Jul 30, 2018

Top 10+ Best VPN Services

Top 10+ Best VPN Services In The World

Servers Country # of Connections Price(USD) Official Site
3000+ servers in 94 countries. British Virgin Islands 5 $6.67/Month (Save 49%) 1 Best Choice
5570+ servers in 60+ countries. Panama 6 $3.49/Month (Save 80%) 2 View Deals
200+ servers in 70 countries. Bulgaria 6 $4.18/Month (Save 50%) 3 View Deals
54+ locations over 34 countries & Still work in China. Czechia 5 $4.88/Month (Save 20%) 4 View Deals
1,300+ servers in 60+ countries. USA 10 $6.49/Month (Save 46%) 5 View Deals
Servers in 23 countries. Switzerland Unlimited €8.95/Month (Save 31%) View Deals
3307+ Servers in 32 Countries. USA 10 $3.49/Month (Save 65%) View Deals
97 servers in 21 countries. Romania 6 $4.80/Month (Save 46%) View Deals
Servers in 27+ countries. Still work in China. Finland 3 / 7 $4.17/Month (Save 20%) View Deals
Global 70+ servers. Switzerland 3 / 5 $4.16/Month (Save 50%) View Deals
1000+ online servers in 60 countries. British Virgin Islands Unlimited $1.99/Month (Save 83%) Chinese Click Here>> View Deals
Servers in 55+ countries. Canada Unlimited $4.08/Month (Save 55%) View Deals
2000+ servers in 60+ countries. Romania 7 $2.75/Month (Save 77%) View Deals
2000+ servers in 140+ countries. Hong Kong 5 $3.54/Month (Save 68%) View Deals
Global 300+ Servers. Seychelles 3 $3.33/Month (Save 34%) View Deals
Servers in 30+ locations. Germany 1 $2.91/Month (Save 68%) View Deals
700+ servers in 34+ countries. Israel 3 $2.49/Month (Save 75%) View Deals

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Feb 6, 2017

Need a VPN to Unblock Google?

Hello. I need a VPN to unlock Google because Google is blocked in my country. I am translator and need lots of exact information from Google. Most useful information is not available on other search engines. I really need Google services. Please suggest a suitable one for me. Thank you.

Can’t Access Google & Need a VPN to Unblock?

Google services are very popular in many countries around the world, such as United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia etc. Google browser, search engine, email and other services are widely used. However, Google has been blocked in some countries and areas. People in China, Iran, and Congo can’t use google search engine, thus they are not able to access useful search results. People who use Gmail in their countries can’t check Gmail when traveling in those countries. That is very inconvenient. Hence, a useful VPN is needed to unblock Google. With a VPN, you can bypass the national firewall and use Google services freely no matter where you are. A VPN is a virtual private network that basically reroutes all of your traffic via a secure tunnel and encrypts it along the way. By doing so, you are able to unblock Google Search and all other banned sites in China as long as you are connected to the VPN server. Others and the firewall will not be able to detect and spy on your online activities in this case. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on February 6, 2017 3:53 pm and last modified on October 11, 2017 10:11 am.

Jan 12, 2017

Tips about VPN for Mac

Hello. I would like to purchase a VPN for my new Mac. Have no idea which one I should choose. I have viewed too many VPNs and got confused. Can you give me some suggestions? What should I know about VPNs for Mac? Thanks.

What is a VPN and Whether Mac Users Need VPNs or not?

VPN means virtual private network. It creates a secure, encrypted connection over the Internet. People outside that connection will not know its content and speed. On one hand, government, business companies, schools and even banks use VPN service to protect their private network system. On the other hand, people who would like to visit the website as anonymity use VPN service which provides them different IPs. When they visit some websites, their real IP and identify will not be revealed. No one can track your online activities.
Does Mac user need a VPN? You may think that you don’t need a VPN to protect it because you own a stable operating system. This opinion is not completely right. You still need a VPN for Mac. Though it is once considered as the safest operating system, few security vulnerabilities of Mac have been found in recent years. Ransomware, Trojan, Worm, rogue software and other threat have been rampant and aggressive, attacking both Windows and Mac users. Some viruses only target on Mac and steal information. If you always share important information with your business partner via the Internet, a VPN for your Mac is very necessary. It will prevent cyber criminals from hijacking your communication. Besides, users in China and other regions where many websites have been blocked due to national security reasons need VPNs for Mac to view websites that they look forward to. For example, it can help you bypass the Great Firewall of China. It unblocks geographically restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Pandora, Amazon Video, CBS, HBO, ABC, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more other services. You can enjoy the fast and secure network connection from any corner of the world. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on January 12, 2017 8:20 am

Jan 10, 2017

The Best VPNs for Windows

Hi there. I need your suggestions. I am looking for a VPN for Windows 10. My computer has been hacked for three times in the past six months. I lost lots of important trade information that brought me big trouble. Recently, my partner said that I needed a VPN to protect our network connection. Try to purchase one. Can you tell me some of the best VPNs for Windows? Thank you in advance.

