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Search.toptvtabsearch.com Virus Removal Guide

Hey, there. I was keeping being redirected to open Search.toptvtabsearch.com virus website stuff as soon as I started to boot my browser Google Chrome. Actually, I just wanted to open Google search…Well, I don’t know what I can say now. But I am getting mad with that strange webpage. How can I change my default start-up webpage back as usual? What? It is a fake website, a malicious browser hijacker virus? How do I remove this virus? I have no any useful clue. Oh, Lord come help me please.

More Information About Search.toptvtabsearch.com Browser Hijacker:

Search.toptvtabsearch.com virus (“TopTVTab” extension) is a nasty and malicious browser hijacker which is powered by Imali Media. This malicious browser hijacker virus used to be attached with third party application, such as freeware downloads, spam emails and its attachments, suspicious websites, unfamiliar links and pop-ups and ads and so on. So, this infection may get the chance to get into the target computer system while you are visiting a phishing site, opening a junk e-mail attachment, clicking on an unknown link or downloading an application from an unsafe source, especially after you jailbreak your computer. Hence, you should be more cautious when you are online. Please think twice no matter what you are doing online.
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Published by Selina Lynmich | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

How to Remove Win32:malwaregen Completely?

Hi, there. What will you do if your computer gets infected by a malicious Trojan virus with its name of Win32:malwaregen? A few days ago, I downloaded an attachment from my email. After that, I kept getting warnings report from AVG so often. I was sure that I did clear my computer once I installed a new program. But, why did I get this virus this time? Was there anything wrong which I didn’t know? Oh, dear! What should I do now? I have to do some important job now. I must get rid of this malicious virus from my computer as quickly as possible. Please help!

Detailed Description Of Win32:malwaregen:

Win32:malwaregen is a malicious and stubborn computer infection which has been classified as a member of Trojan horse virus family. Nowadays, with the rapid development of high technology, there are kinds of free resources on the Internet. Thus, lots of people would like to search for the free resource they need online. Generally, that can’t be a problem if you have the ability to recognize which free things are good or bad. If you don’t have that ability, you may bring your computer into a potential threat. Do you know why? Because cyber criminals also find their ways of distributing Trojan throughout the Internet, as a result, you may fall into their trap unexpectedly. Win32:malwaregen used to sneak into the target computer and mess up your computer when you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source, especially after you jailbreak your computer.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

How to Remove “Your Mac has been blocked error #268D3” Malware?

Hello. I have “Your Mac has been blocked error #268D3” pop up on my brand new mac. I believe that it is a piece of Back then, I clicked on a link and got a notification saying to call a number for mac osx support; otherwise, this virus would get access to banking information, photos, etc. It sounds like a simple web pop up. The pop up wouldn’t go away and I gave into the fear. I stupidly called the number and gave them my credit card detail to pay. They said they would help me remove the virus over the phone. I got scared and made the mistake of doing it without thinking. My gut told me to end the call and hang up after 3-4 minutes. Can they still grab the money in my account or use my credit card to do shopping without my permission? What can I do to get rid of the pop up and virus?

Brief Information about “Your Mac has been blocked error #268D3” Malware

If you see “Your Mac has been blocked error #268D3” on your browser, your mac is infected with a piece of dangerous malware. In those days, the cyber criminals use malware to scam people randomly. They made up fake alerts to scare people by prompting them to contact the fake mac os x support, Microsoft certified technicians or McAfee computer experts. Once the malware accesses your Mac, it shows you fake warnings saying that serious virus and vital error have been detected. The fake warning page can hijack your Google Chrome and Safari and make it difficult to close. You may wonder why your Mac could be infected with virus easily while you have famous antivirus program on the computer. We have to tell you that this malware is able to block your antivirus program and other security programs. In this way, the malware can not be detected or removed before you notice it with your naked eyes. Though you can’t delete virus under the help of antivirus, you can’t call the given for help. They are fake tech support and will not help you fix the problem. You ought to remove this “Your Mac has been blocked error #268D3” malware manually. Read the rest of this post »


Published by David MicKinney & last modified on August 26, 2016 7:26 am | How to Guides

How to Remove Mylucky123.com Browser Hijacker

Hi, there. When I started my laptop this morning, my homepage had been changed to Mylucky123.com on my Firefox. I couldn’t understand that why my homepage and other settings could be changed into this website. Even worse when I had try many times to reset it, but it didn’t work. How can I remove this damn virus? Please help me solve this issue. Appreciate it!

