Is Osx Uninstaller the Best Mac Uninstaller – Roundtable Discussion

A well-rounded Mac app uninstaller is capable of allowing you to easily find out the rarely used or no longer used apps, as well as clearly showing the size of the apps so that you can have a general idea of which apps to remove. And it should also include a powerful app removal feature to completely remove the apps and a thorough leftover cleaner to find and delete the useless leftovers to free up your hard disk space and restore your Mac’s performance. Fortunately, The US-based Osx Uninstaller does it all with ease – along with excellent direct technical support and the most cost-effective one-time pricing models that make it cheap and affordable for everyone to own for a long time, making it one of the most essential Mac applications our editors recommend. The latest version of Osx Uninstaller 2024 has just been released: A better app removal engine and a fresh & modern interface. It boasts the best-in-class app removal capability and leftover cleaner, a new clutter-free interface, blazingly fast to run with the most comprehensive compatibility for all Mac computers of any specification, as well as the most favored affordable one-time pricing. All users with valid lifetime licenses will be able to upgrade to this new version for free, and you can purchase one while it is still available.

In this post, we’ll have a roundtable discussion with our editor Stephen and our subscriber David to talk about how the latest version of Osx Uninstaller 2024 performs.


David works for a media company specializing in app and UI design. He has been using Osx Uninstaller for 6 years with a lifetime license for 3 devices.

Stephen is our editor for writing reviews of Mac applications and other things on Mac computers. He has been using Osx Uninstaller on a daily basis for over 4 years.

Why are you using Osx Uninstaller?

David: I use a lot of design tools in my work, and sometimes the applications can’t be updated or upgraded due to previous incomplete uninstallations. And it takes a lot of time to find these leftovers, which I think are mostly useless remnants taking up my usable disk space. As you know, the hard disk is very expansive to upgrade on Mac machines. Fortunately, I can use Osx Uninstaller to complete the application removal and remnant cleanup for me in just a few clicks. This is one of the most important tools I think every Mac user should have.

Stephen: As a writing editor, I’ve also had to test a lot of apps as well as the same problems like apps can’t be updated and a large number of digital clutter that I don’t know and don’t need after testing. The drag-to-trash operation does not completely remove the apps at all, and if you do it manually, you have to take so much time to clean them up. I think it’s almost impossible for my iMac to work properly if I don’t use this little tool Osx Uninstaller, and I think this is the go-to app removal utility that does the job without any hassle.

What are the things you like Osx Uninstaller?

David: I like the new interface and the ability to remove apps. The new interface is very sleek and intuitive and it’s one of the most user friendly apps I’ve ever used. All you have to do is scan and delete. It is that simple. Not to mention the in-app guidance for each step, which is very helpful for you to decide if the files can be deleted. The removal feature is very impressive with fast scanning and effective file deletion. And the one-time price is affordable, which I think is one of the big advantages compared to other tools. Our licensed machines have been able to receive updates and major upgrades for free for 6 years. And the latest version runs very well on my old MacBook Air without any problems.

Stephen: It is lightweight and fast for everything. And surprisingly, it runs on every Mac machine I have used or tested, even the ones with the old operating system. I think it has the best application remover and the leftover cleaner is the best on the market, allowing me to completely get rid of all elements of the applications in just a few clicks: thorough and fast. Osx Uninstaller runs very well during the app removal process and I don’t encounter any freezes or crashes. The one-time pricing options are very attractive during the time of everything subscription.

What do think of the support by Osx Uninstaller?

David: The support is very responsive and helpful and I think it is one of the best experiences. Like I said, my old MacBook Air can get free updates and free upgrades and it is also supported for free. There is a time when Osx Uninstaller can’t remove all the remnants of a new app, and they come back to me with a new version in just 1 day. That is very impressive and fast.

Stephen: I like their direct technician approach which a lot of app vendors can’t provide. I really like that my support request is handled by professionals for a helpful and fast response. Even though I use it regularly and don’t really encounter any problems when using it, I have sent some requests for interface improvements and new features and they have responded positively and quickly. And some changes have been made in this new version release.


Osx Uninstaller has been our editor’s choice for the best Mac app remover over the years. With the release of this new version, it has continued its excellence in thorough removal and cleanup and ease of use. It is recommended that you grab the lifetime license deal while it is affordable.

Published by YooCare Editor on December 24, 2023 8:37 am, last updated on June 2, 2024 2:04 am

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