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How to Access Geo-Restricted Content of Websites like Netflix?

Hi, i hope you can help with this problem. I want to watch a TV show on Netflix that I have watched half of its season in USA. But just fail and always send a message saying “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet. Enter your email & we’ll let you know when Netflix is available.” It is annoying, my Internet connection is good, I am sure there is no problem with my computer and Netflix account. I am in China having a meeting with our business partner. Everything was perfectly good when I was still in USA two days ago. What is happening? Why does it present the error all the time? Can you please help me with it?

Hey, I am from UK and now in China for sightseeing with my families. I am trying to play the BBC iPlayer, but it apparently there is a problem taking place. I can’t get run the service as I could in UK. I have no idea what is going on. I have tried using different devices like my Mac computer, iPhone, even the android phone of my Chinese friend. It is the same problem. Please help me! I am tired and don’t know what to do. Much appreciated!

More Information about Geo-restriction or Geo-blocking.

Geo-restriction or geo-blocking is defined as the practice of a content protection technology to restrict access to different content according to the geographical location of the user. Services or websites with geo-restriction or geo-blocking policy like Netflix are applying certain geolocation techniques to calculate the user’s location. They may have established a database or list against which the user’s IP is checked and identified. The outcome of the check decides which content you are allowed to access and which content you are restricted from reaching.

For example, if your IP is recognized as from China, you are not allowed to access anything on Netflix; you will receive a similar message saying “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet. Enter your email & we’ll let you know when Netflix is available.” when you try to watch Netflix from China. And in India, it is reported only part of the whole content of Netflix can be accessed by the Indian users. A TV show produced in USA may not be available on India market because of copyright and licensing issue.

Apart from Netflix, many other services or websites are also practicing geo-restriction or geo-blocking to restrict access to their content. Such services as Hulu, HBO, USA Network, ABC, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Deezer, WWE, Star Sports, Sky Italia, etc. are all included in the list. HBO now is a service that can be accessed only from United States. The service can’t be reached from outside USA because different licensed broadcasters in different countries may replace the original content with their own, similar service to make it more successful or make more profits. Geo-restriction or geo-blocking can be used to restrict access to quality TV shows, movies, music and any other multimedia content on the Internet, filter malicious traffic, enforce price discrimination, etc.

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How to Use Popcorn Time in China?

I was wondering if anyone has experience using Popcorn Time here. I got problem in using Popcorn Time here in China. Somehow, I can’t load it. I have no idea what’s going on here. By the way, I could use it on the same device in my country. Now I can’t use Popcorn Time in China. Any suggestion?

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a platform which streams movies and TV shows from torrents for users. Users can watch various movies and TV shows for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android device. The best versions of movie or TV show are available in the catalogue. You can have the excellent experience as long as long you have proper internet connection. Some Popcorn Time users say, “It lets you access just about everything on the internet.” It operates very effectively with the help of BitTorrent protocol. You can upload and download large files in an easier way which won’t take much time. Also, Popcorn Time’s story is one of the most fantastic ones. Its team operates without funding. However, it is a great platform with awesome torrent site and media player all in one that allows you to gather up your favorite content and watch it. It has been very popular all over the world.
Unfortunately, Popcorn Time is banned in China. It does not have support for Chinese subtitles at the moment. Like most other sites based around torrenting, Popcorn Time catches a bit of controversy. In some countries like China and United Arab Emirates, Popcorn Time is deemed inappropriate, politically sensitive, or otherwise disruptive to society. If you live in China, the Great Firewall of China will not allow you use it with the public network that all people use to access the Internet. How do servers find out you are living in those countries? The servers can figure out your rough location according to your IP address. When you visit a website, it can read your IP. Therefore, your connection to Popcorn Time is blocked once your Chinese IP is detected. Does that mean it is impossible to use Popcorn Time in China? No. You still can use it in China. However, you need extra help. You need a VPN to help you overcome the Geo-Restrictions. Read the rest of this post »


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The Best Way to Access YouTube in China

Hi. I am going to China for a trip. I heard that the Chinese food and traditional festivals are fabulous. I am looking forward to share some videos on YouTube to my friends. However, I heard that YouTube is blocked in China as well as Facebook and Google. They are my daily used applications. That will be awful if I can’t use them during my trip. Is there any way to access YouTube in China? What’s the best way to access YouTube in China?

