Proton VPN Discount 2024: 55% Off Coupon

Want great VPN at affordable price? It is possible. Simply get deal with discount coupon during promotion. Proton VPN is a solid VPN service by the same company who develops Proton Mail. Proton VPN is famous for a better privacy option compared with others and this is a great service. Want best value? You should consider using our Proton VPN discount coupon. 58% Off Proton VPN special offer is recommended. Get the best Proton VPN promotion with us.

ProtonVPN Discount Coupon

Proton VPN offers one single VPN package with three different plans. Users don’t need to compare features between different packages. There is no need to give up some features due to tight financial situation. Proton VPN package includes full features and enables you to perform various activities securely and privately. To sign up, you only need to decide which billing cycle you like. There are 1-month, 1-year and 2-year plans. The provider offers sweet discounts on the VPN plans. You are suggested to sign up a plan during promotion to reduce budget. Sometimes, the provider supports and releases discount coupon to let their customer get the best value. The discount coupon is not available all the time. They usually are available during big holidays and important events. At this time, the provider does not accept discount coupon. That does not mean there is no discount. You still can save money by using promotion link. Currently, 55% off is available.

It would be great if they provide monthly plan as some users only need VPN for short trip to foreign country. They can sign up monthly plan without paying the VPN for the whole year. The 1-month plan is more expensive for a monthly fee $9.99/month as there is no discount on this plan. If you choose this billing cycle, you will be billed more than 100 USD every year. For a better option, the 1-year plan is 50% off. It is $59.88 USD for 12 months and $4.99 USD per month. The 2-year plan includes the best value which is 55% off. You only need to pay $107.76 USD for 24 months of VPN subscription. Proton VPN is $4.49 USD per month. The provider accepts payment via Paypal, standard credit cards and Proton credits, which you can use cash, bank transfers, or Bitcoin to get. You have multiple options to sign up a plan. The discount will be activated automatically during the signup after you visit the provider via coupon link. The provider offers huge discount on Proton Unlimited subscription, including all products of Proton like Proton VPN, Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive and Proton Pass. Don’t miss it out for $7.99/month, a 38% discount. Redeem ProtonVPN VPN discount coupon to receive 55% off for the 2-year plan.

Free Trial

Most users want VPN free trial as they need to confirm if the service provides what they need before they spend money on it. Proton VPN offers free trial for limited devices and locations with their VPN product. You can give it a try without spending a penny. It allows you to access full features and connect to all servers. With the free trial, you can test the security, connection speed, uptime and performance etc. You can check if the VPN can unblock restricted content you would like to access by switching to related servers. Seven days are enough for you to find your answer. It does not cost money to try this service out.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Still can’t decide? Do you concern that it will waste your money if it does not work as you expect? We would like to tell you that Proton VPN service comes with 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service. The provider has confidence in their product and offers money back guarantee. You have 30 days to decide if the service is the one you need. If you find out the service is what you need, just keep your account. If you don’t like the service, simply request a refund within 30 days after the purchase. You will have your money back. Proton VPN is a reliable and risk-free service.

About Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a product owned by Proton which is a multi-award winning app developer famous for Proton Mail with its focus on privacy. Though it is a new VPN in the market, Proton VPN has robust features and protects users’ device in many aspects. The company leverage their combined experience in privacy to deliver creative and all-around advanced solution for Internet users who are concerned about online privacy. Proton VPN uses advanced encryption technology to stop others from monitoring users’ online activities or intercepting session. This VPN replaces user’s IP address with shared one of different city and country to protect privacy. The no log policy ensures no one can invade your privacy. The provider offers global network for surfing, streaming, torrenting, unblocking and more online activities. Users can access the Internet without limits and enjoy fast connection. This VPN also features a simplified user interface as well as quick connect functionality. It is very easy to work with this product. It works on all major operating systems and platforms. Is this powerful VPN too expensive to use? No. Proton VPN costs $4.49 USD per month. Proton VPN discount coupon allows you to save 55%.

Military-Grade Encryption

When you connect your device to public WiFi at a coffee shop, airport, or any other place, hackers can view your online sessions and steal your confidential information. They can record your login information and grab your money by connecting to the same network or creating phishing network. They can sell your business confidential to your competitors for money. You may suffer huge loss. Luckily, Proton VPN secures your connection to the Internet by using leading technology. It will be safe to check online account status, make transaction or have online meetings. Proton VPN don’t mention much information about the encryption and security measures their VPN uses on the website. This VPN offers unbreakable encryption. According to the provider, they use military-grade encryption standard to secure users’ online activities. Plus, Tor over VPN is used by this provider. It is the most popular and safest VPN technology due to the high encryption standard and fast speed. The encryption does not affect your connection obviously. You still can enjoy fast browsing experience with the global servers of this VPN. This VPN gives you bulletproof protection for data. You have the flexibility to securely access the Internet from home, work or abroad without limit.

