Jun 10, 2020

ibVPN Review 2020

Is ibVPN reliable? Is it strong enough to protect you on the Internet? It is right to do more survey before you purchase a VPN. Most users use VPN to protect privacy and secure online traffic. Only reliable and strong VPN can safeguard your privacy and confidential data against various kinds of threats. Is ibVPN the service you need? Let’s learn more information in this ibVPN review.

What is Invisible browsing VPN?

Invisible browsing VPN (ibVPN) is fully featured service found in January 2010. From the very beginning, it has focused on quality, freedom and choice of connectivity. Its dynamic team works around the clock to increase online anonymity and security when browsing and using different types of web applications or services. In fact, the same team offers top-notch services that provide World-class personal privacy and data security since 2003. They have rich experience to ensure the best user experience. ibVPN provides an encrypted tunnel between user’s devices and their VPN servers. It hides your IP address and protects your privacy online. You can safe and private even when connecting to the public network.

How Much Does ibVPN Cost?

To meet different needs, ibVPN provider offers four different plans. They are Ultimate VPN, Standard VPN, Torrent VPN and ibDNS/SmartDNS plans. All the plans are 68% off.During this promotion, Ultimate VPN is $3.46 USD per month when you sign up yearly. The Standard VPN starts with $1.54 USD per month. Torrent VPN and ibDNS/SmartDNS come with the same price and discount with Standard VPN. They all start with $1.54 USD per month. ibVPN’s SmartDNS is complementary add on service to their VPN subscriptions that makes it faster and ideal for online streaming activities. Besides, it offers 24-hours free trial with full functionality.

  • 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Combination of VPN and Smart DNS
  • Kill switch and IP leak prevention
  • Choice of VPN protocols
  • Servers in 47 countries
  • Gets into US Netflix and BBC iPlayer with ibDNS
  • Torrenting and gaming allowed
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • No logs
  • Payment Methods

    ibVPN accepts recurring and one-time payments via Alipay, WebMoney, iDeal, credit card, PayPal, Payza, AstroPay, Western Union, and Perfect Money. It also accepts payment in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple which can help to improve privacy. Choose any payment method depending on your situation.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Invisible Browsing VPN offers 15 days 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the VPN service, you can request a full refund within 15 days through the support ticket system. If you encounter tech issue, contact the tech support for a solution first. If the technical team fails in providing a solution within 7 days, they will then process a full or partial refund. They are confident in their service as they are constantly working to improve their service according to feedback they receive from customers with the latest technology in VPN industry.

    Why ibVPN?

    ibVPN Team has been together since 2003 to help Internet protect data and keep private online. It is one of the most affordable and reliable online privacy providers, delivering the best performance for ibVPN. This VPN comes with numerous features and various plans and packages that are bound to meet the needs of different VPN users around the world. It creates encrypted tunnel to allow users to send and transmit data onto and from the Internet without divulging their IP address as the real ones have been hidden well. Best encryption standard is used by it. The provider manages many servers around the world and thousands of dynamic IP’s. That helps users unblock geo-restriction content effectively. Users also can run it to stream videos at lightning fast speeds. It works on many operating systems, including Windows, MacOs, iOS and Android. According to the provider, they provide personal privacy and data security services to tens of thousands of people all over the world.

    Benefit of Using ibVPN

  • Access your favorite websites anytime from anywhere.
  • Access your favorite geo restricted services anytime from anywhere on the earth.
  • Prevent hackers from stealing your data
  • Protect yourself from 3rd party tracking.
  • Pick from a worldwide network of servers.
  • Kill Switch & auto reconnect included.
  • Worldwide Servers

    ibVPN offers a collection of excellent servers. Users can access about 200 servers from 47 countries, 63 locations around the world. Some of the servers are located in Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Romania, Iceland, India, Hungary, Netherlands, Turkey, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, United States, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia., Panama, Poland, Czech, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland and Ireland etc. One of the strong points is that they offer servers in New Zealand and Australia. Those regions commonly get neglected by many providers while users from Oceania need them. Besides, servers in Egypt and South Africa are represented. Those worldwide servers help you unblock all restricted contents no matter where you are. If you travel a lot, it still has the best server for you for the best connection. You can always browse safely and anonymously at fast speed.


    ibVPN provider boasts military-grade encryption with 256-bit SSL or AES keys to make users’ online data virtually impossible to decrypt it. 256-bit is the best encryption length in VPN industry so far. Most leading bank and government agencies use the same encryption standard to protect confidential information. The unbreakable encryption makes your bank transactions, credit card info, personal information and other sensitive data particularly safe.
    To meet users’ different needs, it supports a variety of protocols, such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN. Users can choose and switch to any one depending on their preference. OpenVPN is preferred by many users and most experts since it is considered to be the most secure. PPTP is faster, but it is not as secure as OpenVPN. Besides, the provider offers routers that are pre-installed with their security protocol, which makes it easier for a user to secure all devices from one point. You can get the strongest protection without complicated computer knowledge. ibVPN will take care of everything for you.

    P2P Access

    P2P and torrent are welcome among Internet users today. However, P2P and torrent are banned due to copyright issue. If users do P2P sharing in US or countries, they may get caught and fined. Does that mean you have to give up P2P and torrent? No, you still can download via P2P network safely with ibVPN. It allows users to access P2P applications and torrents on Netherland, Canada and Luxembourg servers. Others do not know who conduct P2P sharing with the protection of VPN. The provider specially offers Premium Torrent VPN for users who only wish to use a VPN service for torrents. That makes things much more easy.