Description of Mylucky123.com Browser Hijacker

Many people surf on the internet will encounter the same problem. One day you open a website, there will be hijacked by the unknown page which you do not see it before. And we call this site is a adware program likes Mylucky123.com redirect thing. Actually this page mostly comes from the free software included package. It is a kind of redirect virus, and it will also attack the Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and Safari browser. Many redirect viruses use the same scams for distribution. Mylucky123.com is used to get advertisement money by forcing you seeing or clicking on advertisements. Once there, it will change your homepage until you remove it. Although Mylucky123.com is not virus itself, it can easily bring a malware to the hijacked system. Many hijacker viruses not only add extraordinarysponsored websites to your search results, but also change your homepage to unknown one while you are surfing on the Internet or visiting specific websites. Furthermore, these websites can collect information about your browsing activity and send it to third parties. It is liable to reveal personal information. Once browser hijacker virus attacks your browsing history, it can also generate a diversity of pop-up windows with your nearest search and advertising more commercial sites. Clicking on such pop-ups may lead to your website redirect to another or even downloading some software which you unwanted programs beyond your knowledge.

Some experts point out that a lot of people don’t care much about this kind of adware virus, because they think it is just an advertisement. You might think if you do not click on it or pay for it, these ads will not pose any threat to your computer. This idea is foolish and wrong. Don’t want to look down upon these redirect viruses, the dangers of these browser hijacker viruses are more than your imagination. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Brett C. Samuelson & last modified on August 26, 2016 8:10 am | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

How to Speedup Windows OS?

How to Speedup Windows OS? That is an important problem I am concerning now. Since I installed lots of programs on my computer, my computer ran more and more slowly than ever. I scanned my antivirus tool and found nothing malicious program existing in my computer. I just clicked on the interesting pop-ups and ads while I was browsing the Internet sometimes. I didn’t think that my computer got infected by the virus. But no matter I cleaned my computer by using Norton how many times, there was nothing changed on my computer system performance. A friend of mine told me that I should speedup my computer by manual. I did lots of research on Google. But I still don’t know where I should start first. Please help!

Computer Is Running very Slowly— How to Make It Faster?

How to Speedup Windows OS? Computer slows down from time to time after using a couple of years. Lots of cache and debris and junk can be detected on your computer. You did clean up the computer frequently after you use it for a period of time. But your computer still runs really slowly after a completely rubbish removal from the problematic computer. If your computer runs slowly, you can do anything normally on your computer. Your computer will gradually become slower or it suddenly ground to a halt a few minutes ago while you are browsing the Internet or doing other jobs on the computer. Sometimes, you might think that your computer will run faster after a reboot. And then you do as what you think in your mind. But will that really work? When the computer is on again, you use it again and find nothing changed! Why?

Reasons for Why Windows Computers Gets Slow:

Why does the computer get slowly? There are kinds of reason. Except the hardware problem, today, let’s talk about the software problem which you can do it on the problematic computer directly. When computer becomes slowly, what will lead to this kind of problem? Firstly, lots of unwanted programs are installed on the computer, which may occupy a large part of your computer CPU. Secondly, your computer may be infected by the malicious virus. Thirdly, with long time of computer performance, lots of junk and debris can be left on your computer, which may also take the space of the system. Fourthly, while you start your computer, lots of unwanted programs are running automatically at your Windows Task Manager. Fifthly, fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer. Sixthly, the version of installed program is too low. Last but not the least, there are problem of visual effects on the problematic computer.

Processing manual removal should have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start or afraid of making any critical damage on the computer system, please open a live chat with YooCare Expert now!

Potential Threats maybe Occur If Your Computer Runs Slowly:

1.Can’t visit the website normally. Website crash may happen so often.
2.Every program on the PC may response a in slow speed, which may waste lots of your time.
3.Lots of pop-ups, banners, ads, coupons may floating everywhere on your screen.
4.Spyware, adware, malware, Trojan etc. may sneak into your computer easily.
5.Your sensitive data information may be leaked into the public and used by hackers and to do illegal things without your permission.

Note:If your computer gets slowly, please do not ignore it. You should take immediate action to speed up your system as soon as possible.

The Useful Ways for Increase the Performance Speed of Windows OS:

1.Try the Performance troubleshooter.
2.Uninstall programs which you don’t need.
3.Forbid the amount of running programs at startup.
4.Defragment your hard disk and free up your disk space.
5.Do not run lots programs at the same time.
6.Turn off visual effect and make changes of visual effect.
7.Do not forcibly restart your computer frequently. Always restart regularly.
8.Scan your system and check for viruses and spyware.
9.Update the programs and Install better software.
10.Upgrade the hardware.

