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How to Remove Facebook Child Porn Virus?

Hey. I need your help. The Facebook child porn virus attacked my Samsung S8+. It claims to be the FBI, saying I violated the laws for watching child porn. I swear I didn’t watch anything like this. I was looking a birthday present for my girlfriend. Now, the virus blocks my phone and won’t allow me to do anything. I want my phone back and to get rid of the fake FBI warning. Please help.

Brief Information of Facebook Child Porn Virus

Facebook Child Porn Virus is a term used to describe a dangerous Trojan virus which is created by the cyber criminals. The infection first started spreading among high school students on the East Coast. Now, it has been spread widely. People got it from the share videos, games and other programs on Facebook social media platform. it corrupts your system files and programs files to mess up your device function and programs’ running. There are lots of malicious havoc that it can create on your device. It ruins device with a help of tricky messages that have been circulating on Facebook for years. According to reliable report, this malicious program has already been shared tens of thousands of times and has received more than 15,000 likes. Therefore, there are lots of victims of this Facebook child porn virus infection all over the world. This nasty virus steals the name of the authority, such as FBI, US Marshal, Cyber police, Metropolitan Police, NSA, DOJ, NCA and Garda Síochána etc. to scare users into paying a penalty of $ 500 USD. It is an international virus. The name of the authority and language of the warning is different in different place. No matter who it claims to be, it is fake. Its owners are not the police, but the cyber criminals. Do not trust it. It is a piece of dangerous malware. You need to get rid of it to protect your money and device. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove FBI Virus from RCA Android Tablet?

I have the white screen virus on my tablet with the fbi message. They took a picture of my face and say pay this fine. And the message said I had some images on my tablet of child porn, and it showed me and I never had those images even on my tablet! Long story short, I wanna use my tablet again and get rid of it, I have an RCA Android. It even won’t let me shut it down. What do I do? Please help.

Is Your Tablet Locked by FBI Warning Virus?

Is your phone or tablet blocked by a police threat? Have you been fined by a FBI waring on mobile device for watching illegal porn? Are you wronged by an unexpected popup while browsing on your tablet? If your answer is “Yes”, your device has been attacked by a dangerous virus. The warning is not sent from the FBI. It has nothing to do with the real police or any other legit agency. Instead, it is made up by the hackers to scare you.
Many victims lost money due to this FBI virus. They believed that the FBI warning is real, thinking that they were in trouble with the police. In a way, the warning looks authentic. It has the logo and seal of FBI. On the waring page, it claims the police scanned your device and detected some suspicious files. You have been caught due to attendance of the forbidden pornographic sites. Some pornographic images also are displayed on your screen. It says those images are the proof that you violated related law. Specific laws are listed, telling what punishment you will receive. In order to make it look real, it collects your basic information, such as name, location, IP address, device, contacts, and picture etc. and shows them on the warning page. That makes victims think it is the police who are able to monitor their activities and grab the information. Besides, the FBI virus blocks the device completely and does not allow you to do anything, like someone is controlling it. It does not go away though you turn off the device for a long time. It still comes back right after you turn it on again. Read the rest of this post »


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How do I Remove Cyber Police Ransomware from Samsung Galaxy Phone?

I have the ransomware virus on my phone with the cyber police message. They took a picture of my face and say pay this fine, and it says I had some images on my phone of child porn, and it showed me and I never had those images even on my phone! Long story short I wanna use my phone and get rid of it, I have an Samsung Galaxy phone and it won’t let me shut it down, what do I do?

Brief Description of Cyber Police Ransomware

Is your phone locked by a cyber police threat? Have you been fined by a popup on smart phone? That does not mean that you get trouble with the cyber police or any other legit agency. In fact, your phone has been attacked by a virus. This cyber police virus is a member of the Troj/Koler Ransomware family. It has been defined as one of the most dangerous viruses. In the very beginning, the cyber police ransomware was made to attack and lock Windows-based computers to extort money from innocent users. With the development of mobile devices, cyber criminals gradually changed their main target. As mobile device becomes a necessary in daily life, Android-based mobile is the first choice. As the apps from third party are allowed to be installed on android, virus can be installed without your knowledge and permission.
Commonly, ransomware virus locks your phone or limits the Internet access. In order to scare you, it exploits the names of authorities including the Cyber police, FBI, USA Cyber Crime Investigations, and the ICE Cyber Crime Center. It claims that your phone is locked due to law violations such as watching pornography, using copyrighted files, etc. You must pay an amount of fine to end the trouble and take the phone back. In most cases, cyber criminals employ the OneVanilla, iTune gift card, Green Dot MoneyPak, Ukash, or PaySafeCard pre-paid card services to collect fake fines from unsuspecting mobile device users because it is hard to trace where the money is going to with the prepaid card. Read the rest of this post »


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FBI Virus Locked Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 – How to Unlock?

