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Fake Microsoft Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up – How to Clean It?

Fake Microsoft Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up – How to Clean It? When the day really came, it shocked me a lot. My computer got hacked a malicious pop-up. It was stating that I got my personal information and I had to call for tech support to deal with my problem. What should I do? That pop-up wouldn’t go away. Each time I booted my computer, I got this vicious warning showing on my screen to remind of the problem. Should I call that number for tech support? But when I made the call, the people who answered the phone call asked me to pay for the tech support. Should I pay? I hanged up the phone immediately. Help!

Computer Gets Hacked by Fake Microsoft Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up—What to Do?

“I was online and a window popped up saying that Microsoft window has my credit card info and stuff. Immediately, I shut down computer. I am not sure if it’s a virus or not? It wanted me to call some 800 number. Shall I call? Please advise!

If your computer gets hacked by Fake Microsoft Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up, what will you do? Will you call the provided number for tech support, even though that number is a free toll? Actually, Fake Microsoft Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up is a scam virus. It is a fake tech support toll which is set to trick people to make the call to earn money. Some victims reported that their phone charges were missing without any reason even though the phone number provider company couldn’t find out why, after they made the phone call. Some found that they got crank calls continually. Some was asked to pay for the tech support to remove this malicious scam pop-up virus. When one did make the payment, nothing was changed on the compromised computer. Virus was remained there on your infected computer.

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Published by Selina Lynmich & last modified on January 15, 2017 4:49 pm | Fake Alert Removal Guide

Unlock iPhone/iPad From Justice-kingdom@europe.com Scam Virus Screen

Hi, there. My iPhone is locked and I am accused of illegal pornography. There is a nasty thing keeping sticking on my safari. I am just blocked from using it to access the internet all the time. I can’t search anything with it. It is really aching. Besides, it asks me to send emails to an address of justicekingdom@europe.com to unlock my iPhone. The email seems from the Justice department of the UK. Is it real or just a scam virus? Anyway, I want to remove it from my phone right now. You guys can help, right? Much appreciated.

Description about the Scam Virus Asking to Send emails to justicekingdom@europe.com :

If your iPad or iPhone is hit by the scam virus with the email of justicekingdom@europe.com mentioned, your safari or Chrome browser will be blocked from visiting the internet at all. You will be able to do nothing with it. According to reliable reports, this scam virus usually identify devices of the Apple Company such as iPad and iPhone as its major targets. And as the safari is the most commonly used on iPad and iPhone, this web browser naturally become the most frequently object attacked by the virus. Once infected, the virus will continuously present to the victim a popup message saying that the device has been locked for something like illegal pornography. And to unlock the device, the victim will be asked to send an email to justicekingdom@europe.com . While it is not suggested that you should send and check any email involved with the justicekingdom@europe.com at all, because it may bring you more disasters during the communication with the hackers. For example, to have more control over your device, the hacker may attach a more violent virus with the email. Once you check the hacked email, the virus attached will be able sneak into your device all of a sudden. If your sensitive information is included in the email, situation may become more dangerous. How do we know such a bad hacker will not take advantage of the information to commit more disastrous cyber-crimes? What is more, even you have sent emails to justicekingdom@europe.com completely as per the hacker’s demand, your iPad or iPhone will stay completely locked all the same. So please note that, when you find the justicekingdom@europe.com scam virus on your system, it is suggested to try your best to remove it from your device as soon as possible instead of follow any vicious instructions of the virus. Read the rest of this post »


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How to get rid of net alpha virus from my android?

Please help!! I hate this Netalpha virus. It almost drives me mad. It is on my LG phone. Now the phone is locked. I can’t use it to do anything. Just busy closing the recurrent popup message of“unfortunately Netalpha has stopped”. I don’t know how this thing get on my phone. It is really odd. Anyway, I searched information about it on the internet. I was shocked. It is virus that will cause unbelievable disasters. Oh, I can’t believe it. Please help me remove this Netalpha virus! It will be much appreciated.

What is Netalpha Virus?