Manually Speed Up Windows OS:

Forbid the unwanted programs on startup so as to make your computer run comparatively fast. Make changes to the registry may do some help on speed up the performance.
1. Go to Start Menu and type “msconfig” in the search bar (or the “Run” option in Windows XP).
2. Click on “Startup” and uncheck all the items you think you do not need (i.e. Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc.).
3. Click on “Services” and check the “Hide all Microsoft services” option at the bottom of the window.
4. This will hide all important Microsoft services. Then, you can go ahead and check all other services.
5. Go to Start Menu and type “Regedit”.
6. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on SYSTEM and then “CurrentControlSet”.
7. Under “Session Manager” go to “Memory Management”.
8. Click on the “DisablePagingExecutive” option and change the value data to 1.
9. Shutdown and Restart your computer.

Note: Be careful with not disabling the necessary items. Be sure that there are at least of 4 GB of RAM on the system if you make changes to the Registry since low RAM may cause other bad computer troubles.


How to Speedup Windows OS? Some of you maybe believe that antivirus programs can help you clean all the existing threats and junks from your computer completely so as to make your computer faster. However, the real optimization procedure is really complicated. Only antivirus program can’t optimize the problematic computer completely. If you really want to speed up your windows system, it is strongly recommended to manually optimize the problematic computer. Manual speedup process needs the operator with skillful computer technology. If you are a computer idiot, you are welcome to contact YooCare Online Experts for further assistance. With the help of YooCare Experts, it can be sure that your computer may run much more faster than before.

Note: Still have trouble in speed up your computer system? If you don’t want to mess up your whole PC, Please contact YooCare Experts for instant help now.


Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

How to remove fake windows defender error code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202?

Recently I have experienced a hard time. I keep getting pop-ups about windows defender error code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202. It says my computer has viruses. A repeating voice asks me to call a phone number. There are many notifications about system and software updates. It never happened before. Where did they come from? Is it real that my computer is infected with viruses? How can I fix this? I know little about computer or virus removal. Please help me. Thank you in advance.

Brief Information of Fake Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202

Windows defender error code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202 is the deceptive alert that tricks you into believing that your computer is infected with viruses. It is trying to promote the fake tech support company. If you see windows defender error code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202 on your computer, it is real that your computer is infected with malware. However, the real malware is the program behind this pop-up error. In fact, the error and viruses it mentions do not exist at all. This malware attacks various browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It hijacks your homepage and redirects you to fake alerts page. You hardly can open a new page. A phone number is provided telling that you will get assistance to fix the computer from tech support company. If you contact them, they will try to persuade you purchase useless software. They may lie that they are Microsoft or Norton’s partner so as to achieve your trust. Do not trust them and send money to power the criminals. You should ignore the fake windows defender error code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202 and remove the malware behind it. Read the rest of this post »


Published by David MicKinney & last modified on August 26, 2016 7:51 am | Fake Alert Removal Guide

How to Remove US marshal pop up from Android Phone/tablet?

I have a US Marshal pop up on my android phone. Yesterday, I browsed in website suddenly one page opened to my home screen, it happened so fast. It locks up my smartphone immediately and blocks everything on my phone. I cannot use any app installed, nor make a call to my contacts. The only thing I can see is a message like this: “ATTENTION! Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons”. It says that this message is sent by US Marshal, and it says that I have to pay a fine using one of payment systems like Ukash or Paysafecard. What should I do now? My android phone is Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 32 GB. Help me please!

Brief Description of US Marshal Pop Up

The US Marshal pop up on Android phone/tablet is a fake warning made up by the cyber criminals to swindle money out of innocent people. If you have a US Marshal fake warning pop up on your device that demands a fine, your device is infected with a virus and you remove it as soon as possible. Being classified as the ransomware, it blocks your device and asks for ransom. This virus is very tricky and nasty. To scare you into paying money, it pretends to be the US Marshal. It claims that your device has been blocked up for safety reasons and you have to pay ransom to unblock it. Otherwise, the police will take you to court and put you into prison for 5 to 8 years. If you see this US Marshal fake warning pop up, never, never trust it. Its owners are the cyber criminals instead of the US Marshal. In fact, a virus is installed on your device. The notice is not legit at all. You don’t have the obligation to pay the fine. However, there is one thing you must do. You must remove the virus to get rid of US Marshal pop up and unblock your device immediately. This virus is harmful to your device. Your sensitive information on it is at considerable risk. Read the rest of this post »


Published by David MicKinney & last modified on August 26, 2016 7:56 am | How to Guides

How to Use VPN on Windows/MAC

What’s VPN and How does it Work?