Privacy Protection

One of the most popular reasons why people use VPN is that they want to take back their privacy. In those days, privacy becomes a commodity. Others can buy your privacy from the ISPs as they know who you are and everything you do on the Internet. What’s worse, it is not illegal to sell your privacy to third parties without your permission. Therefore, lots of users choose Proton VPN to protect privacy from ISPs, governments and malicious third parties. When you connect your device to one of the servers, your IP address is switched to related city and your virtual location is obscured. Snoopers, advertisers, ISPs, government and hackers won’t be able to track you because this VPN wipes your digital footprint. Likewise, this VPN uses military-grade encryption to secure your online activities. Your browsing histories, information you use and content you download on the Internet are highly protected. Others can’t snoop at you. Besides, Proton VPN provider has strict no log policy to ensure complete online privacy and security. According to the provider, they do not log your online activities or keep records of your browsing histories. That also means they won’t be able to share your privacy with third parties as they don’t have it at all. This is an effective and affordable way to protect privacy. It is only $4.49 USD per month.

Server Locations

Proton VPN has 5,127 servers in 91 worldwide locations, covering the most popular around the world. Though it is not a large number of server locations when being compared with other products, its servers enable users to conduct all activities that they would like to do with a VPN. The servers are distributed throughout the earth strategically. No matter where you are located, you can always connect to proper server for best possible connection when accessing domestic or foreign websites. When we tested this VPN, we used it to unblock many famous streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and BBC iPlayer. We successfully avoided VPN blocking and unblocked streaming contents without error. It is well-known that many streaming services block VPN aggressively and many VPNs fail to bypass the blocking. Surprisingly, Proton VPN is able to unblock the most popular streaming services. We had no problem when streaming videos on Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer etc. This VPN provider allows unlimited bandwidth and does not limit your speed. The encrypted traffic stops ISPs from throttling your connection. That is great for streaming service. You can watch HD videos and play big size of video games without buffer. It takes less time to download and upload folders. Proton VPN also is able to bypass government censorship, helping you unblock Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter (X) and other famous websites from anywhere.


Proton VPN is very easy to use. To get started, simply choose a billing cycle and payment method you like to sign up a plan. Activate your account by following the guide in the email sent from provider. Download and get the specific VPN client onto your device. There is no complicated configuration. It simplifies its user interface and lets you find features and functions easily. After you install the software, you can choose any server you like. It allows you to switch between 16 different country locations including Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, the US, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden etc. If you don’t need certain server for specific purpose, you can click on Quick Connect and it will connect you to the nearest Proton VPN server automatically based on your current location for best possible connection. To unblock Netflix and Hulu, you need to connect to US server manually. The UK server will enable you to access BBC iPlayer from any country and region. It is suggested to enable auto-connect VPN in case your device connects to open WiFi network automatically. That ensures your device and data are always protected. Proton VPN works on all major operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. You are allowed to use this VPN on six devices simultaneously with one single account. Purchase a plan with Proton VPN discount coupon and you will be able to secure your desktop computer, smartphone, laptop as well as tablet. It costs you $4.49 USD per month. It is surely worth the money.

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Want the best Proton VPN deal? You should get deal during this promotion. The provider offers 58% off coupon discount. Though Proton VPN is new in the market, it provides all features that the best VPN offers. Proton VPN uses the strongest and most cryptographically secure VPN protocols, such as WireGuard, OpenVPN and Stealth to provide secure connections. This uses advanced encryption technology that has not been cracked yet. The unbreakable encryption keeps you safe even when you are using public WiFi in a café or airport. Others can’t snoop at you without long and random decryption key. Feel safe to check online banking accounts, communicate with your partners and shop online or conduct other important activities no matter you are home or on the way. This VPN only has 19 server locations. However, all of the global servers are encrypted and fast. They assist users to defeat geo-restriction and bypass government surveillance so as to access restricted contents freely regardless of users’ real location. The provider offers shared IP address to replace your real one. Only the shared IP address is left on websites you visit. That makes it difficult for others to track back to you on the Internet. You will able to stream videos, download files, make transaction and browse the web anonymously. There is no bandwidth, speed or server switching limit. Every one deserve the original Internet it should be, fast, secure, private and limitless. The provider offers clients for multiple platforms and allows six simultaneous connections. The client is simple to use. Simply contact tech support for help if you have any problem. According to the website, their customer support is 24/7 available. The support is available in English, Danish, German, French, Dutch and Swedish. That is good for users who don’t speak English. The provider offers sweet coupon discount. At this time, you get 55% off. It costs only $4.49 USD per month. Get your full privacy at low cost with Proton VPN discount coupon.

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