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Got Metropolitan Police Warning on iPad/iPhone – How to get rid of it?

Help! My iPhone Internet had popped up with a page with Metropolitan Police Warning saying I have to pay 200 within 12 hours. I cannot close the window without force quitting Safari. I looked it up and on the internet said this is a scam. Can anyone help me get rid of it? Thanks.

iPad/iPhone Got Locked By Metropolitan Police Warning—How to Unblock?

Ransomware is nothing new to the public now. Metropolitan Police Warning is made by the cyber criminals, which is also known as a kind of ransomware virus. This malicious ransomware attempts to lock your iPad/iPhone, and posing as an unofficial notice from a law enforcement agency, claims that your device has been determined to have visited illegal websites. In order to unblock your iPad/iPhone, you must do the payment for a fine with limited hours. If you don’t make the payment within the required hours, your online criminal activities will be reported to the Police of UK and you will be sent into jail for couples of years. Here comes the question: do the Metropolitan Police really demand you to pay for the fine?

“Is it true or is it scam? I got a warning page blocking my Safari which said it is from Metropolitan Police. It asked me to pay a fine of £200. It warns me if I don’t pay the fine and said my iPhone will be erased and my Facebook/Twitter accounts will be blocked if I don’t make the payment up to 12 hour. What should I do? Please help!”

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How to Unblock Safari from Federaljustice@australiamail.com Scam Virus

I had the Federaljustice@australiamail.com thing on my iPhone for about 2 hours. And the “cannot open page” box was constantly popping up on my phone. And I am afraid that it’s going to get my personal information. I can’t use my Safari now. I realize that it is a scam virus. What should I do? How do I Unblock my Safari from Federaljustice@australiamail.com Scam Virus? How do I make my Safari operate again? Please help!

Safari Was Blocked by Federaljustice@australiamail.com Scam Virus—What to do?

Federaljustice@australiamail.com Scam Virus is a malicious ransomware which is created by the cyber criminals with its aims of tricking money of innocent device’s users from their pocket. This scam virus mainly attacks the IOS device including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Cyber scammers used to attach this malicious ransomware to the third party application. So, while you are online, you may get the Federaljustice@australiamail.com Scam Virus hacked into your device when you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source, especially after you jailbreak your device. Once this virus gets into your device, it will block your Safari immediately and keep you away from using your Safari again. It is so cunning, isn’t it? Anyway, if your Safari gets blocked out by this vicious ransomware, you should take action to get rid of it as soon as possible.

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How to Unlock Safari from police-block.site Scam Virus manually?

I am freaking out. I had a thing pop up from the Metropolitan Police on my screen saying where I lived and said that I was in violation of the law because I was looking up child porn and other illegal sites which I would never look up child porn or anything. It said my stuff will be deleted and Locked within 24 hours if I didn’t pay this fine of £500. It had all my Info like where I was located and everything. It said I can do some time in prison and so on. I almost paid the money because I am scared. Is this a scam or should I be worried. I was actually looking up videos on how to get a guy off. My boyfriend is staying Friday and I wanted new things to try. That’s all. Now all this is happening and I didn’t do anything illegal How to unlock Safari from police-block.site? .

Police-block.site Blocks Safari and Demands a Fine? How to Unblock?

Police-block.site is a malicious website created by the cyber criminals. It is not a real police warning but a scam instead. The cyber criminals spread virus widely on the Internet and use it to deliver you fake police threat. Once your device is infected, it performs malicious activities to help its owners get whatever they. The Police-block.site scam virus hijacks your browser and demands a fine to unblock. Hence, we also call it ransomware. Though it states that it is sent from the Metropolitan Police, it has nothing to do with the real police. The bogus warning is made up to scare you. In fact, you didn’t offend the law. You don’t have the obligation to pay the fine. It seems that you can’t get rid of the Police-block.site scam by closing it like a usual website or turning off your device. It also threatens that your case materials will be transferred to higher police agency if you don’t give them iTunes Gift Card code before the limited time. You must be scared, but don’t be. We can tell you that the Police-block.site is not authentic. Do not worry about the criminal case or jail because that will not happen to you. Now, you should worry about the safety of your device and personal information. Right now, you need to unlock Safari from Police-block.site scam virus. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove Penalty Notices Scam from Android Phone/Tablet Manually?

My phone is now entirely locked. After watching porn on the internet, something was installed on my phone saying that I have illegal content. I have searched around and it is pretty clear that its a virus. My phone is completely locked now, all it does is stay on the pop up screen. It says it wants me to pay £200 or they will send something to all of my contacts, and they took a picture with my camera! They had my IP, device, OS, Facebook account. I have tried to reboot my phone and all it does is give me a few seconds before it pops back up. Can they really do these things? I don’t know what to do! How do I get rid of this Penalty Notices Scam? All help needed please, get this damn thing off my phone.

Penalty Notices Scam Locks Your Android Phone/Tablet Completely?