VPN now is more popular with Windows, Mac even mobile device users. But what’s VPN? VPN short for Virtual Private Network is a way to securely send and receive private data across shared or public networks using encryption and other security mechanism. To illustrate simple, VPN actually can be treated as a transit server. A VPN offer network connection over a possibly long physical distance. For example, with VPN, you can smoothly and quickly visit overseas websites that are not available via your local network. For this reason, a VPN can also be seen as a form of WAN (Wide Area Network). And a VPN is mainly capable to use public network like the Internet rather than depend on private leased lines.

What will You Benefit from VPN?

VPN is mostly used by organization, corporate and business computer as VPN not only helps expand their networking capability but also reduce company’s cost basically. And also it’s more convenient for mobile employee who often works outside of their office. Therefore, for those workers who often go on business trip or travelling, they can keep stay connecting to corporate intranet. And VPN also can be reached in home and workplaces where company allows their staff to safely log in company networks. Besides, VPN help reduce long-distance telephone charges as VPN can replace remote access servers and long-distance dialup network connections. For a VPN supplies best reach and quality of service, more and more corporate and business even individual choose to use a VPN for their career. And even many corporations and organizations have also used VPNs as a security solution for private Wi-Fi wireless networks.

How to Use VPN on Windows/Mac and Why Some VPN Error Happens

However, how to properly set up a VNP for your device like Windows computer, Mac computer, MacBook, even mobile device like phone and tablet is the key issue, as if your VPN is not set up correctly, connection error will be reported and you will not get smooth network connectivity. Therefore, to set up a VPN and keep it running properly, it not only needs computer knowledge but also requires being qualified with professional and specialized DNS technology. What’s more, once the VPN errors message with a code number happen, standard network troubleshooting procedures and precise error detection are urgently needed to resolved the error issue.
Due to certain reasons, VPN errors like Error 800, Error 619, Error 51, Error 412, and Error 721 etc. will happen. For Error 800, it will say “Unable to establish connection” – The VPN client cannot reach the server, and this should be because VPN server is improperly connected to network or the network server is overloaded with traffic. Also VPN client has incorrect configuration settings or your type of VPN being used is not compatible with your local router will also cause the Error 800. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate VPN compatible with your local network and if you want to handle VNP by yourself, skillful and professional computer knowledge and VNP technique are needed.

If you don’t know how to use VNP or are afraid of any severe problems happening when you handle any VPN errors problems by yourself or you need expert advises to recommend advanced and excellent VPN server, please click here below the live chat button to contact our professional technician expert, and our expert will help you resolve the problems soon!


Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on August 22, 2016 1:44 pm | How to Guides

Remove FBI Investigation Virus from Android Phone

My uncle’s phone has detected the FBI investigation virus and he is locked out of everything on his Samsung galaxy s6. I guessed he was trying to watch porn on some malicious websites the his mobile device was hit by the ransomware. I have tried many ways to get rid of it for my uncle, but it doesn’t work. Now my uncle’s mobile phone has been blocked for two days. He cannot do anything, no making a phone call and sending text messages. He is gonna be mad. How can I help my uncle remove it completely in the expired time? I think many people have the same problem like my uncle’s. Who can help me? Just give me a hand to remove it. Please help! Thanks a million!

Brief Description of Fake FBI Investigation on Android Devices

In my view, although FBI investigation is legal organization, but some criminals trade on this name to do illegal things. Such as trying to swindle your money and steal your personal information. This ransomware is named FBI investigation under the payment system it requires. It is a very strong virus because it uses alerts presented as given by an official institution. If you want to unlock your cell phone, you have to remove the virus. But when you finish the payment and you will find that it is not useful  because the FBI investigation virus is still on your android phone.

The fines are paid using a pre-paid system called Moneypack or iTunes gift card. But I think  none of official institutions ask any payments via systems like this. Therefore, next time if you see fake police virus on you android phone. One thing you should only confirm is that it is not a real warning, it is just a virus, and the virus is used by scammers.  FBI investigation virus is concerning various countries, mostly the USA and also other countries.

