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How to Remove FBI Cyber Crime Division Scam Virus out of Android Device manually?

Okay. Well, I decided to contact you this evening to see if you could assist me with FBI Cyber Crime Division scam virus. It’s sort of an emergency and it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. My Samsung Galaxy tablet has been hacked and I cannot do anything on my tablet. I cannot surf the Internet, listen to my music, check my email, or anything. I believe that I have been hacked by cyber criminals, because some weird site called “FBI Cyber Crime Division” came up on my tablet when I was trying to get on there earlier today. It’s been like this all throughout the day. I’ve tried closing it out and also tried going back to my home page, but it wouldn’t allow me to go anywhere. Literally, it stays on one page. I also tried restarting my device. Once I restarted it, I typed on my password, and the same FBI Cyber Crime Division page appeared again, taking over my whole device. Can you help me remove it please?

Brief Description of FBI Cyber Crime Division Scam Virus

FBI Cyber Crime Division scam virus is a type of ransomware which is trying to swindle money out of you. It holds your mobile device hostage and demands a certain amount of fine. This is why it is classified as ransomware. It claims that it is from the FBI Cyber Crime Division, telling you that you have been violating copyright laws or illegally using or distributing copyright content. To punish you, it blocks your mobile device. You are required to pay $100 to get your device back and avoid further punishment within 48 hours. It scares you that you will be taken to the court and spend 6-8 years in jail. Do not fall for this trap. Its owner is not the FBI Cyber Crime Division but the cyber criminals. The real police will not punish you and collect fine in this way. In other word, you are not in trouble with the police. There is no need to pay the non-existed fine. At the same time, you need to note that FBI Cyber Crime Division scam virus is particularly dangerous due to its effectiveness and its harm. No one knows what the remote cyber criminals can do on your device with the help of this nasty virus. Hence, we strongly suggest you remove it out of your device as early as possible. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove 500$ Fine Scam Virus From Android Device?

How to remove 500$ Fine Scam Virus from android device? I got a pop-up from FBI on my Samsung tablet this morning while I was browsing on a website. This pop-up displayed on my screen just a second after I clicked on a link on that web. Along with the pop-up, I can see the government symbol from FBI and a list of message about illegal activities. It is said I have to pay to remove the virus. The penalty is 500$ USD. I didn’t know why? I did nothing wrong. I just browsed like I did usually. I didn’t want to pay for the thing which I didn’t do. But the 500$ Fine Scam Virus said that if I don’t pay, I will be sent into jail for about 3 to 11 years. What should I do now? Is that information real? Is it real FBI? Please help!

How to Unblock Your Android Device—If It Is Locked By 500$ Fine Scam Virus?

How to remove 500$ Fine Scam Virus from android device? What is 500$ fine scam virus? Why do you have to pay for 500$ penalty? Did you do anything wrong on your android device? What will happen if you don’t pay for the 500$ penalty?

“Hi, I have another iPad. I accessed a site with penthouse pets and then a warning appeared from us Marshall’s (obviously fraudulent) wanting me to pay $500, threatening me with criminal prosecution etc. Now the iPad is locked! What should I do now? Do I really have to pay for 500$ Fine Scam Virus? Can you help me unblock my iPad? Thank you!”

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Remove PC Backup 360 for Windows

Hi. There. I am having problems with this PC Backup 360 for Windows. My computer had worked great until last week since I have found this backup program. Back then, an ad popped up and said that I could backup my files for free by using the program it provided, so I clicked on it to install on my computer. However, it turned out to be a stupid action. It didn’t help me backup files as it said but asked me to purchase its product instead. I can afford its product, but I don’t want it because I don’t trust it at all. It changed things on my computer without asking for my permission. It reports various computer threats frequently while it didn’t help me. Now my computer always crashes down without reasons. It runs extremely slow which I can’t stand any more. I have idea how to remove it. Please help me out.

Brief Description of PC Backup 360 for Windows

PC Backup 360 for Windows is classified as a bogus, dangerous and deceptive application which claims to help you backup all of your important data on the cloud. In fact, it is trying to ruin your computer for money instead of protecting your data. It tricks you into believing that it is a useful application and deceives you into installing it to backup your data for free in the first place. You will find that it will not help you for free at all. When half of the job is done, it asks you to buy its licensed application to continue. Besides, it can backup your data to its remote developer. It also is ad-supported program. Web ads may pop now and then. You may find useless programs are installed on your computer which takes up much space of your CPU. It reports fake warning to scare you into believing that your computer is infected with serious virus to foment chaos. We strongly suggest you remove it out of your system as soon as possible to protect your computer.
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W97M.Downloader.J Virus Removal Guide

Hey, there. How to remove W97M.Downloader.J Virus? I don’t know what is going on now? My computer kept telling me that a big threat was on my computer. I couldn’t browse well. I was redirecting to some unfamiliar websites. Threat report kept popping up from AVG. I tried to use AVG to remove this virus. But I can’t! It is said that this virus can only be cleaned by manual removal. Can anyone help me remove this virus step by step? Thank you very much!