What Is a VPN and Why You Need a VPN for Windows Device?

VPN is a network that helps you create an encrypted, secure and temporary connection between your device and a website and your partner’s device. No one can track or spy on you in the public network connection With VPN, you can communicate with your partner and transfer confidential files safely. Besides, you can be anonymous when you are trying to access some websites because VPN server provides different ones to replace your real one. If you are a Windows user and care about your privacy very much, we suggest you use a VPN. Before that, you need to know which ones are the best VPNs for Windows. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on January 10, 2017 2:22 am and last modified on July 25, 2019 8:55 am.

Jan 3, 2017

Best 5 VPNs Review 2020

Despite what you believe, snooping on your emails, your personal chats, the websites you visit online and even the pictures you share may be a lot easier than what you think. Look around you. There are enough privacy-breach horror stories floating around each day. Photos getting hacked, user data being tracked, private information being stolen and emails being spied upon. What’s worse, the Congress voted to allow ISPs to sell users’ browsing histories and other private information to third parties without users’ permission. That’s why VPN services have become a critical part of an internet user’s toolset. Why do you need a VPN service? There are many reasons such as can’t watch Youtube in China or India, can’t watch search on Google or login Facebook in China or India, can’t open many websites when you are abroad from USA. You can do what you need after setting up a VPN service.

What Kind of VPNs Have You Heard?

You absolutely cannot leave it to chance anymore even while browsing casually, let alone accessing websites or services which are deemed illegal by law enforcement authorities in your country.

A VPN allows you to virtually geo-shift your location making it seem like you are accessing the website from a different place altogether, thereby unlocking the website. That is why you are needed to know how to choose a VPN and first you can learn the Best 5 VPNs Review.

Does that sound like you are trying to game the system? If you didn’t know yet, then Facebook is banned in China, Australians cannot access Netflix and the Indian government recently blocked access to more than 2000 websites.
Whatever happened to the good old internet which was meant to be free, uncensored and private? Read the rest of this post »

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Sep 5, 2016

How to Make a Bootable USB Successfully?

Hi, there. I was trying to make a Bootable USB for my computer, so that I could reinstall my operation system and then fix my computer problems. I did a research on Google on the Internet about how to create a bootable USB for both windows and mac computers. And I got kinds of information on it. My computer is a Windows 7. I followed the guide online. I thought I did everything as it said. But no matter how many times I tried, I still couldn’t make it work. I am really upset now. I know I am not a skillful computer genius. I need help from real tech support guys. Please help.

Detailed Information About Bootable USB?

A bootable USB is one that contains instructions for your computer’s bootloader to load up various assets to run an operating system. It is the process of using a USB flash driver to boot or start a computer’s operating system. It enables computer hardware to use a USB flash driver to get all essential system booting information and files rather than the standard/native hard disk or the CD drive or DVD driver. A common use of a bootable USB flash drive is to use it to boot into Windows. Usually, before you install a new system on your computer, you have to prepare a USB flash drive or a blank CD-R or DVD-R disc which used to save new system files. Beside, a good computer with administrator right is needed as well, which will be used to make the OS files to the bootable drivers. So, a bootable USB acts as a replacement of previously used CD-ROM which can be used to install (even demo run) various operating systems on a computer system at the time the computer has loaded its BIOS settings. Thus, if you don’t have a blank CD-R or DVD-R disc when you want to install your Windows system on your computer, you can also use the USB flash drive at least 1 GB instead. The needed storage volume of USB flash drive depends on the types of Windows you want install, such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista and so on.

Read the rest of this post »

Published by Selina Lynmich on September 5, 2016 6:12 am

Aug 28, 2016

How to Speedup Macbook Pro?

Hello. I need your tech support. My Macbook Pro runs slowly lately. I want to make it work effectively as it did before. Somehow, it froze and crashed down suddenly while I was editing. I didn’t have time to save the words. I was so upset. Please help me out. Thank you.

Is Your Macbook Pro Running Slowly?