The Netalpha Virus is malicious program that imposes tons of serious inconveniences and threats on victims whose android devices such as mobile phones and tablets are infected. It was first found around the beginning of 2016. While at the moment, it has become a big headache of many users and attracted eyeballs of plenty of security experts in the field of smart device. There are innumerous android phones and tablets being troubled and corrupted by the Netalpha virus. And the reasons why it is so annoyingly conspued or spurned can be explained in several aspects.
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Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on January 10, 2017 8:17 pm | How to Guides

Guides to Unlock Phones/Tablets Infected with FBI Popup Scam Virus.

Hi, please help me. I got this nasty FBI thing on my Galaxy s7. It says it is FBI agency and accuses me of visiting porn websites and watching porn things. And now my phone has been fully locked up. It also says I need to pay a fine of $500, or I will be put into jail for pornography. I am freaked out now. Is it real? Will they come to my house to arrest me? How can I unlock my phone without paying the $500 fine? Please help! Many thanks.

FBI Popup Virus Description:

The FBI popup virus is a malicious and nasty program developed by the hackers. It has been prevailing on phones/tablets for several years. Lately, some new variants of the FBI popup scam virus were developed and released by the cyber criminals to make as much money as they can. The new variants opf the FBI popup scam virus have been developed with the ability to attack phone/tablet users all around the world. You must feel unbelievable when you find your phone/tablet is blocked from making calls, sending messages, surfing the internet and any other normal use of the features of your phone/tablet by the FBI popup scam virus. Because it is all the time believed that phones/tablets are well designed in safety aspect to protect themselves from all kinds of viruses, including the FBI popup scam virus. Undoubtedly, phones/tablets are attacked by the FBI popup scam virus in an aggressive way and many victims are frightened much at the first sight of this infection. The virus will lock up the victim’s phones/tablets and threaten to pay a non-existent fine from $100 to $500 to escape from possible punishments and to unlock the device. It is reported from many victims that their phones/tablets get infected with the FBI popup scam virus all of a sudden for visiting porn websites. In all cases, the victims’ devices were completely locked up and none of them could escape from being demanded to pay a fine of certain amount within a period of time. And many victims said they had done nothing illegal before finding their devices get this FBI popup scam virus. While, many users were so scared as to be fooled into falling in this stupid and annoying scam trap. Many victims rushed to make the payment in an irreversible way without getting the problem fixed.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

Android Police Paysafecard Virus Removal Guide

Hi I have been infected with an Android police paysafecard virus. The FBI logo occupied my whole screen where I cannot take it off my Samsung galaxy 7 edge. It says my phone is blocked for illegal porn, asking for $500. I cannot even restart my phone . I am freaking out. Please help. Thank you.

Brief Description of Android Police Paysafecard Virus?

Android Police Paysafecard virus has been categorized as a hazardous group of ransomware which is sponsored by Cyber criminals to attack unexpected users all over the world. Once installed on the targeted device, this Android police virus will threaten users with a fake alert that they have violated some law by moving into unauthorized websites. Android Police Paysafecard virus attempts to convince the victims that the alert comes from police or associations and then frighten the innocent Internet users to pay an inexistent fee to get a so-called code to get their devices unlocked. Plenty of Internet users from different nations who have been swindled out of money, because they have been scared by the screen which keeps displaying a distinctive institution of police or another association and victims maybe footed by the virus easily. And then victims will realize they can’t get rid of the block page after paying the fee and they can’t get their money back, as well. Please keep in mind that the Paysafecard police warning is completely a virus, despite its authentic appearance and threatening words. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on December 25, 2016 5:01 am | How to Guides

Web Browsers on iPhone/iPad Locked by the Interpol Ransomware Virus? Remove It Now!

Hello, this Interpol thing is really frightening and even right now I am still scared! Help! Early in the morning today, I was using my iPad to surf the internet with the safari, and all of a sudden, a pornographic website showed up, after which I was informed of a notification, stating that I would face a term of 5-8 years in jail or a £100 fine for illegal pornography. The charge with illegal online pornography is seemingly put forward by the government agency of the Interpol Department of Cybercrime. I am threatened to pay the fine using the Ukash. And my safari is now completely locked, I have no idea how to unlock it. It is really upsetting and annoying. Is the charge real? Do I have to pay the fine to unlock my safari and avoid being put in prison? Or it is just a scam? But how can I remove it from my device without paying the fine? Please help me!

