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Tablet/Phone Locked by $200 Amazon Gift Card Virus? Unlock Guide

Earlier this morning I was watching a video on my Samsung tablet and then a small window with ads came up out of nowhere. I tried to close the ads but then it popped up another message saying how I am being accused of viewing child pornography. It blocked my tablet and said I have 72 hours to pay a $200 fine through Amazon Gift Card fine or otherwise I will be arrested. It showed a big warning “ATTENTION! Your device has been blocked up for safety reasons” on the top and even gave me my location. Is this a scam or is it real? How do I unlock my tablet without paying $200 Amazon Gift Card?

$200 Amazon Gift Card Virus on Tablet/Phone is a Scam:

If your phone or tablet has been locked by $200 Amazon Gift Card Virus and you are seeing this “ATTENTION! Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons” notification from a law enforcement agency (FBI, Australian Federal Police, Metropolitan Police, U.S. Department of Justice), then your Android phone is infected with a piece of malware known as Trojan Koler. This malware is going around on mobile device now; therefore mobile users from different countries can be targeted by this virus. Once the virus is downloaded, users can see a fake screen-locking message displayed in their local language and exploiting names of authorities from their countries. It says the device is blocked as a penalty for online crimes like downloading copyright-protected music, watching porno sites or distributing illegal contents. All the images on the message are high resolution and it even shows the user’s IP address, location and other device information. Infected users are not allowed to minimize or exit the message page until they pay $200 fine through Amazon Gift Card. This scam is similar to the previous Ukash scam, Moneypak scam or Paysafecard scam. It is also designed by the hackers to deceive inexperienced mobile users and lure them into pay a non-existent fine with a prepaid card like Amazon Gift Card rather than a credit card. The amount of the fine is usually $200 (in some cases it can be up to $500) and it even gives a deadline which is usually 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours to let the users complete the payment. But paying the fine is always not an option. Once you pay the fine your phone/tablet will be still locked. The hackers behind the scam can take your money immediately and the worse is that the money is untraceable, unlike your personal bank transactions. You will lose your money and still have the phone/tablet blocked.
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How to Remove Trojan.Multi.Proxychanger.Gen?

Hi. There. I get stuck with this computer threat. Last night, my antivirus program reported that my computer has been infected with a threat named Trojan.Multi.Proxychanger.Gen. I had it removed immediately. However, this threat is detected again this morning. How can it come back so easily while my antivirus program is protecting my computer? It’s crazy! I am not willing to leave it on my computer any more. So far, my computer doesn’t seem well. When I click on one application, it takes much more time to respond. Some applications just fail to work. I believe that it will continue to damage my system if I don’t remove it in time. So, please help me get rid of it! Thank you In advance.

Brief Description of Trojan.Multi.Proxychanger.Gen

Trojan.Multi.Proxychanger.Gen is a self-replicating computer threat that conducts streams of unauthorized activities on contaminated system. Belonging to the Trojan family, it has been created to destroy important files, corrupt Windows registry, steal personal information and also install other malware. It infiltrates your system via the third party program and disguises itself as a safe file so as to avoid being detected and removed. You will not notice it until your security program detects it. As this threat is capable of replicating and hiding itself deep in your system, it is very difficult for security program to remove it completely. Its residual files can reinstall themselves soon after being removed. It will never stop its evil activities until its remote hackers grab all of your money. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove Us.4yendex.com Redirect?

I seem to have a home page hijack virus. Every time I open IE, it opens Us.4yendex.com rather than my default homepage Google. I can’t surf the net, it keeps directing me to various ad pages when I click on a link, EVERYTIME!! That’s very annoying. I rest to the correct homepage and this thing hijacks it again. I just bought my laptop and the security software will not get it. Is there a way I can stop constant redirection to this site?

Us.4yendex.com Description:

Us.4yendex.com is associated with browser hijacker or adware that usually affects the functioning of major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and even Safari and directs your web traffic. This application takes control of your browser and changes your home page and default search engine provider without your permission. It alters DNS settings as well as the HOSTS file on your computer so that your infected computer will become more vulnerable to further infections. You will be always redirected to advertising sites providing coupons and other shopping offers. If you accidentally click those ads, other unwanted items like malicious add-on, toolbar and potentially unwanted programs will find the chance to sneak into your PC and wreak chaos.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

How to Get Rid of MalSign.Generic.46B Virus?

Hi there. My computer is infected with MalSign.Generic.46B virus and I really need help in removing it. I keep getting the message from AVG and it detects and removes it but every time I start my PC, it still comes up. Is it a false positive? Should I concern? I don’t have my windows CD so re-installing the OS is out of the question. Any ideas? Is there any way I can get rid of this virus completely without losing my pictures and documents?

