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How to Access Hulu in China?

Can’t access Hulu in China? Some videos on Hulu are not available for you while your friends can watch them freely in other countries? What’s going on there? How to fix the problem and access Hulu in China? Read this article carefully and you will get the answer.

Why can’t I Access Hulu in China?

China is one of those countries which are leading the technological top chart boards right now if one must say. It has a very tight security program, and it leaves no stone unturned to make sure that they indeed have the strictest security program both online and offline in the whole world. The GFC or the Great Firewall of China is the firewall they use to protect the internet in China, and it is no wonder that this Great Firewall of China also has blocked most of the websites and search engines and also apps and other web services in China.
In the same way, Hulu is also a blocked website in mainland China in 2010. Hulu is a very famous streaming website in The United States of America, among other streaming websites in the country like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But one always wants to access all these websites because these kinds of streaming websites have a lot of shows streaming, and some of them are the channel’s original shows which are not found anywhere else on the T.V. or on other streaming websites. The most interesting thing is that users can reedit the video on Hulu and post it on social networking sites. It is a pity that Hulu has been blocked in China. Fortunately, there is still a way to access Hulu in China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access Line in China?

Hi. Is it possible to access Line in China? I heard that Line is blocked in China. However, I would like to use Line in China to contact friends. Is there a way to unlock it? If there is, please tell me how. Thanks a lot.

What is Line?

The line is a free application for messaging and interactions. This app is available for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The line is a platform that has features like texting, multimedia exchange i.e. photos and videos. Voice calling (VoIP) and video conference features are also available in Line along with a huge collection of stickers. The line is a very popular choice for the users.

Why can’t I Access Line in China?

Just like Facebook, Google and YouTube, Line is blocked in China. Due to the serious censorship with Great Firewall of China on the country’s access to foreign websites, the availability of Line in China is a questionable matter. China’s GFW controls the access, viewing and publishing of data on the internet restrict access to a lot of websites and news portals. Though Line is a Japanese application, it is still facing restriction in China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to access Netflix in China?

Hi. I would like to know how I can access Netflix in China. I moved to China with my parents last month. As Netflix is only available in US, I can’t watch videos on it any more. I don’t have friends here and really need something I love. Please help me access Netflix in China.

Why Can’t I Access Netflix in China?

China is a country which leads the world in terms of technology. They have the strictest firewall in the whole world which they call the Great Firewall of China or GFC. This firewall lives up to its name, and we have no doubt in that. This Great Firewall of China is not the only security service of China. China also excels in other security terms like having a very tight offline security or day to day real life security. But amongst all these things, the citizens of China need some relaxation at the end of the day. But unfortunately, they don’t get to watch most of the TV shows on streaming websites or use the internet as they please because of the Chinese government has blocked most of the streaming websites and other internet services like most popular search engines like Google, other apps, cloud storage, and much more. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access FB in China?

Hey. I can’t access FB in China. I think FB is amazing for users. I can use it to lots of things. Just don’t understand why it’s blocked in China. I love ling in China, but I really need FB here. Please tell me how to access FB in China. Thank you.

Why FB is Blocked & How to Access FB in China?

In the face of affluent technology, the internet security in China is very strict to the rest of the world. To save “cyberspace sovereignty,” China has put up a national internet security or internet filter called the Great Firewall of China. This firewall is more effective in the proper cities and has censored and restricted certain foreign websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, New York Times, Twitter and many other websites of the west. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access Dropbox in China

Hi. I would like to know how access Dropbox in china. I always got Internet error when trying to use Dropbox. My friends told me that Dropbox is blocked in China. I am wondering how to unlock it and access my files. Any suggestion?

Can’t Access Dropbox in China?

China is one of the sturdiest countries in the whole world which holds its expertise growth and development, internet security, scientific discoveries, and substructures firmly. It is very well known about the security strictness in respect to the internet. Officials remark that the rules will help stop cyber-attacks and help avert terrorism, whereas critics say they will further grind down internet freedom. Business groups worry about security checks on companies in industries like finance and communications, and moreover in-country data storage; which results in foreign processes more expensive. Even to use messaging services in China, people have to register their real names. Read the rest of this post »


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The best ways to Access Twitter in China

Hi, i have a problem with Twitter. When i try to access it in China, it says “The Twitter.com page isn’t working”. No matter how many times i tried, it was the same problem. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my internet connection or Dell computer. Because everything was good when i was on a business trip in Canada two days ago.I really need your help. Because i have to stay here in China for as long as half a year when the project will be completed. I use Twitter a lot to keep in touch with my friends and families a lot in USA. How can i live without it for half a year? Please help me!

More Information about Twitter.