As we all know, Macbook Pro generally runs efficiently. Its advanced processors helps you power through the most complicated technical computing tasks. Due to the amazing flash storage-based architecture, it makes what you do on it incredibly fast and responsive. Hence, a large number of people choose Macbook Pro in recent years. Especially the businessmen and college students, Macbook Pro become a symbol of fashion. Most of the businessmen use it in office meeting room. It runs fast and helps the businessmen save precious time. After all, time is money. Students would like to carry the Macbook Pro to attend the class so as to record the important points in time. However, most of people may find that it runs slowly after they use the device for a certain of time. Things change. This is normal. As time goes by, there will be more and more junk and useless files that occupy much memory. Does this thing happen to you? Is your Macbook Pro running slowly? Is there a way to speed it up? Let’s talk about it. Read the rest of this post »

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Aug 25, 2016

How to Speedup Windows OS?

How to Speedup Windows OS? That is an important problem I am concerning now. Since I installed lots of programs on my computer, my computer ran more and more slowly than ever. I scanned my antivirus tool and found nothing malicious program existing in my computer. I just clicked on the interesting pop-ups and ads while I was browsing the Internet sometimes. I didn’t think that my computer got infected by the virus. But no matter I cleaned my computer by using Norton how many times, there was nothing changed on my computer system performance. A friend of mine told me that I should speedup my computer by manual. I did lots of research on Google. But I still don’t know where I should start first. Please help!

Computer Is Running very Slowly— How to Make It Faster?

How to Speedup Windows OS? Computer slows down from time to time after using a couple of years. Lots of cache and debris and junk can be detected on your computer. You did clean up the computer frequently after you use it for a period of time. But your computer still runs really slowly after a completely rubbish removal from the problematic computer. If your computer runs slowly, you can do anything normally on your computer. Your computer will gradually become slower or it suddenly ground to a halt a few minutes ago while you are browsing the Internet or doing other jobs on the computer. Sometimes, you might think that your computer will run faster after a reboot. And then you do as what you think in your mind. But will that really work? When the computer is on again, you use it again and find nothing changed! Why?

Reasons for Why Windows Computers Gets Slow:

Why does the computer get slowly? There are kinds of reason. Except the hardware problem, today, let’s talk about the software problem which you can do it on the problematic computer directly. When computer becomes slowly, what will lead to this kind of problem? Firstly, lots of unwanted programs are installed on the computer, which may occupy a large part of your computer CPU. Secondly, your computer may be infected by the malicious virus. Thirdly, with long time of computer performance, lots of junk and debris can be left on your computer, which may also take the space of the system. Fourthly, while you start your computer, lots of unwanted programs are running automatically at your Windows Task Manager. Fifthly, fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer. Sixthly, the version of installed program is too low. Last but not the least, there are problem of visual effects on the problematic computer.

Processing manual removal should have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start or afraid of making any critical damage on the computer system, please open a live chat with YooCare Expert now!

Potential Threats maybe Occur If Your Computer Runs Slowly:

1.Can’t visit the website normally. Website crash may happen so often.
2.Every program on the PC may response a in slow speed, which may waste lots of your time.
3.Lots of pop-ups, banners, ads, coupons may floating everywhere on your screen.
4.Spyware, adware, malware, Trojan etc. may sneak into your computer easily.
5.Your sensitive data information may be leaked into the public and used by hackers and to do illegal things without your permission.

Note:If your computer gets slowly, please do not ignore it. You should take immediate action to speed up your system as soon as possible.

The Useful Ways for Increase the Performance Speed of Windows OS:

1.Try the Performance troubleshooter.
2.Uninstall programs which you don’t need.
3.Forbid the amount of running programs at startup.
4.Defragment your hard disk and free up your disk space.
5.Do not run lots programs at the same time.
6.Turn off visual effect and make changes of visual effect.
7.Do not forcibly restart your computer frequently. Always restart regularly.
8.Scan your system and check for viruses and spyware.
9.Update the programs and Install better software.
10.Upgrade the hardware.

Manually Speed Up Windows OS:

Forbid the unwanted programs on startup so as to make your computer run comparatively fast. Make changes to the registry may do some help on speed up the performance.
1. Go to Start Menu and type “msconfig” in the search bar (or the “Run” option in Windows XP).
2. Click on “Startup” and uncheck all the items you think you do not need (i.e. Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc.).
3. Click on “Services” and check the “Hide all Microsoft services” option at the bottom of the window.
4. This will hide all important Microsoft services. Then, you can go ahead and check all other services.
5. Go to Start Menu and type “Regedit”.
6. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on SYSTEM and then “CurrentControlSet”.
7. Under “Session Manager” go to “Memory Management”.
8. Click on the “DisablePagingExecutive” option and change the value data to 1.
9. Shutdown and Restart your computer.