    Double VPN & Tor over VPN

    ibVPN routes your data between two or more VPN servers when it travels between you and the Internet. That means your data goes through A server and then B server before it reaches the destination. It makes harder for the third parties to track you. This feature provides some security benefits and can affect the connection speed.
    Likewise, it allows Tor over VPN. The VPN achieves this by transparently routing your data from the VPN tunnel to the Tor network. This means that your entire Internet connection benefits from Tor over VPN. Some of you may use Tor browser to bypass firewall to access blocked services. The difference is that Tor browser is not as good as VPN in encryption. Also, Tor is slow. On one side, it offers some privacy and security advantages. On the other side, it will seriously slow down your Internet speeds as it uses Tor network and VPN at the same time. If you only want VPN for security and privacy, this feature of ibVPN is perfect for you.


    ibVPN has done a great job in protecting users’ privacy since it has been launched. The provider cares about their customers’ privacy and does not spy on customers’ online activities. They have strict privacy policy, stating that they do not collect or log any traffic. They can’t relate any specific activity with any specific user. Even if the legal notices force them to comply with, they can’t hand over information which they do not have. Besides, the VPN company utilizes third-party payment providers. The payment systems are linked to your accounts through the invoice number. Your billing information is not stored in provider’s database. That means your payment detail is completely secure and will not be used for any other purpose. Your privacy is guaranteed while using ibVPN.

    Unblock Streaming Services

    ibVPN offers smartDNS which is designed for unblocking restricted websites and heavy streaming. You may not be able to visit websites that are blocked by government or school for some reasons. You may fail to watch your favorite show after moving to another country due to different locations. Some streaming websites can’t be loaded due to poor connection. ibVPN masks your IP address and encrypts your connections to the Internet. The smartDNS makes others believe that you send Internet request from a location that supports your connections. For example, you choose a server location which is far away from your school, and the school will not recognize you are one of its students. If you pick a location in US, you will be able to use Google services, YouTube and more services in mainland China. The Great Firewall of China will block your connection as you are in “US” from its view. You also can watch video on Netflix and Hulu and listen to unlimited music on Spotify though those services are not available to users in US. When connecting to UK servers, BBC iPlayer lets you watch its library of videos regardless of your real location.

    For streaming services that require high Internet speed, ibVPN helps you enjoy the videos freely. When you try to watch HD videos online at peak time, the ISPs may throttle your connection. You will get stuck on the loading screen. This VPN prevents ISP throttling by encrypting your sessions. The ISP does not know your speed and bandwidth like we don’t know the speed and volume of water that flows in a tunnel buried deeply under soil. With the provided DNS and VPN, you can hundreds of TV channels, radio stations and other online shows. Besides, the provider offers unlimited bandwidth so you can download and stream as much as you like. Enjoy the amazing streaming experience with ibVPN.

    Internet Kill Switch

    To ensure your privacy always is protected, ibVPN adds Internet kill switch feature to its software. This feature protects you from having your traffic exposed in case of an unexpected disconnection from your VPN. Even the best VPN on the globe can drop for some reasons. Hence, kill switch is necessary. You can choose to shut down all applications connecting to Internet when VPN drops. It also allows you to add specific applications that you don’t want to get exposed to the kill switch app list. When VPN fails to work normally, those applications will shut down automatically. It does not give the snoopers any chance to view your online activities. In addition, it works perfectly with auto-reconnect feature which attempts to reconnect the VPN once Internet connectivity is established. That is great for users who may forget to turn on VPN before P2P sharing and torrent.

    Supported Platforms

    ibVPN is compatible with a wide range of platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, game consoles and routers. No matter you prefer Apple, Samsung or Windows, it works successfully on your devices. At the same time, it also offers proxy extensions and IP changers for the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Opera, and FireFox. This VPN allows up to five simultaneous connections. It’s enough to cover all of average users’ devices. To secure your family’s devices, you are suggested to set up VPN on router.

    Customer Support

    You can contact ibVPN via ticket system, email and live chat for tech support. Live chat is the fastest way to get an answer or solution. Well-organized solution will be sent to you if you contact them via email while it will take longer to respond. During VPN test, we found that the support staff was very kind and efficient no matter we contacted them via live chat, ticket or email. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, they also offer a FAQs section and a tutorial page to walk you through any problems. They also have a forum so you can talk to other users. Your issue will be resolved without any problem.

    ibVPN is based in Romania which is a very good place for VPN services. There is no legal requirement for internet services to track the activities of their customers. The third parties won’t collect and sell your privacy. Data disclosure requirements that were implemented across Europe to implement an EU directive were blocked by the courts in Romania. This means you get far better privacy with VPNs based in this country than in any other nation of the EU. To protect your Internet privacy, ibVPN is a prefect option.

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    ibVPN is highly committed to security and privacy, requiring only the minimal personal information during the registration process and enabling their customers to make payments through Bitcoin. It protects your online identity and privacy by hiding your IP address. To keep you 100% safe, it uses military-grade encryption to keep snoopers, advertisers, hackers, ISP and government away from private online activities. The provider also does not store any log of your traffics. No one can access your privacy without your permission. The hackers other malicious entities won’t be able decode your connection to steal credit card detail and other valuable information. What’s more, it is able to circumvent local restrictions and limitations to help you unblock media sites, such as BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Netflix and Hulu. It allows you to access your favorite local TV shows and videos from anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, this useful VPN comes with affordable price. It also provides big promotion to let you save cash on its order. The price starts from $1.54 USD per month. Get deal now.

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