Infected By W97M.Downloader.J Virus – How to Remove?

W97M.Downloader.J Virus is classified to be the member of malicious Trojan family which is created by vicious cyber criminals with the purpose of hacking all kinds of Windows computer users around the world. This virus can get into your computer with being attached to the third application, so that you may not know about it unless you get the warning from the antivirus program. This infection used to infect your computer through downloading freeware, visiting suspicious websites or links, reading or responding spam emails as well as its attachments and installing unsafe programs on your computer. So, it is kindly suggested that you should get online safely while you are on the Internet. Please do not visit any unknown website! Please do not download any free applications from unauthorized website! Please do not click on any unfamiliar link/ads/pop-ups!

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Published by Selina Lynmich & last modified on June 27, 2016 6:04 am | How to Guides

Remove ICSPA Hack off Safari

Hello. I was online looking up something for school and the ICSPA hack popped up on my school iPad. I didn’t read it entirely, but it said that it was an ICSPA warning saying I’m accused of watching banned porn (child porn, zoophilia, rape) and that I had to pay a $500 fee. I was so worried, because I thought it was real. It even showed my IP address, and I was worried if I didn’t pay right now, the police would go to my apartment building and arrest me despite only being a teenager. I pressed cancel on the locked page, but it just sent me to another weird pop-up that showed me how and where to pay the fine. I have never searched up child porn, zoophilia, or rape because all of those are disgusting as hell (especially zoophilia), and I am very aware of how they are illegal, since it’s all over the news. My question is how to get this virus off my iPad completely without losing my pictures and data?

ICSPA Hack Description:

ICSPA Hack, as known as International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus is a mobile threat that mainly targets iPhone and iPad users located in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the United States and Australia. This malware is categorized as Ramsomware that freezes Internet browser (usually on Safari or Chrome) and blocks users from accessing Internet by displaying a deceptive message supposedly from ICSPA or other federal agencies. It falsely accuses that you have violated Copyright laws, and your device has been used for visiting websites containing pornography, child pornography, and child abuse, so your Internet has been blocked for safety reason. The virus demands money for fictional crimes. It asks the user to go to Kmart, CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens and loads $500 on a Paypal, Moneypak, Ukash or Paysafecard prepaid card to pay the fine in 48 hours, or else your Apple ID will be blocked forever and criminal case will be opened against yourself. Even worse, the virus grabs a couple of different contacts from your phone and says that these contacts can be called up and interrogated as witnesses for your crime. And if you do not pay $500 fine, data including photos, videos and text messages will be erased. Infected users will be given an “OK” option which is at the bottom of this fake message but it won’t do anything to close the page. The page will not go away even after reboot. The hackers know well how to scare and fool people. They send such scary pop-up which utilizes JavaScript to hijack user’s internet browsers and display user’s IP address, location and make them think it is a real warning from International Cyber Security Protection Alliance. In fact, the ICSPA hack virus warning is fake and your device will NEVER be locked forever only if you manually remove the virus. Real department will not send you such warning or lock your browser alleging you’re guilty of a crime and ask you to pay something on the internet. This is a scam and do not fall into it.
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How to Stop All-search-engines.com Redirection?

My laptop has been working well but since yesterday something strange happened. Every time I was online, I started being redirected to various pages that gave me crazy pop-up ads that asked me to sign up for a membership or sold me some suspicious looking applications. And I also noticed my default homepage was suddenly changed to All-search-engines.com. The problem was on Firefox and IE was working fine. I tried to reset Firefox and it didn’t help. I used AVG and it didn’t detect anything suspicious. What should I do?

All-search-engines.com Description:

All-search-engines.com is an insecure web search-providing website that associated with adware, browser hijacker and potentially unwanted programs. At first glance, this customized search may appear like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, but in fact it cannot really provide users reliable search results. Instead, it only shows results that contain full of ads and sponsored ads which can mislead user to visit advertiser’s web site. A browser hijacker can be added on a computer after the user downloaded freeware from various servers. Most of the time, users are not aware that they are loading this dubious search engine while installing freeware or shareware until they find some changes on the web browser. This application aims to affect browser applications including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari and other Internet browsers. In order to create artificial traffic and boost affiliate payments, infected users will be forced to visit All-search-engines.com again and again and get fraudulent search results against their wills. Meanwhile, other unwanted activities can be initiated immediately after the browser is hijacked:
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Remove Search.yourmovietimenow.com Hijacker from IE/Firefox/Chrome

My homepage has been suddenly changed to Search.yourmovietimenow.com and it gave me many annoying pop-up ads which I couldn’t find a way to stop. My PC was super slow now and I thought I had some malware on my PC that hijacked my web browser. Even if i closed Firefox and reopen, the page will come back, same if i restarted my laptop. I ran Norton and it says my computer is clean. I don’t know what to do now and I do not want to rebuilt my system. Please help!!!

