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Search.yoursocialconnections.com Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Guide

Hi there. I need help of removing Search.yoursocialconnections.com. It ruins my computer badly. I believe that it totally controls my browser and changes everything on it. As far as I know, it changes my settings and homepage. Besides, a strange browser appears and becomes my default browser. The problem is I didn’t install it. I have been redirected to unknown websites frequently. It wasted lots of my time. Those endless pop-up ads drive me crazy. I don’t want it, but I don’t know how to get rid of it. I didn’t find any option to remove or uninstall. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

Brief Description of Search.yoursocialconnections.com Browser Hijacker

Search.yoursocialconnections.com belongs to the browser hijacker family which is able to redirect you to its affiliated websites. Browser hijacker has been a common infection throughout the world. Search.yoursocialconnections.com is one of the trickiest ad-supported programs. Its developers spread it for marketing purpose. In order to support its tasks on your computer, it alters your default browser settings and original homepage without your permission. Sometimes, you may find that other domains also change your browser settings and you can change it back if you don’t like it. However, Search.yoursocialconnections.com is a different one. Sometimes, it does not allow you to do any change to the settings. Sometimes, it allows you change the settings. However, Search.yoursocialconnections.com will come back automatically and takes over your browser again. Ads about its sponsored products will pop up now and then. We suggest you remove this browser hijacker as soon as you see it on your browser. Never trust it. It will ruin your browser experience instead of perfecting it. Read the rest of this post »


Published by David MicKinney & last modified on July 26, 2016 6:16 am | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Why does my kindle fire keep saying your tablet has viruses from porn sites?

Why does my kindle fire keep saying your tablet has viruses from porn sites? I just got this tablet from my boyfriend as my birthday gift a few days ago. I didn’t know much information about it. While I was browsing my Facebook, I clicked on the shared links on the page. I thought it was safe to visit any website and click on any link on the Facebook. But after I clicked on one of those links, I was redirected to a website with kinds of pornography pictures displaying everywhere on the screen. I couldn’t exit out it unless I shut down my tablet. Things went really weirdly on my tablet. Each time I booted my tablet and started to browse the Internet, my kindle fire kept mentioning me that my tablet got the virus from porn sites. I couldn’t use my kindle fire normally. How can I get my kindle fire back to normal again? How can I remove that annoying message from my tablet? Please help!

Your kindle fire has been blocked by “your tablet has viruses from porn sites” message? – How to unlock?

Why does my kindle fire keep saying your tablet has viruses from porn sites? “Your tablet has viruses from porn sites” message has been classified as a kind of malicious malware which may block you from accessing the infected mobile device. This kind of virus is a malicious ransomware virus which is created by malicious cyber scammers with the purpose of hacking into the target mobile devices or computer devices and then extorting the non-existent penalty from devices’ users. “Your tablet has viruses from porn sites” message used to relate to the government department so as to make itself looked like “real”, such as the FBI, AFP, NSA, ICSPA, CSIS, and PCEU and so on. This virus used to get into the target device with the help of third party applications. It is typically spread through phishing emails which contain vicious attachments and drive-by downloading files or programs. Drive-by downloading occurs when you accidently visit an infected website or unfamiliar website. As a result, this malware may be downloaded and installed on your device without your knowledge. Beside, this bad virus also targets someone who visits online porn or illegal file sharing sites too. Anyway, if your kindle fire keeps saying “your tablet has viruses from porn site”, it means that it has been hacked by malicious scam virus which should be removed from it as soon as you can.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

Tvtabsearch.com Hijacker Removal

My Homepage has been changed to Tvtabsearch.com and it won’t change back to Google anymore. How do i change it? I’ve tried options on the internet options but it doesn’t do anything. I desperately need help asap.

Tvtabsearch.com Description:

Tvtabsearch.com is known as a web browser hijacker which alters default homepage on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and interrupts your web surfing terribly. Once inside, it may replace your homepage, search engine, and new tab you’ve opened to its own website without any permission. After that, it starts delivering altered search results, fills them with sponsored advertisements to help create a traffic to predetermined websites. The hijacker can force you to visit suspicious third-party websites that may be filled with questionable or unsafe content. So you won’t be able to access your desired website. All you can see is lots of pop-up ads in all kinds of forms, including pop-up, pop-under, in-text, banner or contextual advertisements on every corner of computer screen. Besides, various inconveniences can be caused due to this hijacker. Your Internet connection can be slow and it keeps disconnecting. The hijacker may also track your browsing habits and use this valuable information for dubious commercial reasons. You’d better get rid of it as quickly as possible.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Win32/phorpiex.B Virus Removal Guide

I was searching for a video online last night. When I got into that website, it said if I wanted to watch that video, I had to download its media player first. With no doubt, I started to download the player and installed it. After I finished, I still couldn’t load out that video. Instead, I got a warning message from AVG saying my computer got infected by Win32/phorpiex.B Virus as well as other related threats. What? I was thinking why? My computer was safe without threats before I installed that free player! I thought that would be the main reason I got this virus on my computer. Here comes the problem how I remove this virus from my computer completely? Please advise!