Received Penalty Notices on Android phone/tablet for viewing porn? Is your phone/tablet locked by the scary police penalty notices suddenly when you are browsing as usual? If it is “Yes”, that means your device is infected with a piece of malicious software. It has been developed by the cyber criminals to swindle money out of innocent users. They spread it all over the world. No matter where you are, there is a chance you can be attacked by it once you browse incautiously on the Internet. Once the virus is installed on your device, it displays fake penalty notices and locks the screen immediately so as to scare you into paying a non-existed fine. The penalty notices prevent you accessing the home screen. It says that your device will be unlocked after you pay the penalty. In fact, this notice is not from the police or any other law enforcement agency. It is useless to pay the penalty. According to the victims, their devices still were locked after they paid as it demanded. The criminals took the money and just ran away. We have to tell you that the penalty notices are fake. They are brought by the malware. You have to remove the malware to get rid of the Penalty Notices Scam unblock your device.
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Vouchers paysafecard for paying fines on mobile – How to unlock?

Lily on Wed. night I was on a “normal” porn website when suddenly my screen flashed and subsequently I got a message from supposedly cyber police. It asked me to pay 100 USD via Vouchers Paysafecard to unblock phone which I duly did and phone still was unblocked after about 18 hours. In addition it indicated that it would be blocked again in one week’s time. I thought this was official even though I was not on an illegal site. Can you please explain and help me to avoid a further blockage? P.S. I am very hostile to abuse of minors and wouldn’t dare dream to enter such sites as seemed to be implied. Can you please help? I am worried that the authorities might prosecute me even though I would never willingly enter illegal site.

Vouchers Paysafecard for paying fines on mobile – How to unlock?

Got Vouchers Paysafecard for paying fines on mobile? Screen was locked by police for viewing pornography? Can’t access the home screen and even can’t turn off the mobile device? You need to remove Vouchers Paysafecard Ransomware to unlock. Vouchers Paysafecard Ransomware is recognized as a piece of harmful software which is sponsored by Cyber criminals to attack mobile devices and computers all over the world. At the beginning, Vouchers Paysafecard Ransomware mainly attacked computers. As mobile devices have been more and more popular, the hackers started to target mobile devices to grab as much money as possible in those years. Read the rest of this post »


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Safari Locked by UKjustice@europe.com Scam Virus – How to Remove?

Hi. My iPhone browser is blocked due to metropolitan police scam saying to pay £200. I didn’t do anything illegal like it said. The screen has frozen and I can’t access the Internet. How do i get to use my browser again. How to unblock safari browser from scam? I need my phone for work. Please help me get rid of it soon. Thank you in advance.

Safari Locked by UKjustice@europe.com Scam Virus – How to Remove?

Is your Safari locked by UKjustice@europe.com? You must be careful. Your device is infected with a scam virus. The UKjustice@europe.com message is made up by the cyber criminals to swindle money out of innocent people. Once your device is infected, it takes over the browser and displays fake warning to scare you. It steals the name of UK police or other Europe police and claims that your browser is blocked for pornography and other illegal content. It demands a fine from you to unlock the browser and get rid of trouble. Do not trust it. The warning is not real. It is brought by the malicious software but not the metropolitan police. You only need to remove the UKjustice@europe.com scam virus to unlock Safari and keep your device safe. Read the rest of this post »


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How to get rid of a potential metropolitan police virus on an iPad/iPhone?

My son’s phone is an iPhone 6 Plus phone. It just came up with a potential metropolitan police virus lockdown on his phone. On the locking screen, it is saying there are pornographic sites. He is 10 and ministered phone usage. What is this and how do we unlock his phone? Is it real? Please help!

How to do– iPad/iPhone is locked by a potential metropolitan police virus?

Well, if your iPad/iPhone gets blocked by a potential metropolitan police virus, what will you do? How to remove this virus and unblock your iPad/iPhone? The potential metropolitan police virus is a malicious scam virus which is made by cyber scammer who pretends to be the legitimate police agency of UK and sends you non-existent information in the name of potential metropolitan police. At the very beginning, this virus mainly hacked computer users. Nowadays, with the rapid increase of Internet use rate, cyber scammers aim their eyes to all kinds of devices like computers, IOS Mac computers, android phones/tablets, iPads and iPhones. Words from victims of potential metropolitan police virus:

“Hello. It seems to have some virus on my device. It is named potential metropolitan police virus. How can I get this off my phone? I received ‘ Your Safari browser has been blocked up for viewing and distributing illegal materials prohibited by the criminal law of the United Kingdom, called pornography with elements of child pornography, rape and zoophilia… In order to unblock your Safari browser, you are obligated to pay a fine in the amount of £200.00 with iTunes Prepaid Card.’ By the way, mine is an iPad. Please help! Thank you.”

“Hi, my name is Mike. A message has appeared on my iPhone 6 saying I have to pay a fine of £100 using an iTunes prepaid card to unlock my phone. There is a metropolitan police banner at the top. The cannot open page message is now permanently on screen and in fact whilst I’ve typed this message the original request to pay the fine has also disappeared. Is it real? I am scared. What should I do?”