Hello i did an update last night on my Galaxy S7 active and now I have an FBI lock on my phone for pornographic websites and a ransom. I’ve tried to go into safe mode but my phone requires a pin once I put the pin in it goes back to normal screen and I see the FBI thing and can’t do anything.

well i downloaded this thing because it look really weird and i wanted to see if it was real, and when i clicked and downloaded, it took me to the FBI warning where it said to say $500 and when i tried to restart my phone it popped up again and didnt let me unlock my phone, at the moment i turned off my phone because i wasnt sure what to do and now i need help on how i can get rid of the virus

I have a samsung Galaxy s 8 Plus locked up, samsung galaxy s7 that is locked from the FBI vanilla card scam virus.

More Information about the Fake FBI Prism Virus.

Samsung S7 and S8 are android phones produced by Samsung Company. Although the phones have been designed sophistically to prevent from being infected by any virus threats, it ends up failing to escape from the infection of FBI scam virus. The FBI scam virus is a ransomware that is programmed to attacked various devices like smart phones/tablets running Android system of brands such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, ZTE, etc. This virus started to prevail several years ago and has developed into all types of variants with slight difference. As soon as the device is infected, the virus will lock it up and block victims from doing anything including restarting or powering off, let alone running any antivirus tools to kill it even though no antivirus facilities are reported effective to do that. Besides locking up the smart phones or tablets, other two traits of the virus can help further confirm if it is the FBI scam virus. First of all, the ransomware pretends to be a law enforcement agency in the country of the victims. In this case, the Department of Investigation Bureau is the government agency the virus pretends to be by stealing the title and logo of the agency. What role does this trick play in the whole scam trap? Yes, you may guess it. The trick is used to scare the victims and hurry them to make the ridiculous fine as soon as possible. The second trait to identify the FBI ransomware involves the unreal fine ranging from $100 to $500 bucks it demands the victims pay. You can view it as a ransom it requires the victims pay to unlock the device. As a matter of fact, you can unlock your phones or tablets by turning to an expert for help at much lower cost instead of paying the unreal penalty. So, you are suggested to talk to an expert for help when you find the FBI scam virus on your Samsung S7 or S8. Read the rest of this post »


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FBI Scam Locked Up My Android ZTE Phone – What to Do?

Can you help me unlock my android ZTE phone? I was on Facebook and the FBI app popped up and said I owe them money. Now it won’t let me on the power button where u turn it off ain’t popping up. What Do I do?

Phone is Locked up by FBI-Is It Real?

Do you see a FBI warning on your phone? Have you been accused of viewing illegal porn on a FBI phone lock? Is your phone locked by a police warning? If your answer is “Yes”, it means your phone has been attacked by a piece of dangerous ransomware that invades your phone when you are watching video on the Internet or browsing unwarily. It steals the name of FBI to swindle money out of innocent users. Hence, we also call it FBI scam virus. Its variants have different names in different countries. The fake police warnings also are written in different languages according to the location. The scam virus is a huge risk for the infected phone due to its fraudulent purpose to steal victims’ money and precious information.
The FBI lock claims that you’ve performed something against laws by visiting and distributing banned pornography including movies, music and other content or downloading illegal software online on purposes. No matter how authentic it looks like, don’t trust the fake FBI warning. The warning message is just a scam to trick you into paying for a fine. However, they are not the FBI. They are the hackers who will not help unlock the phone though you sent them the fine. In order to unlock your phone and keep your information safe, you should remove the FBI scam virus as soon as possible. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Unlock Android Phones/Tablets Hacked by Fake FBI Prism Virus?

Now, there is a FBI warning on my Samsung Android phone. Can’t do anything with it, even restart or power off the phone. It is frightening. I have some issues to confirm. It says I have to pay a penalty of $500 dollars because of violating Law by watching illegal porn. Is it true? Should I pay the penalty? I didn’t do anything illegal. And I lock up my phone, is there any way to unlock it without paying $500 dollars?