Can’t Access YouTube in China?

YouTube is one of the most famous videos platforms where subscribers can watch and post various videos. You can find your favorites TV series that are not available on other websites. You are allowed to share amazing videos with your friends anytime. However, YouTube is blocked in China. It had been considered as a harmful application since the 2009 riots. The Great Firewall of China does not allow users in China to access YouTube. Once your Chinese IP had been detected, your connection to YouTube will be blocked.
Luckily, there is still hope. VPNs, proxy sites, torrents and the TOR browser will help you access YouTube in China. So, which one of them is the best way to access YouTube in China? It is the VPN. Surely, proxy sites, torrents and the TOR browser are able to help you access the blocked websites in China. However, the proxy sites are easily detected and blocked the Great Firewall of China. Regarding the torrents, it works slowly. That is too bad for watching videos on YouTube. Besides, torrents are illegal in some countries. You have to be cautious. When come to the TOR browser, it is too slow for viewing videos. That can be very irritating to use YouTube on TOR browser. However, VPN is a fast, stable and secure way to access YouTube in China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Use Snapchat in China?

I have the Snapchat app on my phone, but, as it is blocked in China I can’t use it.Is there any way to use Snapchat in China?

Brief Information of Snapchat

Snapchat is an application for text and video chats, images sharing, and multimedia with millions of users worldwide. It is different from other chat platform. For example, you are broadcasting to the world if you post something on Facebook. When you share a photo or video on Snapchat, you’re sharing a moment with chosen friends. This is a much more personal experience.  You don’t need to think if the pictures or videos you share are good enough because everything on Snapchat is temporary and exists for only a moment in time, reducing inhibition to share. They  are self-destructed after a few minutes of the addressee watching or reading. However, the bad news is Snapchat is blocked in China. You can’t access it with the regular network. You need extra help to use Snapchat in China. That is a VPN which helps you overcome the Great Firewall of China. Read the rest of this post »


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The Best Way to Unblock Telegram in China.

Hello, i need your help! i have trouble using Telegram now. I can’t turn on it on any device. I even tried many times using the phone of my Chinese partners, checked the internet connection, confirmed my Telegram account with the company, everything is good, but why i just fail to use it? This problem is annoying and weird. Everything was good in my country two days ago. Please help me fix it.

More Information about Telegram.

Telegram is a free instant messaging platform where you can send and receive messages, photos,stickers,video clips, audio and all kinds of files with your friends or families. There are different Telegram clients for different systems. You can use the service on Android, iOS, Whindows Phone, Windows, Ubuntu Touch, Linux and MacOS. The most important feature of the Telegram service different from other services is it allows secret chats.Message sent within a secret chat are encrypted with the service’s MTProto protocol. It is a client-to-client encryption. Messages can be accessed only on designated sending or receiving devices. What is more, within secret chats, you choose to remove the messages any time you want or set it to be self-destruct. All these measures make Telegram a secure and reliable instant messager and stand out among so many instant messaging services. Although the service has atrracted many users all over the world and become one of the most well-known service in the industry, users, residents or visitors, can’t use Telegram in China because it is blocked by the Chinese government using GFW.

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Best Way to Access Line in China

Hey. I am trying to use Line in China. I met a girl who came from Japan last week. We both like Gong Fu and have many things in common. We used to text each other. Today, she asked me if I have a Line account. Then, I tried to use Line app. Somehow, I can’t load it. Please tell me the best way to access Line in China. I really want to chat with her on Line. Thank you.

Introduction to Line and Reasons Why Line is Blocked in China

Line is a free app for users to have instant communications on electronic devices, which is really famous among the countries of the East Asia. However, you can’t access this app if you’re in China. It is because both the great firewall and the Line cooperation have blocked it from being employed in China. However, it doesn’t mean that Line is not famous in China. It is one of those companies who have taken over the most of the Chinese local markets with their character soft toys, t-shirts imprinted with these characters and much more. The CEO of the Line Corporation has stated that the cute characters of the Line chat app are completely perfect to reside in Chinese market.
So, why Line is blocked in China? After the riots of 2009, China has blocked almost every social media app like Line that is most prevalent around the globe. These social media apps were considered to be the main reason behind the intense view that was taken by the riots in 2009. The great Firewall of China has blocked almost every social media and chat app from other counties which include Facebook, Twitter, Line, Instagram, etc. because the government thinks that this app can have the adverse impact on the society. Hence, even today you won’t be able to access Line and other similar social media apps in China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Use DuckDuckGo in China?