Note: Be careful with not disabling the necessary items. Be sure that there are at least of 4 GB of RAM on the system if you make changes to the Registry since low RAM may cause other bad computer troubles.


How to Speedup Windows OS? Some of you maybe believe that antivirus programs can help you clean all the existing threats and junks from your computer completely so as to make your computer faster. However, the real optimization procedure is really complicated. Only antivirus program can’t optimize the problematic computer completely. If you really want to speed up your windows system, it is strongly recommended to manually optimize the problematic computer. Manual speedup process needs the operator with skillful computer technology. If you are a computer idiot, you are welcome to contact YooCare Online Experts for further assistance. With the help of YooCare Experts, it can be sure that your computer may run much more faster than before.

Note: Still have trouble in speed up your computer system? If you don’t want to mess up your whole PC, Please contact YooCare Experts for instant help now.

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Aug 22, 2016

How to Use VPN on Windows/MAC

What’s VPN and How does it Work?

VPN now is more popular with Windows, Mac even mobile device users. But what’s VPN? VPN short for Virtual Private Network is a way to securely send and receive private data across shared or public networks using encryption and other security mechanism. To illustrate simple, VPN actually can be treated as a transit server. A VPN offer network connection over a possibly long physical distance. For example, with VPN, you can smoothly and quickly visit overseas websites that are not available via your local network. For this reason, a VPN can also be seen as a form of WAN (Wide Area Network). And a VPN is mainly capable to use public network like the Internet rather than depend on private leased lines.

What will You Benefit from VPN?

VPN is mostly used by organization, corporate and business computer as VPN not only helps expand their networking capability but also reduce company’s cost basically. And also it’s more convenient for mobile employee who often works outside of their office. Therefore, for those workers who often go on business trip or travelling, they can keep stay connecting to corporate intranet. And VPN also can be reached in home and workplaces where company allows their staff to safely log in company networks. Besides, VPN help reduce long-distance telephone charges as VPN can replace remote access servers and long-distance dialup network connections. For a VPN supplies best reach and quality of service, more and more corporate and business even individual choose to use a VPN for their career. And even many corporations and organizations have also used VPNs as a security solution for private Wi-Fi wireless networks.

How to Use VPN on Windows/Mac and Why Some VPN Error Happens

However, how to properly set up a VNP for your device like Windows computer, Mac computer, MacBook, even mobile device like phone and tablet is the key issue, as if your VPN is not set up correctly, connection error will be reported and you will not get smooth network connectivity. Therefore, to set up a VPN and keep it running properly, it not only needs computer knowledge but also requires being qualified with professional and specialized DNS technology. What’s more, once the VPN errors message with a code number happen, standard network troubleshooting procedures and precise error detection are urgently needed to resolved the error issue.
Due to certain reasons, VPN errors like Error 800, Error 619, Error 51, Error 412, and Error 721 etc. will happen. For Error 800, it will say “Unable to establish connection” – The VPN client cannot reach the server, and this should be because VPN server is improperly connected to network or the network server is overloaded with traffic. Also VPN client has incorrect configuration settings or your type of VPN being used is not compatible with your local router will also cause the Error 800. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate VPN compatible with your local network and if you want to handle VNP by yourself, skillful and professional computer knowledge and VNP technique are needed.

If you don’t know how to use VNP or are afraid of any severe problems happening when you handle any VPN errors problems by yourself or you need expert advises to recommend advanced and excellent VPN server, please click here below the live chat button to contact our professional technician expert, and our expert will help you resolve the problems soon!

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Mar 19, 2012

Understanding How Your Computer Works

Getting to know your computer

Most new computers today are notebook models. A notebook or laptop PC differs from a desktop PC in that all the pieces and parts are combined into a single unit that you can take with you virtually anywhere. And since all components are built-in, you don’t have to worry about making sure everything is connected!

Chances are you’re reading this book because you have a new computer. At this point, you might not be totally sure what it is you’ve gotten yourself into. Just what is this mess of boxes and cables—how does it all go together, and how does it work? We’ll start by looking at the physical components of your system—the stuff we call computer hardware. A lot of different pieces and parts make up a typical computer system. You should note, however, that no two computer systems are identical because you can always add new components to your system—or disconnect other pieces you don’t have any use for. And notebook computers are a bit different from desktop models, even though they do the same thing; the parts are just assembled a little differently.

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