More Information About Win32/phorpiex.B Virus:

Win32/phorpiex.B Virus can do lots of malicious activities on the compromised computer once it installed. Firstly, it will take control of your online activities to stop you from doing anything smoothly. Secondly, it may disable your antivirus programs and your firewall to make your computer out of protection. So, you can see that lots of unfamiliar programs start installing on your computer without your agreement. You can’t remove them before this virus is deleted clearly. Thirdly, with this virus on your computer, you will get lots of unknown error while you are running your programs. That is because this virus changed your crucial system files as well as inputted bad files onto the system. Since this virus disable your security system, so, other infection may get into your infected computer more easily. If you do a full scan on your computer, you may find that there are more threats than before existing on your computer, such as adware, spyware, worm, malware as well as other Trojans. Therefore, you’d better remove this malicious Trojan off your computer as soon as it is detected!

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

Called a number and they wanted $100 for malware protection?

I went to a website and tried to watch a video this morning, and then a pop-up came up on my screen saying there is a Trojan virus on my computer from visiting adult websites, even though I’ve never been on one. It told me to call a number to have the Trojan removed. My browser is now freezing and won’t let me exit out of this pop-up. My internet is having difficulty working. So I called, and a man with an Indian accent answered the phone. He said he is from ‘Microsoft tech support’ and he can help me get ‘bad’ files off my computer as long as I pay $100USD for malware protection. I asked where he was calling from and his phone number, but he couldn’t give me an address. I’m a little worried so i didn’t make the payment. Is this a scam? If so, how do I fix my computer and get the pop-up off my browser? Please help.

Suspicious Pop-up Asking You to Call a Number and Wants $100 for Malware Protection? – What is it?

Today many people got scammed by a telephone call from someone saying that they were from Microsoft, calling because of PC error reports. Those bad guys usually ask the victim for a remote access first, and then they start to “check” and scan the PC, falsely claiming that the computer has infected with some bad malware, and at last they will demand payment from the victims for “fixing” the computer. Actually this is a simple scam and do not fall into it. Microsoft doesn’t call people because of viruses or errors on their computers. Neither do ISPs, or any security companies. They won’t even show people pop-up alerts on user’s browser and ask them to call a number for malware protection.
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Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on July 24, 2016 11:54 pm | YooCare News

Win32.gamarueremlink.A Trojan Virus Removal Tips

Do you think that antivirus can remove the malicious Trojan off the compromised computer completely? I do have a Norton installed on my computer. Win32.gamarueremlink.A Trojan Virus has been detected by it a few days ago. I thought that it must be removed completely by Norton. But why did I keep receiving malicious threat warning from Norton each time I booted my computer? That virus was still there on my computer, right? What should I do now? How do I get rid of this Trojan virus from my infected computer as soon as possible? Please help me! Thank you!

What Is Win32.gamarueremlink.A Trojan Virus?

Will Win32.gamarueremlink.A Trojan Virus do good things on your computer once it installed? How do you think about that? This virus is produced by cyber criminals aiming to hacking into the target computer and then doing malicious activities on the compromised computer. Now you should know something about that malicious Trojan virus. This Trojan virus mainly attack Windows computer running with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and Windows 10 and so on. You have to be more cautious if you are using a Windows computer. Most of you would like to install some free antivirus programs on your computer so as to protect your computer away from being attacked. However, you may not imagine how malicious and tricky this Trojan would be. This computer infection was created with the ability of running away from the general antivirus scanning. Even though you can detect it with the professional antivirus application, you still can’t avoid being hacked by this virus and remove it by antivirus tool. This virus can only be removed by manual removal way.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

How to Remove Malsign.generic.6C7 Manually?

Help please, I have the Malsign.generic.6C7 adware on my computer. I restarted it like AVG said but it is still not removed. I’m lost. My computer is running with Windows 10. Please help me get rid of this nasty Trojan. Thanks.