Hey. I am trying to use DuckDuckGo in China. My work is translating and I need to search for useful information all the time. However, DuckDuckGo is blocked in China. How can I unblock it? Please help. Thank you.

DuckDuckGo is Blocked in China?

As we know, DuckDuckGo is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. China has been famous for its Great Firewall that has one simple aim “To check if the data that has been accessed is following the cultural rules or not?” From cultural rule, we didn’t mean something about the culture of China, but it means that data is not offensive, not a threat to the public. Everything should be completely non-offensive. That’s why the great firewall has blocked many websites and search engine for Chinese network. If you want to access DuckDuckGo, Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any other website that the firewall thinks it is not filtered then, sorry mate, but that site has already been blocked by the Chinese firewall, and you can’t access it directly. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Bypass Government Censorship and Surveillance on Internet in Countries like China?

Internet censorship is a form of government surveillance. Surveillance is popular in the world; almost all nations have got its own surveillance on their citizens or visitors who travel to such states to ensure the safety and security of the country. But no matter what the reason is, it is fact that surveillance is not only an issue of safeguarding the countries from being threatened, but also a matter of privacy and freedom invasion. So how to bypass government censorship and surveillance on Internet in countries like China to protect our privacy and freedom?

Why and How Does the Government implement the Censorship and Surveillance?

When you travel to China, you will find that such popular websites as Facebook, Twitter, Google search engine etc. are not accessible in this country. All these websites are all blocked by the facility named GFW, abbreviation of Great Firewall of China. It is a tool used by the government to implement Internet censorship and restrictions to regulate the Internet domestically. It is the combination of legislative and technological actions taken by the government of Mainland China to achieve Internet censorship in China by criminalizing certain online speech and activities, filtering sensitive key words out of searches initiated from visitors whose computers are located in Mainland China, preventing users in China from visiting selected websites and so on. That is why when you try to access Facebook or any other blocked websites in China; you are just informed of an error message which is something like this site can’t be reached.

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How to Access Instagram in China?

Can’t Access Instagram in China?

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media website and application that allow the people to share their happy moment with the help of pictures and videos. However, this multimedia website is also the part of one of those popular applications that have been blocked by the Great Firewall of China. You are not able to access Instagram in a traditional way no matter how fast your Internet is. The national firewall is pretty powerful and difficult to bypass.

Why has the great firewall of China blocked the Instagram?

The story began when the person in Hong Kong shared a media while there was a protest going in Hong Kong in 2014. It was stated that this application might provoke the Chinese protestors and hence will be a threat to the society of China. However, Instagram remarked it as the fear of Chinese government from their people. In 2014, Instagram became another western and widely used application that was censored by the GFW in China.
You may wonder, is there a way by which people can access Instagram in China? In this article, we will be elaborating some do’s and not do’s if you want to access Instagram in China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Use VPN to Evade Carrier Data Collection after Congress Repeals the FCC’s Privacy Protections?

Hi. I would like to know what kind of data that the Carrier can collect and sell to the third parties after the privacy rules were turned down. To be honest, I don’t feel good about that. How can I evade Carrier data collection after Congress repeals the FCC’s privacy protections?

What Data Carrier can Collect & What can Carrier Do after Congress Repeals the FCC’s Privacy Protections?

Should we be worrying after the Congress repealed the FCC’s privacy rules? How does that affect your life? What data can the Carrier collect? And, what they can do with your data? The Carrier can collect information that you used in some apps. In fact, a number of carriers admitted to installing software on customers’ phones that tracked data, including browser history and app usage. Some collect device you’re using, and the apps you have installed. With your permission, it’ll also monitor their location and their contacts. In those days, people have no choice but are forced to grant permission to some apps to access Contacts, view & send text message, connect device to Wifi and so on. In the past, people were able to choose not to allow them to do those things without your permission when installing apps. Now, no options can be selected. Granting permission is the default and only option. It is really creepy that people develop apps in this way. Read the rest of this post »


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