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How to get rid of the “Cannot Open Page” box that keeps popping up on iPad screen?

Early this morning, when I got up, I couldn’t open my iPad due to a block box “Cannot Open Page”. I couldn’t get rid of it. I couldn’t get onto safari because it said I watched illegal porn and I was blocked from it then it said I have to send an email to that account: federaljustice@australiamail.com to unlock and it sent a big email about how much I had to pay. Was it real? I had to pay for that fine? How do I get rid of the “Cannot Open Page” box that keeps popping up on my iPad screen? Please help!

Ipad Is Blocked by the “Cannot Open Page” Box—Is It Real?

How to get rid of the “Cannot Open Page” box that keeps popping up on iPad screen? The “Cannot Open Page” box is something related to scam virus such as federaljustice@australiamail.com scam virus, FBI scam virus, cybercrimegov@europe.com scam virus, justice-dept@usa.com scam virus and so on. It is obviously that the “Cannot Open Page” box blocking screen on your ipad is also a kind of scam virus. Once this virus gets into your iPad, it may block your Internet Browser including Safari and Chrome immediately by the “Cannot Open Page” box. You can’t just tap Ok to or the “X” on your Safari/Chrome screen to exit that screen. Below the “Cannot Open Page” box, there is another screen showing you lots of words and porn pictures. Sometimes, it may tell you that you are viewing and distributing illegal materials prohibited by the criminal law of the United States of America, called pornography with elements of child pornography, rape and zoophilia. In order to unblock your Safari browser, you are obligated to pay a fine in the amount of $ 100.00-$500.00 with iTunes Prepaid Card. The paid currency can be changed due to where you are living at that every moment, like £200 iTunes voucher. Anyway, you should not believe in what the “Cannot Open Page” box is showing you. You should think a way to get rid of this malicious scam virus immediately.

“Hi, my partner’s iPad Internet was blocked by the “Cannot Open Page” box yesterday and is saying it is from the metropolitan police that he has done something illegal but all he did was press on a Facebook link. Then he just left for work but he really Panasonic thinking he going to jail is it definitely a virus they have asked for £200 iTunes voucher.”

“I have a bogus virus on my iPad. So,e bs about… the “Cannot Open Page” box …”Your device has been locked for illegal pornography. Send email to justice-dept@usa.com for unlocking”. Along with a screen showing bestiality pictures… How do I delete the “Cannot Open Page” box. My safari is blocked.””

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How do i get rid of blocked-safari.com/fbi/index.html for iPhone/iPad?

I was looking at 18+ Content on my iphone then kicked me out of content and blocked me out of safari and it said i was looking at child pornography which i definitely was not. The domain is “blocked-safari.com/fbi/index.html”. Now it says i have 12hours to pay 100 dollars to +15095960953 with a prepaid itunes gift card or I’ll be turned to Fbi cyber crime. Please help me! I don’t know if this legit or a scam.

More Information about the “blocked-safari.com/fbi/index.html” Virus

When you find your web browser blocked by the “blocked-safari.com/fbi/index.html”, it means there is an scam virus infection on your device. The virus kidnaps your web browser and asks you to pay an unreal fine to fix the problem. To make the victim panic, the virus pretends to be the FBI by stealing its name and logo. The “blocked-safari.com/fbi/index.html” scam virus is so nasty and it can slither into your system all of a sudden while you are surfing on the internet as normal. As soon as it has successfully broken into your system, the virus will take control of your web browser by continuously popping up a fake message. The virus is designed to work in an unpleasant way. There is no way to stop the virus from displaying the fake message. No matter how many times you press on the “OK” button, the “blocked-safari.com/fbi/index.html” virus will not disappear as you desire. Read the rest of this post »


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How to unblock iPhone/iPad from blocked-safari.com Scam Virus?

Hi, completely freaking out! I was web searching and a porn site popped up. By accident I clicked a link that I didn’t intend to click on. Although not sure it matters even if I was looking at porn – idk) anyway then the website clicked out (exited) so I clicked my browser to start up again and a white page appeared saying it was from the Department of FBI Cyber Crime and I had to pay $100 for viewing child pornography? Also the criminal charges would be taken against me? I am a twenty year old girl not some creepy person. How can I unblock my iPhone from the blocked-safari.com scam virus?

Brief Description of blocked-safari.com Scam Virus

If your browser has been blocked by blocked-safari.com, your device is infected a piece of scam malware. It takes your browser hostage and demands a fine to unblock. In order to get money, it steals the name and logo of FBI Cyber Crime to threaten you. The blocked-safari.com scam virus can sneak into your device fast and secretly when you are browsing as usual. When it’s ready, it delivers a fake pop-up via your browser and takes over the browser. Not like a normal browser notification, it does not disappear after you view it. No button is provided to close the pop-up. Though you click “OK” button for so many times, you can’t close blocked-safari.com. Read the rest of this post »


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