may be gone forever. Unexpected damages may occur to your computer if you hesitate to remove the Ransomware entirely from your computer timely. Unfortunately, your advanced security protection may be blocked by the malware infection to take effective. Once disabled, it becomes functionless to detect or delete the Ransomware entirely. Therefore, manual removal is consider to be the most effective way to deal with the Ransomware successfully.

The following instructions require certain levels of computer skills. If you’re not sure how to delete the Ransomware Virus, please live chat with YooCare experts now.

Screenshot of “Your computer has been locked!” Virus:


Danger of “Your computer has been locked!” virus:

#The Ransomware is designed to lock your computer asking that you need to pay for a fine to unlock your computer. In fact, it is just a big scam.
#It locks your computer, claiming that you’ve violated the law of local office by visiting illegal information online.
#The Ransomware is related to cause system crash and computer freezing issue.
#It allows remote access to your computer for your personal information and other sensitive information.

Best way to handle with “Your computer has been locked!” virus completely?

The Ransomware has made many PC users scared and worried about their computer situations as it prevents you from performing anything on your computer and gradually affects your system and programs. The computer has been locked virus alert asking victims to pay for the fine timely, or they may be imprisoned for years. It also claims your IP address has been guarded by the police as you have watched porn information and violated copyrights laws and so on. Many PC victims may stuck in a nerve as they find the government logo is put on the alert screen which seems quite real, and they may be fooled by the Ransomware scam to pay $200 for the fine to unlock their computers. No matter how convincing information seems from the alert message, there is no circumstance for you to trust the Ransomware alert or pay the fine of $200 blindly. Because all information displayed on the alert page is totally false and fraudulent, this is only used to cheat you into paying the money. Moreover, your executable programs are also affected. Even the best anti-virus software still can’t delete the stubborn Ransomware completely, let alone detect or remove other potential threats. In this situation, PC experts 24/7 online will help you remove the virus from your computer completely as soon as possible.

Manual removal instructions on removing “Your computer has been locked!” virus safely:

1. Restart your PC before windows launches, tap “F8” constantly. Choose“Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press Enter key.

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop “Your computer has been locked!” virus processes in the Windows Task Manager.

3. Delete associated files from your PC completely as follows:


4. Search for all related registry entries infected by “Your computer has been locked!” virus and wipe them out:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\\10
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\\Locked

5. Reboot the computer to normal mode when the above steps are done.

“Your computer has been locked!” Virus Manual Removal Video

In conclusion: From the above mentioned, “Your computer has been locked!” virus becomes a great threat to PC users from worldwide. After infected, victims just get this Ransomware alert screen popped up every time they launch their computers. It is designed by cyber scammers to lock your computer up and displays a notification asking a fine of $200 to get your computer unlocked due to your violation of related U.S. federal laws. The Ransomware may change its name to target PC users in other countries aggressively in a similar way. All information displayed on the computer locked page is totally false, only designed to fool victims into paying the non-existing fine. Don’t trust this computer lock-up alert or pay for the ransom. To trigger further damage, the Ransomware enables the remote access from cyber criminals to the affected computer aiming at violating your privacy and compromising your security. Besides, it may cause slow system performance and other terrible computer issues. Actually, the Ransomware can block your anti-virus software to bypass its detection. That is why the anti-virus software can’t pick up the malware infection entirely. In order to unlock your computer, please contact YooCare PC professionals online for a better tech help. PC professionals from YooCare will help you remove this malicious Ransomware completely and promptly.

Note: If you found it difficult to follow the removal guide above, please contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online will help you remove “Your computer has been locked!” virus from your computer completely.

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