What’s MalSign.Generic.46B virus? Is it dangerous?

MalSign.Generic.46B is another Trojan horse which has become one of the most serious threats to computer security. It can be detected by AVG and it always accesses the corrupted PC system surreptitiously via social networks, doubtful websites, freeware, shareware, spam messages and others. This virus is specifically designed by cyber criminals to download additional threats and steal account information, passwords, online banking data and credit card information from the target users. Once downloaded, it can slow down the performance of target computers. Users will constantly get stuck while they are using the PC. Even if they just try to open a document or open a new tab on the web browser, it takes forever to load up. Besides, some applications including the antivirus program can be malfunctioning. Sometimes the infected computer will shut down automatically, which will greatly damage your hard disk. This Trojan contains backdoor capabilities that can make all the personal or confidential information secretly passed over to the intended attacker who would further misuse it for stealing money from your bank account or leaking the confidential information out to other sources. It represents a high risk for your network environment as well as your privacy so you should not keep it on the PC in any case.
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Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on May 22, 2016 8:17 am | How to Guides

How to Remove Ad.smartwebads.com Browser Hijacker?

I recently found Ad.smartwebads.com on my Microsoft Edge browser. I thought it was a normal website program. It turned out I was wrong. It replaces my homepage and changes my settings. Many strange things are installed without my approval. Did it change the settings to allow all software to be installed without asking for my permission? It is very dangerous then. It may install virus and Trojan on my computer in any minute. My Microsoft Edge is out of control. It can launch itself randomly and redirects me to unknown websites. I think my computer is infected with virus already as it runs very slow and freezes now and then. How can I get rid of this virus? Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Brief Description of Ad.smartwebads.com Browser Hijacker

Ad.smartwebads.com is identified as one of the most dangerous browser hijackers which has the capability to damage your computer system to a very large extent. It is an ad-supported program to promote the third party product. A large number of ads will be released on your computer. In order to support its evil task, it changes your homepage and settings. It is trying to generate pay-per-click revenue by redirecting you to certain websites. Besides, various plug-ins and extensions are installed to exploit vulnerability on your computer. Unfortunately, no uninstall option is provided. They will not go away though you reset your browser. We have to tell you that the related files of Ad.smartwebads.com browser hijacker are a bit complicated hiding deep in your system. To avoid being detected and removed, it stops your anti-virus from working properly. Therefore, you have to remove this browser hijacker manually.
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Published by David MicKinney | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

United States Cyber Security Virus Blocks My Android Phone Demanding $100 with Moneypak?

I have this horrible United States Cyber Security virus on my Samsung android phone. I was watching a funny video which is shared by my friend on facebook. Then, an ad popped up saying that I could watch free thrill movie by clicking the given link. So I clicked on it. It happened to be bad in the middle of the movie. My phone screen went black and this thing about the United States Cyber Security showed up. It said I violated laws. And my phone will be locked forever if I don’t pay $100 ransom. It had my friends’ names and numbers. My friends will be interrogated for my crime. Is it real? I have to admit that I downloaded and watched porn from the Internet that day. Is watching porn a crime? Should I pay the ransom? Any suggestion? Please answer me soon. I only have 10 hours left to pay.

Brief Description of United States Cyber Security Virus

United States Cyber Security virus is identified as a piece of ransomware which is trying to swindle mobile device users out of money. It has the same character with FBI virus, AFP virus, cyber crime virus, ICSPA virus, NSA virus, CSIS virus, Homeland Security virus, pceu virus and other similar ones that try to scam people with the names of authority departments. It is capable of attacking various brands of phones and tablets, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, ZTC, Huawei and other devices with Android system. After you download malicious programs accidentally, the virus will be installed immediately. Your device will be locked and you will be asked to pay ransom within limit time. The ransom and limit time will change. The ransom ranges from $100 to $500 while the limit time ranges from 24 hours to 72 hours. It displays the logo and name of United States Cyber Security to make it look authentic. Though it looks real and scares you in a way, do not ever trust this nasty virus. According to the victims, it is useless to pay ransom. The virus will not disappear after paying money as it required. The cyber criminals only want money from you and do not care about your device. Hence, you should ignore this fake warning and figure out a way to remove the virus completely. Read the rest of this post »


Published by David MicKinney & last modified on May 22, 2016 5:07 am | How to Guides

How to Remove JS.Dropper Virus

Hey, there. I couldn’t believe on what I have seen from AVG’s scanning report. A stubborn Trojan virus, JS.Dropper was detected by AVG this morning. Even though I installed both AVG and Norton on my computer, I still couldn’t avoid being infected by the virus. What’s worse, so far, I couldn’t find an antivirus program to remove this infection completely. I felt really upset and boring. While I was struggling on how to remove this virus by finding any antivirus, I was told from my friends that this pesky virus can only be removed manually. But I had no idea on that side, my friends either. Please help! Thank you!

