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Istartpageing.com Hijacker Removal Guide

Istartpageing.com is one of the nasty spam search engine redirect viruses that hijacks all your browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome and gives you unpleasant browsing experience. Is your homepage suddenly changed to this webpage? Unwanted toolbar added on all your browsers without your permission? Why your browser keeps redirecting you to this page again and again? If you are suffering from these annoying issues, follow the guide to remove the browser hijacker step by step.

Istartpageing.com Description:

Istartpageing.com is another spam search page that closely associated with browser hijacker, adware or potentially unwanted programs which can be displayed itself as a new tab or a new window on most popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome without asking any permission from the computer owners. Although browser hijacker is not a virus technically, it has been used by malware developers to generate traffic to their sites, gather search terms and redirect users to questionable websites against their wills for over a few years. The usual way that a hijacker sneaks into your PC is by bundling with freeware or spam email attachment. It also can get into your PC after you visit malicious website or click suspicious pop-up ads. Generally, browser redirect malware targets at attacking browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and it has a great effect on the functioning of user’s computer once downloaded. Therefore, you have to get rid of Istartpageing.com hijacker once upon detection to avoid any further damage.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

W97M.Downloader.E Removal Guide

Few days ago, my Norton security kept popping up a warning which stated that my computer is in danger. Lots of unknown threats were detected. I did a full scan and then deleted all threats except one which is named W97M.Downloader.E. I didn’t know why. Now my computer is completely messed up! What should I do? Help!

More Information About W97M.Downloader.E

W97M.Downloader.E is a malicious Trojan horse virus which may ruin your compromised computer system. Once this virus got into the compromised computer, it may pilfer your private information like your bank account information, credit card information, log-in usernames and password and so on. This Trojan can escape from the scanning of many antivirus programs and then sneaks into your computer automatically. Lot of fake warning will be displayed your computer after it installed. It is so pesky virus. It is so important to remove it as early as possible.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

How to Remove Ministry of Public Safety Canada Virus From Android Phone & Tablet

My brand new Sumsung Note4 was blocked by Ministry of Public Safety Canada Virus stating that I was watching child porn and I sent terrorist like emails via spamming. The fact was that I did nothing illegal online. Anyway, now I can’t do anything on my phone, even sent message or make a phone call. It asked me to pay for $250, or it will send me to jail. I am so scared. What should I do now? Please help!

Android Phone Be Blocked By Ministry of Public Safety Canada Virus—How to Unblock?

Ministry of Public Safety Canada Virus is another variant of Canadian Ukash scam virus that can not only infect computer users but also attack Android system users. This virus is spread so rapidly through the Internet. This virus is as similar as the previous RCMP virus and Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police virus which are mainly used to attack computer and android phone users located in Canada. But recently, most android phone users complained that their android phones are blocked by this virus as well without any reasons. So you can see that, now this virus may block your phone and then asked you to pay for a certain fine. If you don’t pay for the fine, it will block your phone and keep you from doing anything on it. Then your phone may become a “brick”.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | Ransomware Removal Guide

Remove Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP) Virus From Your Android Mobile Device

Oh, dear! What a horrible thing is happening on my Ipad now! I just clicked on a website address sent from my friend about the newest game download. As soon as I clicked at the downloaded button, my browser on my Ipad was blocked immediately by Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP) Virus! Suck! I was asking to pay for a fine of NZD $500 with 48 hours. I can’t use the browser any more. No matter what I did, it seems none of use. What should I do now? Please help.

Android Mobile Device Has Been Blocked By CCIP Virus—How to Unblock?

Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP) Virus is another kind of Ransomware program created by cyber criminals to attack computer and android mobile device uses in New Zealand with the same purpose of tricking money from innocent users. At the very beginning, this virus can only have the ability to infected Windows computer. With developing of high technology, it may infect Mac computer as well. And now, this virus is capable of attacking all kinds of android mobile device including phones, tablet, Ipad. Some of Apple mobile device users may think that Apple have high tech support so that Apple android device will not be infected by this kind of Ransomware. However, thing went against as they can imagine. Even thought Iphone, Ipad can be infected by this virus. So, no matter you use what brand of android mobile device, you must pay attention to this kind of virus. Once you see a fake message stating with “Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons.”, you should know that your device is infected by the virus. You should remove this virus from your device as soon as possible.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

How to Remove MSIL/Injector.YT Trojan Completely?

I use ESET to protect my computer and it has been working good. But earlier today it popped up a small window saying that threat found in memory. It is a variant of MSIL/Injector.YT Trojan. Is it a high-risk threat? I am concerning about my information stored on the PC. Are they still safe? And what’s the best way to get rid of the virus? It seems ESET can’t remove it permanently. Please help!!!