More Information about the Fake FBI Prism Virus.

When your device is locked up by the FBI prism warning, saying something like your device is locked because of watching or distributing illegal porn, and you have to pay a penalty of $500 dollars to unlock it, it signifies that the device has been hacked by a violent scam virus. The ransomware, which is called Fake FBI Prism Virus in the industry, is a piece of malware developed by cyber criminals to extort money from its victims. The virus is proved to be able to attack almost all devices running Android OS systems including phones/tablets of Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Kindle Fire, ZTE, Huawei etc.. The Fake FBI Prism Virus is not new. As a matter of fact, the virus has developed greatly and there are many different variants prevailing across the world in different countries. The variants are slightly different in appearance and exactly the same in essence. All the variants disguise itself to be a powerful law enforcement agency to scare victims and drive them to pay an unreal penalty of a certain amount as fast as they can by accusing them of visiting illegal content like child porn on the internet. But the law enforcement agencies the virus pretends to be vary in different cases. For variants in America, the agency is usually the Federal Bureau of Investigation; while it can be the UK Justice or Metropolitan Police in United Kingdoms. The amount of the penalty is also different, it can range from 100 to 500 dollars or pounds or euros. Anyway, no matter what it claims to be, how serious the case looks, if you have done nothing wrong or illegal, there is no need for you to feel much too panic and end up paying the ransoms as it demands because all the story is just a nonsense. It is a trick that the hackers plays to squeeze money out of you. Actually, you can turn to an expert in this field to help you remove the virus and unlock the device at much lower cost. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Get Rid of FBI Phone Lock?

I had been fined for watching porn. Please help me get rid of FBI phone lock. I am so scared!

What is FBI Phone Lock?

Do you have FBI phone lock when browsing the Internet, watching a video or downloading a piece of software? Your phone is blocked by the “FBI” for watching illegal pornography. You must be freaking out when facing such a FBI warning. Please calm down. In fact, this warning is not issued by the FBI or any other legit law enforcement agency. It is a harmful virus created by the hackers. Your phone has been attacked by a scam virus. The FBI phone lock takes over your screen saying that your phone is blocked due to involving in viewing, spreading and storing child porn and illegal pornography. You also may be accused of violating copyright. To unblock your phone, you must pay a penalty which ranges from $100 to $500. For this reason, people also name it ransomware.
This kind of scam virus has been spread widely all over the world. It steals the name of law enforcement agency and police to scare users into paying non-existed fine. The variants of FBI phone lock pretend to be different police and agencies in different countries and regions. In United State, it may claim that it is FBI, NSA, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Cyber Security Cyber Police. In United Kingdom, it pretends to be United Kingdom police/Cyber police, PCEU, ICSPA or Cheshire Police Authority. In addition, the scam virus also steals the names of AFP, CSIS, RCMP, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and so on. Though the FBI phone lock virus may have different names, they share the same characters. They are aggressive powerful enough to attack all mobile devices with Android, Windows or ios systems. As we said, FBI phone lock is only a scam virus which helps cyber criminals swindle money out of innocent users. If you get the FBI threat asking for a fine on a phone, do not pay fine. Just remove the virus so as to get rid of fake FBI phone lock. Read the rest of this post »


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Samsung Phones/Tablets Get Hacked by the Fake FBI Virus? How to Unlock?

Hello. This is an urgent problem. I have a FBI message locking my Samsung phone. It is really nasty. I can’t even power off the phone. It asks me to pay $500 to unlock. It is horrible. Is it real FBI?What should I do now? Can you help me fix it?

What Is the FBI Virus? Is It Real?

Samsung is a famous Korean brand well-known all over the world. The company owns a big share of cellphone market in the United States. While along the popularity of the Samsung cellphones, the phones have more and more become one of the famous smart phones like LG, Motorola, etc. that are attacked by the notorious fake FBI virus. Since the first variant was created several years ago, the fake FBI virus has developed into an increasingly violent scam virus that can hack almost all kinds of android devices besides the Samsung cellphones. As soon as the virus has successfully sneak into your Samsung phones, the phones will be locked completely. The victims can’t do anything with them including making calls, sending and receiving messages, running any apps, etc. Many victims whose Samsung smart phones have attacked by different variants of the fake FBI virus report that the phones are stuck at the virus warning message. They can’t even restart or turn off the infected phones regardless of attempting to start any antivirus tools to detect and kill it.
Read the rest of this post »


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Help Removing FBI Virus off My Kyocera

Hi. After opening an email from the deliver company, my Kyocera has been locked up by a FBI warning, saying I have to pay a fine within 48 hours because I viewed illegal pornography which I didn’t. I thought it was real until I read your blog. Please help removing FBI virus off my Kyocera.