What Is The Trojan Virus—JS.Dropper?

JS.Dropper is known as a member of the malicious Trojan virus family. This virus is created by cyber criminals with the purpose of infecting innocent computer users. Once this virus gets into your computer, it will take effect immediately by changing your important system files to stop you from using the compromised computer normally. It is not strange if you are getting redirected to visit some malicious and nasty website automatically while you are browsing the Internet. Besides, due to this malicious Trojan virus, you will find that lots of unknown programs are installed on your desktop without your approval. These stuffs will start automatically as soon as you boot your computer. You can’t stop them from running at your background. No matter how you do to get it uninstalled. They seem to be removed from your computer at a moment. But if you restart your computer, you will see them there again. It is not hard to find that the only way to get rid of all the unwanted stuff is to remove JS.Dropper from your computer as soon as it is detected on your compromised computer.

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Search.searchlcl.com Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

This Search.searchlcl.com browser hijacker messes up everything on my Internet Explorer. It changes my homepage and does not allow me to get it back. Besides, endless ads pop up when I use my browser. Something must be installed to do this. I see strange things on the toolbar, but I have no idea where I can uninstall them. My computer runs slow lately. I want it back to normal. Is there any computer expert can help me fix this problem?

Brief Description of Search.searchlcl.com Browser Hijacker

Search.searchlcl.com is a browser hijacker which helps its developer generate revenue via performing nasty activities on your computer. It has been spread for marketing purpose. To control your browser like Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, it changes your homepage into unknown websites without your permission. Many legit programs also change your homepage. The difference is that you can change your original homepage back after it has been changed. However, Search.searchlcl.com browser hijacker makes it very difficult to take it back. It is capable of redirecting you to suspicious websites and delivering ads to you when searching the Internet. Annoying as it is, it cannot be uninstalled from your computer in a traditional way because its developer tends to use specific techniques for hiding themselves from users. It is not an easy job to remove it completely out of your system. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove Browsesuppression.com Pop-up Virus

I was browsing the Internet and searching for an airport ticket to Japan. Just with a sudden, a pop-up ad about Japan’s interests shows on my screen. Because of my curiosity, I clicked on that link. But as a matter of fact, the displaying thing was not the thing in my mind (Japan’s interests), but Browsesuppression.com. After that, I got that webpage again and again while I was online. I got lots of unknown thing displaying on my desktop as well. I was told that that web is a malicious browser hijacker virus. What should I do? Can you help me out? Thank you!

More Information About Browsesuppression.com Pop-up Virus

Browsesuppression.com Pop-up is classified as the browser hijacker virus which may infect your browser immediately once it gets into your computer. This infection may attack all the browsers on your computer (such as IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera). Cyber crooks used to attach this virus with third application like spam emails, junk email attachment, freeware downloads, suspicious websites and unknown ads/links/pop-ups. This malicious browser hijacker will find every possible means to get into your computer without your attention. Anyway, when you are online, you should be more careful. Please think twice before you want to do anything unfamiliar.

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How to Remove W97M.Downloader.I Virus

Last night, Norton detected a malicious trojan virus – W97M.Downloader.I on my new Dell laptop computer. I got no any idea why I got this malicious virus on my computer. My computer was just bought two days before yesterday. Now my computer is acting really slowly and weirdly. I can’t find a way to remove this malicious Trojan from my computer completely. What should I do now? Please help!

What Is W97M.Downloader.I Virus?

W97M.Downloader.I has the ability to attack all windows computers, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and so on. This Trojan is designed by vicious cyber criminals in order to infect all windows computer users around the world. With the rapid development of the high technology, the use of Internet is so common for people around the global. People use the Internet every day. Internet brings a new life for our life. However, things always have two sides: good and bad. While people are enjoying the happiness by using the IT, hackers are finding their ways to do malicious thing on the Internet—distributing malicious virus on the Internet. They used to make bad infection (W97M.Downloader.I) associated with a third party application. Virus may get into your compromised computer while you are visiting the unfamiliar websites, while you are downloading “free” apps from unauthorized websites, while you are responding junk emails or reading spam email attachments, while you are clicking on infected links/ads/pop-ups. Hence, you have to be more cautious while you are browsing the Internet.

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