Interpol Ransomware Virus Description:

In recent years, iPhone/iPad is more and more becoming the target of many popup ransomware programs. Usually, these malicious programs are designed to damage the iPhone/iPad device in the way of preventing the user from using the web browser such as safari or chrome to surf the internet. And the Interpol ransomware is as well an ill-known member of these programs which is created to aim at the iPhone/iPad users in both North American and European countries. Spam emails that carry such a ransomware program as an attachment, reliable websites that have been hacked and conquered, and malicious popups that contain suspicious advertising content are most common methods used by the hacker to distribute such a ransomware program as the Interpol ransomware virus. As soon as the Interpol ransomware has successfully sneaked into the user’s device, it will immediately lock up the victim’s safari or chrome by taking advantage of the JavaScript technology in the name of the Interpol Department of Cybercrime, with a notification stating that your web browser is locked because of the illegal online activities like watching child porn videos and you will have to pay a fine of a certain amount, for example £100, to unlock your iPhone/iPad via Ukash or Paysafecard within 24 or 48 hours, if not, you will be put into prison for a long period of time according the law of the nation. While, according to the reports of many victims, no matter how much you pay, the situation caused by the Interpol ransomware virus will not become better at all. So, do keep in mind that, however you are threatened by the Interpol ransomware, for example, blocking your apple ID or erasing all your data on the device, never become so nervous as to rush to pay the non-existent fine hoping everything will be good after payment, because by now there has been no reliable evidence showing that this Interpol ransomware will do damage to the infected device as it claims. Instead, you are strongly recommended to turn to an expert in this field to have it removed as soon as possible. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove Fake FBI Criminal Investigation TextView on Android Phone/Tablet Manually?

Hi, completely freaking out! My mobile phone was attacked last night by some kind of FBI virus that wants me to pay a 500 dollar fee to unlock my phone. It says my phone is locked due to the violation of the federal laws of the United States of America. I am accused of visiting websites containing pornography which I did not. I was looking at Christmas things and browsing the net when the attack happened. I am innocent. Please help me. I don’t want to go to jail.

Brief Description of Fake FBI Criminal Investigation TextView

Fake FBI Criminal Investigation TextView is a scam that the cyber criminals use to swindle money out of unexpected users. It takes users’ devices hostage and asks for money to unlock. We also call it Ransomware for this reason. In order to scare you into paying the money, it pretends to be FBI and accuses you of law violation. It threatens that you will go to jail if you do not pay the fine in time. In this way, many people believed that they have been in trouble with the FBI and chose to pay money to get rid of trouble. We have to tell you that it is bad idea to follow it to give it money. They are not the FBI or other legit police. The cyber criminals are the real behind-the-scenes owner. If you paid as it required, you were sending money to the cyber criminals. You would lose money for nothing because the virus would not disappear. Our customer told that their devices still were locked though they had paid via prepaid card. Hence, Never ever trust the fake FBI Criminal Investigation TextView. It is not sent from FBI. You can ignore this message and concentrate on the virus removal. If you are one of victims, remove the fake FBI Criminal Investigation TextView and unlock your Android devices soon. Do not allow it to damage your device or steal money from you. Read the rest of this post »


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FBI Ransomwares Block Phones/Tablets? How to Remove ?

Help!! I have a FBI thing on my phone. It is either a real accusation or a piece of nasty ransomware. But I am not sure. Can you please help? My ignorant son tried to use my phone to visit a game website full of suspicious advertising content of all kinds of games. According to him, all of a sudden, the phone was locked completely, with a notification saying something like “ATTENTION! Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons”. He was so scared and attempted to close the continuously popover notification, but just failed no matter how hard he tried. I have no idea how to stop this nasty thing at all. Can you guys please help? It will be greatly appreciated for any help. Thanks.