China is the world’s largest producer of goods and has one of the fastest growing economies. But the citizens of China have been facing quite unnecessary website blockings from the government termed as the Great Firewall of China, which can be frustrating in the age of social media.
Twitter is one such site blocked by the government. Twitter is generally used by a person to post ‘tweets,’ 140 characters post on their wall which may help them to interact with the world. Twitter is very famous among many Politicians, Celebrities, well-known people in society to give a statement or views on a topic. Naturally, a person would feel an urge to use it. They can, however, use it and we will state how.
VPN or Virtual Public Network is there to help the people unblock Twitter and many other sites. Read the rest of this post »


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The Best Ways to Use Instagram from China

Hello, I am Sally from US. I am going to be sent to China to have a meeting with the business partner of my company. I will stay there for about 2 months. But I heard that Instagram is blocked in China. It is said the block is the result of the Pro-democracy test in Hong Kong several years ago. Anyway, I want to use the Instagram in China. In US, I use the service a lot to keep in touch with my friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances. It gives a lot of fun. For me, it is not only a social networking service, but also part of life. I have no idea how my stay in China for about 2 months will be without the service. What is more, I will go for some sightseeing when I stay there. I want to share interesting pictures with my friends and families. Really, it is very important for me to use the Instagram. Is there any way to unblock the service? How? Please help me, I will set off in two days. Thanks a lot!

What Is Instagram? How Popular Is the Service?

What is Instagram? This is not even a question for many people in many nations especially in USA, because it is a widely known mobile application that allows users to share photos and videos in a public or private way. What is more, the users can share the content through such famous social networking media as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and so on. There are many people are using Instagram as the way to stay in touch with their friends, families, classmates, schoolmates, relatives and so on. It is reported that the monthly active users of Instagram reached more than 150 million by September 9, 2013. Among the users of the service, there are many celebrities. They use Instagram as an important way to interact with their fans by sharing photos and videos. For many people, Instagram is not only a social networking service, but more also part of their life. It is hard to imagine how upsetting life would be without accessing the service. So, in this article, we are recommending an effective and efficient way to access Instagram in China and other nations where the service is blocked with reliability. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Solve “This site can’t be reached” While Visiting Facebook in China?

I have a problem saying “This site can’t be reached” many times while visiting Facebook. I am now in China on a business trip. I don’t think there is something wrong with my computer or internet connection, because I can visit other websites successfully with them. I need to travel a lot as an oversea engineer. I remember it was good when I was in Canada several days ago. So what is going on? How can I fix this problem? Facebook is my very important way to stay in touch with my friends and families when I am on a trip. Please help!

How Popular and Important Facebook Is for Many Users?

Facebook is an important social networking service and online social media well known all over the world. With Facebook, users can post status updates, exchange messages, share digital photos, videos and links, use all kinds of apps and become informed when their friends or families make posts or update profiles. What is more, users may join user groups of common interest which may be organized by workplace, hobbies or other topics. There are many people using this service to keep in touch with their families, friends and acquaintances in daily life. It is reported there were more than 1.86 billion active users per month on Facebook as of December 31, 2016. And according to number of active user accounts, Facebook is regarded as the most popular online social media in the world. For many people, Facebook is not just a place for social networking, but also a life style. Many things may be messed up. They may feel unbalanced inside without Facebook. Read the rest of this post »


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How to use Vimeo in China 2017?

Hi. I’ve just tried to open a bunch of Vimeo links and they take ages to load before coming up with the “connection to the server was reset while the page was loading” warning message. I really hope this doesn’t mean Vimeo is blocked out here in China now. I love Vimeo so much, but I have to work for months here. Is Vimeo blocked in China? Do you know how to use Vimeo in China 2017?

What is Vimeo & How to Use Vimeo in China 2017?

What is Vimeo and what you can with it? Can you use Vimeo in China? Vimeo is an American video-sharing website where you can upload, share and watch useful or interesting video freely. Lots of videos from various countries are available for you there. Bad news is that it is not available for Chinese users. Just the same as many other video-sharing websites, Vimeo is blocked in Mainland China due to the famous Great Firewall. It is strong enough to stop users in China to use it normally. However, it is still possible to use Vimeo in China. What you have to do is to use a VPN service to bypass the Great Firewall of China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to use Dropbox in China 2017?

Hello. Need your suggestions. I came to China last week and found that I couldn’t use Dropbox. My friends and I always used it to store and share important files. I can’t load it here. At first, I thought it’s my network issue and later found that others can’t use it either in China. I need to access my files for work. It’s emergency. Please tell me how to use Dropbox in China 2017. Thank you.

What is Dropbox & how to use Dropbox in China 2017?

Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service (sometimes referred to as an online backup service) that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website — so you can access your stuff from anywhere. You can use it on computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices. It is very convenient for users. However, Dropbox is not available in China due to the Great Firewall. Does that mean it is impossible to use Dropbox in China? No. You still can use Dropbox in China with the help of a VPN. A VPN will help bypass the Great Firewall so that you can use Dropbox in China anytime. Read the rest of this post »


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