Processing manual removal should have a certain level of mobile phone. If you are not sure how to start or afraid of making any critical damage on the phone, please open a live chat with YooCare Expert now!

Why My Android Phone Gets this FBI Investigation Virus?

Well, one thing you should have to reflect is that whether you watch porn or install some spiteful apps sometimes or not. Maybe you click on some strange-looking links, these will make our phone pick up virus .  The scammer uses today’s high-speed development of science and technology to create  FBI investigation virus and trick you money to pay for it. As ransomware virus writers try to earn money for their bad deeds, also they continually look for new ways to get their malicious software installed on your devices, such as cyber criminals, FBI investigation, etc. The best suggestion is still to think twice before installing unknown software, clicking on strange-looking links or watching movies on line as well as entertainment and gaming apps.


What Can the FBI Virus do on my Android phone?

The majority of on stealing confidential information, such as device IDs from infected devices, which is apparently a considerable concern. Unfortunately, as we have mentioned before, FBI investigation virus writers are employing ever more complicated techniques to cheat you. These types of apps that clone legitimate apps to fool you into downloading them, but sometimes these viruses will be bundled with some apps.


How can I keep away from the FBI Investigation Virus?

Below you can read a few quick tips to help you keep your Android phone away from it.

  1. Please remember always to research the publisher of the app. What other apps does it offer? Do any of them look a bit weird? If so, you should probably keep away.
  2. Read online reviews carefully. Not all of the apps always be truthful in Android Market Store. Check around to see what reputable Websites are saying about the app before you download it.
  3. Always check app permissions. Whenever you download or update an app, you should get a list of permissions for it. Avoid directly installing some apps you do not know or clicking strange-looking links.
  4. If you watch films online or play games, make sure that you in the safe website, and do not click any weird links.
  5. You can install an antivirus on your phone. Although most of us still think that antivirus software on phones are useless. Maybe outbreaks such as FBI investigation virus we will change minds.


FBI investigation warning is a kind of ransomware. Sometimes it will appear on your phone, because you have already clicked some unknown links or watched porn films on line before or downloaded some free apps which are bundled with viruses. So when you do these things before, think deeply, and be care of your phone if it has any odd websites appear. Do not underestimate the FBI investigation virus. In recent years, the fake police virus spread ransomware to scam people rampantly. You must stay alert to avoid being scammed. One thing you have to understand that there is no law enforcement or police punish a crime without any evidences and demand a prepaid card for fine. Therefore when your android phone have been attacked by FBI virus, you should try some ways to remove the virus first, rather than clicking on the payment links.  Get rid of this virus before it do further damage to your android device and access your sensitive information. Please remember the tips, maybe it will help you one day.

Note: Still have trouble in removing this virus? If you don’t want to mess up your mobile phone, Please contact YooCare Experts for instant help now.


Published by Brett C. Samuelson & last modified on August 26, 2016 7:33 am | How to Guides

How to Remove Browserhunt.com Browser Hijacker Manually?

Hello there. I need your help. I am trying to get rid of Browserhunt.com. It has ruined my Google Chrome. As far as I know, lots of ad windows pop up on my desktop since Browserhunt.com appears. It becomes my homepage and I don’t know how and why. I don’t remember that I changed the homepage. Somehow, I have been pushed to unknown websites all the time. I also notice that I hardly can use Google Chrome to watch video on YouTube. I have to wait for a long of time while it loads. Now my computer runs slow and freezes frequently. Will it go away if I reset the browser? Can you help me remove it? Thanks.

Brief Description of Browserhunt.com Browser Hijacker

Browserhunt.com is an ad-supported program that changes your default browser settings without your permission and makes it difficult to change it back. Once it takes over your browser, your homepage, search engine and new tab URL will be changed. Unknown extensions and links will be added to the browser. Hence, your browser will takes a long time to load. It is worth to mention that not all of the extensions and links are safe. Browserhunt.com is not a search engine like Yahoo or Google. It will not do anything good to your browser. Never believe that it is going to help you get useful information or improve your browsing experience. What you get from it are a flood of ads and random browser redirects. It can mislead you into downloading useless software and harmful malware. This will take up huge space of your computer and damage your system. You will never know what will be installed to totally destroy your computer. As time goes by, you may find that the computer will lag and fail to work properly. It is absolutely a bad idea to leave Browserhunt.com browser hijacker in your system. We strongly suggest you remove every files that are related to Browserhunt.com browser hijacker. Read the rest of this post »


Published by David MicKinney & last modified on August 26, 2016 7:57 am | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

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