FBI Ransomware Description:

The FBI ransomware is classified to be a member of the Trojan/Koler Ransomware family of computer infections, which is designed to identify all kinds of phones/tablets as its targets all around the world. As soon as the FBI ransomware is activated, a fake notification will pop up immediately and nastily, stating that your device has been locked because it is found involved in illegal pornography, which is worded to pretend to be the agency of the FBI. Read the rest of this post »


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IPhone/iPad Locked by the Illegal Pornography justicezealand@post.com Virus – How to Remove It?

Hey, there? I am from New Zealand. There is a suspicious notification on my iPhone now. It is something like your phone is locked for the illegal pornography. There is an email address of “justicezealand@post.com”. It seems like an address of the justice agency of New Zealand. Is it real? My iPhone is completely blocked and I can’t even to power it off. I am really scared. Is that possible that the authority will come to my house? But I have done nothing illegal. I can’t remove this thing myself. Please help!

“Justicezealand Scam Virus” Description:

The malware with the similar message like “Your iPhone/iPad locked by the illegal pornography justicezealand@post.com” is a piece of ransomware that can be called fake government virus like the fake FBI virus prevailing in the USA. Some common traits are shared by all variants of such a virus. First, to force the victims to pay the non-existent fine as fast as they can, the virus usually disguises itself to be the powerful law enforcement agency of the target country. In this case, we can tell from the fake email address “justicezealand@post.com”, the virus pretends as the justice agency of the New Zealand to threaten to victims to pay a fine for illegal pornography. For the victims who are sensitive and prudent enough, this trick is being able to avoid easily. While for some victims, the case becomes a nightmare. They are frightened so much at sight of this scam that can’t help moving to pay the imaginary fine as the hacker’s demand without having the situation turned any better. Some of them payed as much as 500 bucks to the hacker’s account in an irreversible method. Apart from this trick, another method the hacker uses to threaten the victims to pay is the second common aspect of such an infection we are going to analyze. It really makes sense in combination with the trick we have just discussed to drive the victims to step into the whole scam trap. And that is supposed to be probably the most annoying and upsetting trait that drive mad the victims. Yes, the virus will partly or completely block you from using the device again. In some cases, even the attempt to restart or power off the device is prevented, let alone using it as normal to operate such functions as making calls, sending messages and running an antivirus program to detect and kill the virus. And this aspect of the virus plays a critical role in making the victims believe that the hacker’s claim of deleting all the data stored on the device is real.The logic of such a judgement can be that since the infected device has been blocked completely by the hacker, it is natural that the data is being at his disposal. While, as a matter of fact, by now, there is no evidence that show a fake government virus like the one discussed in this article will delete the data of the device infected with it. Finally, to escape from being reversed and traced, usually, the hacker will prefer to demand the victims to pay the non-existent fine in an irreversible and untraceable way like via GreenDot MoneyPak, Ukash or Paysafecard code in the case of the victims in the USA. This adds the sadness and sorrow of the victims who have been fooled into getting trapped.
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How to Remove Different Variants of Fake Police or FBI-like Virus on Phones or Tablets?

What is a fake police virus? How to identify a fake police virus like the fake FBI virus? Some victims say that they can feel it is just a fake police scam virus at the sight of the infection. While some who are not that techy and sensitive feel freaked out about the virus. In some cases, the victims are so horrible that they end up paying a non-existent fine as the hackers’ demand without the problem being solved. Some even deal with the infection in a ridiculous way, for example by throwing the infected device into a river to eliminate the evidence, because they scare the virus-claimed authority will come to their house to arrest and put them in jail. What is more, since the first infection about several years ago, the virus has varied a great deal in many ways. There are many different variants prevailing all over the world. Hence, we think it is still needed to tell about the characteristics of the fake police virus that can help identify such an infection.

More Information about the Fake Police or FBI-like Virus Scam:

Based on a thorough analysis of the reliable materials about all variants of the discussed virus, which are collected in various ways such as from the reports of the victims who come to us for help and by reading all kinds of essays or articles involved with the virus, we conclude that a fake police virus or FBI-like virus always features the characteristics that are going to be analyzed as below. Read the rest of this post »


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