Learn More About MSIL/Injector.YT Virus:

MSIL/Injector.YT Trojan Virus is another dangerous virus that can infect a computer by opening malicious email attachments, visiting suspicious sites, or downloading unsafe software and programs. The virus is created using MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) and it can inject malicious codes into a system to wreak chaos on the infected system. The virus can disable firewall and escape the detection of most antivirus programs. ESET NOD32 AntiVirus, as one of the most advanced security tools, has the ability to detect this virus. However, it doesn’t mean you are safe because ESET won’t let you delete the virus completely. The virus can come back again and again when you rescan the computer or restart the machine. It is a delusive malware that has many evil purposes.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

Search.localstrike.net Removal Guide

Infected by Search.localstrike.net? How to remove? Worry about this virus? Having no idea about getting rid of this virus? Take it easy! Here is a post for how to eliminate this browser hijacker.

More Information About Search.localstrike.net

Search.localstrike.net is a newly created virus which belongs to the family of dangerous browser hijacker viruses. This virus may infect all kinds of window systems including Windows7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, as well as Mac operating system. Once this virus infected your computer, it may take control of your online activities and then redirect you to its domain immediately. Later you may find that you can’t use your computer normally as usual. You may get stuck while you are browsing the Internet. Your webpage may be crashed so frequently. One word, as long as this virus gets into your computer, it may do lots of malicious activities on your computer keeping you from doing anything normally.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

ICE Cyber Crimes Center Removal on iPhone or iPad

I had ICE Cyber Crimes Center virus on my iPhone 6 and I need help in removing it. Yesterday I was browsing online as usual and suddenly a page came up and said my phone has been blocked for possession of child pornography, zoophilia and something similar. I got really freaked out although I have never done anything like that. The page displayed my IP address and city and asked me to pay $500 in order to get it unlocked. It frozen my screen and didn’t allow me to do access Internet anymore. I tried to exit the page and powered off the phone a million times but it was still there. Do I really need to pay $500? I don’t have that kind of money and I really need my phone. I searched online and found many people had the same problem on a computer or an android device. But I am using an iPhone. How do I fix the issue?

Is ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus on My Iphone/Ipad Real or Fake?

ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus is categorized as Ransomware that has many variants designed to attack users located in different countries. The virus can target Windows users, Android users and Apple users now. It rapidly spreads over the Internet and has infected thousands of devices at an alarming rate. Today we are talking about the ICE Cyber Crimes Center on Mac OS X. In the fast, we used to believe that Mac OS X is very safe and it is immune to any viruses and malware. Unfortunately, hackers has turned their eyes to the Apple market and they use malicious JavaScript in an attempt to hijack web browser like Chrome and Safari and then fool users into paying a fine via prepaid card such as Moneypak, Moneygram or even Paypal. Once your iPhone or iPad is infected, you will not be able to access Internet anymore. The fake Cyber Crimes Center malware locks down the browser immediately and it won’t give you any other options to exit or minimize its page except for inputting a code. The page usually blames victims for being involved in illegal activities including downloading copyrighted material and viewing pornography and then it demands a fine of $300 or $500 within 48 hours in order to unlock the browser. It also says you have to buy a prepaid card and put enough money in there, then you will get the code which help unlock the browser and avoid all the violations. Furthermore, it scares users and says if a fine is not paid in time, you will go jail and all your illegal activities will be sent to your contacts. At first glance, the message looks so real so a large number of victims will be tricked into this scam and rush to pay for the fine. However, one must realize that this is just another scam like FBI Virus designed by cyber criminals in order to scare innocent users and rip them off. It has nothing to do with any legitimate authorities. Also you have to know that paying $300 or $500 fine will not remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center virus from your iPhone or iPad at all. You will only find that your device is still blocked even you have paid the Greendot Moneypak voucher and entered the unlock code. At that moment, it will be too late to get your money back.
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Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on July 3, 2015 2:05 pm | How to Guides

Remove Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police From Your Android Phone & Android Tablet

Your Android Device is infected by Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police? You did nothing wrong on the mobile phone? But this virus just popped up while you turned on your phone doing nothing on the phone. It was stating that you did something which was against the low of Canada. You felt that it was so scared. Is that true? Now your phone is blocked. How to remove this virus and unblock your phone?

A Description of Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is a kind of risky Police Ransomware which belongs to the family of malware. Now this virus targets at not only computers which are located in Canada but also aims at Android system mobile device like phones, tablets, as well as Ipad. This Ransomware not only infected windows computer system with Window7,8 XP, Vista but also mac operating system computer. This kind of virus has no any different characteristics which makes it differ from many other police ransomware today like FBI, DOJ.