Search.yourmovietimenow.com Description:

Search.yourmovietimenow.com, as known as Your Movie Now Search, is an unwanted search engine protected by Safer Browser and made to generate revenue for its authors. The page is linked to potentially unwanted program or browser hijacker that mainly attacks browser application such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It can force the affected web browser to visit specific pages and change the homepage, as well as default search engine without user’s permission. The application alters browser settings so it can display annoying pop-up windows containing advertisements or websites with unsafe content all the time. It interrupts user’s online activities and stops users from browsing the web properly. Unlike other computer viruses, browser hijacker doesn’t have the ability to encrypt your files or destroy your computer system, so your antivirus program cannot detect it at all, not to mention removing the virus from the system. The program only causes many inconveniences for its users. Although this hijacker thing looks similarly to those reputable search engines like Bing or Google, it won’t really provide users reliable search results. Instead, the results Search.yourmovietimenow.com provides are mostly irrelevant to your search query. No one likes pop-up notices and advertisements, therefore it is suggested that users should remove the virus manually as quickly as possible.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

How to Delete cdn.atlassbx Popup?

How to remove cdn.atlassbx pop-up browser hijacker virus? What is this virus? I got this virus onto my laptop after I visited a porn website. I clicked on the ads on the porn websites. I thought that it was fine to click on all things on that web. However, my browser kept pop-up the cdn.atlassbx virus screen to stop me from browsing well. Lots of ads and pop-up chocked up my screen. I couldn’t use my computer normally now! What should I do? Please help!

What Is cdn.atlassbx Popup?

cdn.atlassbx Popup is a pesky and annoying browser hijacker virus which is created by cyber criminals with the purpose of hacking into computer users’ system and then doing malicious activities on the compromised computer without users’ approval. This pop-up is a newly produced adware which can pop onto your screen automatically and then add as your extension by itself. When you find it on your computer, it means that your computer has been infected by this virus for a certain time. You may be concerned about why you get this virus onto your computer. This question is asked by lots of victims. You can take a look at the following message which will show you how this virus gets into your computer without your knowledge. Usually, the cyber criminals attach this virus to a third party application which you may not pay much attention to it while you are online. While you are doing the following things online careless, such as downloading freeware, visiting suspicious websites or links, reading or responding spam emails as well as its attachments and installing unsafe programs, you may give the chance for the virus hacking into your computer without your attention. Thus, you are reminded to browse safely online in the future just in case you may get hacked by this virus or other kinds of infections again.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

How to Remove ww92.www.google.com Hijacker

Computer got infected by ww92.www.google.com Hijacker? How to remove it completely from the infected computer? You just clicked on a link? Then this virus screen appeared on your screen without any attention? What’s up? Couldn’t delete it from your Google Chrome? Antivirus tool couldn’t remove this virus? Why? Please advise!

What Is Ww92.www.google.com Hijacker? How to Remove It?

Ww92.www.google.com Hijacker is a newly created browser hijacker virus that is made by cyber criminals. Cyber criminals make this website looks like the famous search engine: www.google.com. Google is a genuine and useful search engine which is widely used by the users around the global. On the contrary, ww92.www.google.com is a malicious browser hijacker which pretends to be a good and practical search engine stating that it will provide what you need quickly and usefully. However, this virus does not do the same thing as Google does. This fake search engine will not provide you anything you want except kinds of malicious links which may contains malicious virus. It may get into your computer out of your attention. Usually, this virus may get the opportunity to dive into your computer while you are visiting a corrupted website like a pornography site or downloading a fake app. It may also infect your system while you are installing a game or program, opening a picture, playing a video file or shopping online. It is obvious that any mistake step you made online may bring ww92.www.google.com virus into your computer. So, while you are browsing, watch out on all your activities. Please browse safely!

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Remove XXX. Extension Pop Up Virus from Samsung Phone/Tablet

Earlier today an XXX. Extension pop up came up on my Samsung tablet and accused me of watching bad porn and was going be fined 200,000 if I didn’t pay $100 iTunes card. Was it real or just some kind of virus? It frozen my Internet browser so I can’t go online anyway. It said the money should be paid in 48 hours or else I will go prison and my photos, musics etc will be erased. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was freaking out. What should I do to get rid of the warning?

What’s XXX. Extension Pop Up on Android Device?

XXX. Extension Pop Up is a form of malware, as known as Ransomware that can freeze user’s Internet browser and even seize control of the infected device to stop users from doing anything on it. This virus doesn’t encrypt user’s files, but, instead of that, it holds the phone/tablet’s hostage and then starts showing a fake warning message to trick users into paying $100 through iTunes card. On the XXX. Extension pop-up, it usually displays a message which is supposedly from a law enforcement agency (FBI, CSIS, Australian Federal Police, Metropolitan Police, Cyber Police, International Criminal Police Organization) and states your device has been used to visit websites containing pornography, child pornography, zoophilia and child abuse. Your illegal activity on the Internet has been recorded so that a fine of $100 through iTunes card is needed to avoid getting into jail. This virus usually masquerades itself as a pure text or pdf file, and naive mobile users might get tricked to download and open it. Until then, the browser on the phone or tablet will get blocked because this warning always shows up while browsing the Internet. The virus relies on JavaScript that blocks the browser and causes a huge warning message to demand money so it should be deleted as quickly as possible.
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