Brief Information of FBI Scam Virus

FBI virus is classified as a piece of dangerous ransomware. It is probably the most widely-spread virus from Reveton family of malware. In fact, there are already several variants of it like Cyber Police, AFP, U.K. Metropolitan Police, U.S. Department of Justice, ICSPA, CSIS virus, etc. They all pretend to be the authority to threaten users for ransom. In those years, the cyber criminals keep changing the layout of ransomware so as to swindle money out of innocent users. If you receive any message from the police or other law enforcement department like FBI, do not trust it. It has nothing to do with the law enforcement department. It is just a scam virus created by the cyber criminals to steal your money in the name of FBI. You ought to note that the police will not collect fine by blocking your mobile device and displaying warning to inform you. If you did violate the law, the police would send you an official document. Commonly, they would just break in your house and arrest you if they had enough evidence. Victims of this scam virus say that they did not do anything that mentioned by the fake message. This is the bug of this scam. It just takes a screenshot of the law items to scare you. Do not pay fine to the criminals because it will not help your blocked device. In order to unblock your device, you need to remove the FBI virus completely.

How FBI Virus Works?

As soon as the FBI scam virus sneaks into your device, it shows fake police threat to scare you into paying non-exited penalty. On Android devices, it can lock up the whole screen completely or only lock your Internet browser. On IOS devices, it only blocks your internet browser. When the fake FBI threat takes over your screen, it does not allow you to access your apps or home screen. No matter you shut it down or restart it, the virus will appear soon once your device is turned on. If your iPhone/iPad/Mac is infected, it blocks your Safari or Google Chrome. The scam virus hijacks the browser and does not allow you to access the Internet every time you open Safari or Google Chrome. The fake police threat says that your device is blocked due to being involved in viewing, storing and spreading child porn. To make the police threat look authentic, it displays logos of related departments, photos of political leaders, specific laws that you “violated”. Sometimes, it also has your location, IP address, device model and even a small part of your contacts which make you believe that the police are spying on you. It asks you pay via prepaid card like paysafecard, vanilla card, Amazon/iTune gift card, Moneypak or Ukash within 48 or 72 hours. Why does the criminal demand this kind of payment? The reason is that it is very difficult to track the money after you pay via prepaid card. It lies that the police will arrest you and interrogate your friends if you don’t send money in time. Do not be panic when seeing such a police threat. It is fake. To get rid of the fake police threat, you only need to remove the scam virus which is installed on your device. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Bypass “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” to Use Android Device Again?

Hey. I got a police threat claiming to be the cyber police. The “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” warning locks my screen and I can’t do anything on it. It demands a $500 of fine to be paid via vanilla card within 3 working days. I even couldn’t turn off the phone and have to wait until the battery die. I was so scared and about to pay the fine while I didn’t know how to get a vanilla card. Luckily, I asked my friend and he told me that it was only a virus. He suggested me contact you for help because you helped him fix the problem. So, I am here. Please help me bypass the fake cyber police virus so that I can use my Samsung S8+ again. Thanks.

What is “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” Warning?

“Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” is a bogus warning brought by a piece of nasty malware. It is a tool used by cyber police to swindle money out of innocent users. They make use of advanced technology to develop malware for illegal money. The malware take your device hostage, locking the screen with cyber police warning and demanding a fine to unblock. This is why we also call it ransomware. On the cyber police warning screen, it states that your device has been blocked due to illegal activity. You are told that all activities on your device have been recorded and suspicious activity has been detected. According to laws of the United State of America, you are supposed to pay a fine. Otherwise, you will face more trouble. In fact, it has nothing to do with the real cyber police. The warning is made up by the hacker to scam users. The cyber police virus is very aggressive. It corrupts your device to help its owner generate revenue remotely. Your personal information is at risk. We suggest you remove the cyber police virus to protect your device and information. Read the rest of this post »


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