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Published by Selina Lynmich | How to Guides

Personal-browser.com Hijacker Removal

My browser keeps getting hijacked by Personal-browser.com. I have heard it is some sort of virus but malwarebytes doesn’t pick it up. It changed my default homepage and search engine. Also there were many pop-ups on the side of the browser. I am using Chrome by the way. How to remove them?

Personal-browser.com Description:

Personal-browser.com is one of the spam search engines that associated with browser hijacker, adware or potentially unwanted programs. It has a similar look like other hijacking malware such as Searchzillions.com and SearchSafe.com. By disguising as a useful search engine, it tricks users into making its page as homepage and visiting it again and again so as to get more traffic. However, this fake search page cannot offer users any reliable search results. If you try to make a search using Personal-browser.com, you will see that it only displays sponsored links and misleading information. Its purpose is to promote various free programs and make users visit sponsored websites. It also shows numerous ads among your search results. This tricky hijacker modifies browser settings and hijacks most of popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without any permission.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

How to Get FBI Virus off iPhone/iPad?

Is FBI Virus on My Iphone/Ipad Real?

FBI Virus (as known as FBI Moneypak Virus) is now going around and users should be aware that this message is far from real and it doesn’t really come from the FBI, instead it is a popular scam designed to attack inexperienced users and extort their money by locking the compromised computer or web browser. The virus utilizes JavaScript to hijack user’s internet browsers such as Safari and Chrome when it is landed on Mac OS X. It can prevent users from accessing Internet on their iPhone or iPad. The virus masquerades as a government department and then scares users into believing they have been accused of watching illegal content online. After that, users will be asked to pay a fine using credit services such as Moneypak by GreenDot in order to avoid the punishment. The fraudulent penalty fine can range anywhere from $100, $300, to $500. The message looks real that many victims are scared at first glance, but there is no reason for you to pay for the fine for FBI Virus is only a scam. It has nothing to do with any government agency.

Apple users who were attacked by this virus will always be redirected to an unspecified website that may try to appear like fbi.gov, though the domain is not actually the FBI. The fake message claims that the target users have done something illegal so Internet access has been blocked. And then a list of illegal acts including copyright infringement, using unauthorized or prohibited materials and watching child porn videos will be displayed and the users will be asked to to pay a 300$ fine or more within 48 hours or they will have criminal charges placed on them and all their illegal activities will be sent to their contacts. The virus also takes a picture of the victim using front-facing camera, displays their IP addresses and cities to make the matter look serious. Actually all the consequences like going to jail, sending info to contacts etc. will not happen at all. FBI virus is tricky and it forbids users to close or force quit the web browser unless the victims pay for the fine. However, it is not worth doing that if you want to unlock your iPhone/iPad. Once you pay that, the only thing you will experience is just money loss. Your Safari or Chrome browser will still be locked up. FBI virus won’t go away unless you have all its components removed completely. As mentioned above, we can know a fact that paying the fake fine does not help you to get rid of FBI virus from iPhone/iPad, you have to manually get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Please Contact YooCare 24/7 Online PC Expert now if you don’t know how to start FBI removal on your iphone or ipad.

How do You Get FBI Virus on iPhone/iPad?

We used to think that Apple iOS gadgets were pretty immune to viruses and malware. Sadly, over the past year hackers have turned their attention to our mobile gear. Usually, the installation of FBI Virus can be completed in a short time and then it pops up immediately to lock your iphone or ipad without signs if you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source, especially after you jailbreak your device.

Possible Danger Caused By FBI Virus Scam:

It will take control of your mobile phone rapidly once it is downloaded.
It will pretend itself as a legit warning and then ask for a ransom.
It will not allow you to change your phone settings or open Apple Store to download antivirus program.
It will not let you close Safari or Chrome except for inputting the demand Greendot Moneypak code.

Important Things You Have To Know If Your iOS Device Has Been Blocked by FBI Virus:

1. “FBI Moneypak Virus” scam can attack smartphones running with Android or Mac OS X system.
2. Don’t pay for anything or provide your personal information to this hoax, it won’t help lock out of the fake FBI virus warning but just waste your money.
3. Currently no app is able to detect or remove this malware, even for preventing the virus from attacking the mobile device again.

FBI Virus Removal on Mac OS X System:

FBI virus acts like a hijacker when it is running on Apple system that can block user’s Internet access and prevent them from going online properly. Unfortunately no apps can delete this malware so far and the virus won’t go away unless you have removed all its components step by step. Even in some cases it may disappear itself for a while to let you get Internet access back, however your device is still unsafe. To completely get FBI Virus off iPhone or iPad, you have to clear your browser history, browser data and cache step by step.

Don’t know how to get rid of FBI Virus from Iphone/Ipad? Please contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.


Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on June 25, 2015 2:25 pm | How to Guides

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