Malsign.generic.6C7 Virus Description:

Malsign.generic.6C7 is a specific detection used by AVG Antivirus and it is categorized as an unwanted Trojan that could commit evil conducts on the infected machine. This infection has unclear objectives, but one thing that can be sure is such nasty Trojan can show unwanted pop-ups/advertisements/banners to users while browsing online in order to boost advertising revenue. Once it gets inside, PC performance will become slow and sluggish. The Trojan modifies the default or custom settings of the browser, changing the default home page and search settings. It also disables firewall and invites other malware onto the machine without your permission. Considering this virus leaves you wide open to further attacks you’d better get rid of it as soon as it is upon detection.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

Mytrustsearch.com Virus Removal Help

Hi, may I know what Mytrustsearch.com virus is all about? Is it a good website for research? If it is good, why are there lots of unknown pop-ups keeping showing on my screen and stopping me from doing anything normal? What is going on there on my computer since Mytrustsearch.com was added into my browser? What should I do now? Please advise! Thank you!

More Information About Mytrustsearch.com Browser Hijacker

Mytrustsearch.com virus is a newly produced browser hijacker which is said to be a similar research engine just like Google Search. It states that it will provide you useful information you need like Google or Bing quickly. It convinces people into believing that it is a practical and useful application by designing its website with “Google Search” on the name of new tab and “Google Custom Search” on the search box. It says that it is powered by Google Company. From its appearance, this website seems it is a worthy using program. However, once you enter your inquiry on the box, this fake application will direct you to malicious website with infected information links, but not the usual information link you get while you are using Google. If you still can’t recognize this fake website, you click on the information link it provides, you will get more troubles on your computer, such as countless pop-ups/ads/coupons/banners and so on. As a matter of fact, that kind of trouble is just the tip of the iceberg which may happen on the compromised computer.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Remove HTTP://POLICE.UK/ Warning from Safari

Hi, I was on safari for my iPhone and then suddenly I got a message from HTTP://POLICE.UK/ saying I was blocked for viewing child pornography contents and violating copyright and related right laws. It asked me to pay £100 or else my apple ID, photos, videos etc will be deleted and i will be subject to prosecution. I am freaking out. Is this true? The warning had my IP address, location and even my contacts information. It says if the fine is not paid in 2 days, it would contact all of my contacts in the address book about the situation and start an investigation immediately. What do I do? Any help with this?

HTTP://POLICE.UK/ Warning Description:

HTTP://POLICE.UK/ warning, also referred to the United Kingdom Police virus is nothing but a scam designed to deceive innocent Apple users into paying a non-existent fine. So if the warning pops up on your iPhone or iPad, please do not overreact, and just ignore what it says. This malware aims to target Apple users in United Kingdom and it can be installed right away after opening spam email attachments, clicking pop-up ads or visiting unsafe websites. From the first sight, it may look like a legitimate notification from the UK Police because the URL of the pop-up starts with HTTP://POLICE.UK/. It blocks down the Internet browser and tries to warn the user about illegal Internet activities, such as the violation of Copyright and Related rights Law and others. In addition, it asks to pay a fine of £100 and promises that this will help to gain access to the Internet again. However, in reality the appearance of ‘HTTP://POLICE.UK/’ warning just means the only thing – your iPhone/iPad has been infected with Ransomware, which has infiltrated your device and used malicious javascript to hijack your Internet browser. The POLICE.UK message asking you to pay a fine is not sent from the law enforcement. Real UK Police will not demand fines through web pop-ups in any circumstance and there is no technology that would allow them to do so even if they wanted to. It is a bogus notification designed by cyber criminals to rip off your money so you’d better get rid of it as quickly as you can.
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Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on July 21, 2016 8:51 am | How to Guides

Ghost Push Virus – How to Remove?

I got hit by a virus called ghost push virus. When I connect to Wifi, my tablet keeps downloadding apps and popping ads. And I can’t control my tablet. This evil virus is too powerful for me to take it down. Even if I delete a bunch of apps under settings on my tablet, the virus goes back again and again. It is just like an annoying ghost haunting there. What should I do to get rid of it? I don’t think I can handle this issue by myself. I know little about tablet tech. Can you walk me through to remove it? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Brief Description of Ghost Push Virus

Ghost Push Virus is a Trojan program that has been created to infect Android devices. It is one of the most aggressive and complicated virus. Once your device is infected, the virus program is set into the device ROM which will cause great damage to the system. Without your permission, it downloads lots of malicious programs and installs viruses that are very difficult to remove. In order to access your important information for illegal money, it opens your data automatically and sends it to the remote hackers. Your money in bank is at considerable risk if you use your debit card or credit card to do online shopping on your device frequently. You may find that your device runs slow. You have to charge the device now and then as the ghost virus can drain your battery. It spares no effort to damage your device and steal your money. You must remove this Ghost Push virus as soon as possible.
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Published by David MicKinney & last modified on July 20, 2016 6:51 pm | How to Guides

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