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How to Free up Space on iPhone/iPad?

I’m trying to update the iOS. The update needs more storage and I’ve deleted almost everything from my iPad to increase the storage. The storage used is 10.9GB and I can’t understand how I’ve used so much. How can I free up space on iPad to update the iOS and install more software? I really like playing game on iPad while I can’t. Would you please help me?

Is Your iPhone/iPad So Fully?

We know that the storage of an iPhone/iPad is not small. 16 GB or 64 GB is much huger than the several hundreds MB on old version mobile device. However, users still feel that the storage is not enough. People download and save stuff on iPhone/iPad every day which takes up a substantial amount of space. At the same time, it needs more storage to update the system or software. As time goes by, free space on iPhone/iPad will run out soon. Users will hit a wall whenever they try to update the ios, install a recommended app, download an interesting video or save useful data. Did you encounter the same issue? How much space left on your iPhone/iPad? Is your iPhone/iPad so fully that you fail to save more stuff? Don’t worry. You can free up space on your iPhone/iPad. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Free Up Android Phone/Tablet?

Hello. My android phone runs slow lately. When I am about to install an app, it tells me that Storage memory is full. The size of that app is pretty small. I don’t know how it happens. Now I can’t install new app and download movie with large size. It makes me feel frustrated because there are many games I haven’t played. The message which tells me Storage memory is full will not go away and just sits on my notification bar. I am uneasy with the notification. Is there a way to free up my phone? What do I do? By the way, it’s a Samsung S6. I bought it not long ago and I don’t want get a new one right now. Please give me advice. Thank you in advance.

Do You Need More Free Space on Your Android Phone/Tablet?

How is your Android phone/tablet running? Does your device run slow? Do you have difficulty in installing new app due to the full Storage memory? It is well-known that Android phones and tablets can be filed up soon after you downloaded apps, music, movies, pictures and other data off the Internet. No matter how many gigabytes of storage you have on the device, the memory will run out eventually. If you have no enough free space on the phone, your phone will lags in response and get stuck frequently. Especially when you play games, it takes a long time to load. You can’t play the game smoothly and the tableau sense is terrible. Not only for game apps, other regular apps like Facebook and Twitter load and respond slow. When you get update notifications, you fail to update them because there is not enough free space for the update. You need more free space to make your device properly. Therefore, it is necessary to free up your Android phone/tablet. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Optimize Windows PC for Gaming?

Hi. This is David. My PC always gets stuck in the middle of game which is very frustrated. For this reason, I barely could enjoy the game. I was about to relax myself with game, but it ruined my day instead. So, I am trying to make it run smoothly. I simply emptied the recycle bin and cleared rubbish with my security program. And I don’t think it worked a lot. Is there any way I can optimize the PC for gaming effectively? Can you help me? I don’t know much about computer. Thank you in advance.

Does Your PC Freeze Frequently When Playing Game?

PC games are pretty popular among Internet users in those years. People would like to entertain themselves with PC games, lying in comfortable chair as they are under pressure at work. They can do something that they are able to do in real life, enjoying the sense of victory. However, there is one condition. Namely, your PC performance must be good enough. In fact, many users who know little about computer always get stuck in games. Sometimes, it takes more time to load the game, and it even lags in game. When they are about to defeat the enemies, PC just freezes and won’t respond for a long time. How upsetting it would be! Does your PC freeze frequently when playing game? If you also are annoyed by the choppy game experience, we suggest you optimize the PC so as to enjoy the excellent game experience. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Fix Windows PC Crashes?

Hi, I am facing the problem. My windows7 PC crashed for a long time. I just run my video app and went to watch a movie, but it was crashed suddenly and I can’t move to other page. I pressed the power button directly and forced shutdown, and then restarted my computer, it looks well and back to normal. After a while, the screen has been crashed again, I don’t know why? How to fix the problem? Please help.

Many netizens often encounter windows PC crashes, but they don’t know what the reason of the PC crashes. There are some performances of the windows PC crash: blue screen, screen “freeze-frame” and no response, mouse and keyboard cannot input, the running software interrupt abnormal and so on.

Why your windows PC crashed?

There are two reasons: Hardware issue and Software issue. Read the rest of this post »


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Windows 10 Startup Slowly – How to Speed Up Windows 10?

I had bought my Dell computer for 4 years. I updated the operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a month ago. Since yesterday, I installed an LOL computer game. I found that my computer worked more and more slowly than before. When I start the computer, it took about few minutes to boot into the system. Usually, it just took about one minute. How to get my Windows 10 faster? How to speed up Windows 10? Any idea?

Why Does Windows 10 Start Slowly? How to Make It Faster?

As soon as the new operating system is created by the IT guys, people would like to update their system to the latest version. Now Windows 10 is the newest operation system for computers. Most of people choose to update their system (such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP etc.) to Windows 10. Windows 10 is a fast and stable operating system, but over time it can pick up a number of drag factors that cause performance to slow down. If your Windows 10 becomes slowly at startup and other aspect of performance, what would you do to make it faster?

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Windows Update gets stuck – How to fix?

Hello! My Windows computer downloaded some Windows automatic updates and the update never completed. Now my computer gets stuck. I have tried to restart my computer, but once I log in my computer, this problem appears again. It is always updating and never install. Is there any effective ways to solve this problem? I am unable to use my computer right now and I really need my computer to finish my work. Please help me! Will high appreciate!

Windows Update gets stuck? Here are related information

Firstly, you need to make sure that your computer really has this “Windows Update gets stuck” problem. Generally, if the update still can not complete in 3 hours, there is a serious possibility that your computer has got this problem and for using your computer preferably, you should find an useful way to fix it. Most of time, windows update works in the background after computer started up and we even don’t know. It is common that when we turn off our computer, then we will see a message saying that there is an update need to be installed, please keep your computer charging. Sometimes this message just stay on the computer screen for a few minutes then the computer turned off. But sometimes the update just sticks at XX% and it won’t be installed. This problem is such annoying and more and more people get this issue. Thus, an effective way to fix this widespread issue should be figured out immediately.
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How to Clean Registry And Speed up PC’s Performance?

Hi, there. My computer seemed acting really weirdly. It ran so slowly. Sometimes, when I started a new tab or ran a new program, my computer got sluggish and white screen. I got warning report windows telling me that this application stopped working and I was asked to close the application or wait to its response. One of my friends said that there are too much unwanted files and programs on my computer. It’s better to clean Registry which has too many dead entries on my computer so as to tune up my computer performance. How to clean my Registry is a tough process for me who don’t know much computer technology. What should I do? How do I clean Registry and speed up PC’s performance? Please help!

What Is Windows Registry?

Windows Registry is a kind of minimum file with a name of Reg.dat. It is a massive database containing hundreds of thousands of entries. It can store kinds of computer files and record all the activities acting on your computer as well as settings for programs, operating system configuration, hardware devices and more. Due to difficulties of management and maintenance of the initialization files and the damage of the INI files, the computer may suffer hard booting problems frequently like system cannot be started and get windows errors and blue screen and so on. The registry is a kind of DNA for Windows computers as it keeps record of every task performed on the system like opening a file or document, installing and uninstalling applications, visiting a website, etc. Thus, Registry is a crucial factor during the computer’s working. If you delete any files on the Registry wrongly, it may make your programs disable and run abnormally. Therefore, if you want to clear your Registry files, you must be cautious.

Why Should We Have to Clear Registry? Will This Be Helpful to Speed up PC’s Performance?

During the use of computer, each your operation will generate the temporary files as cache files. These files may be stored in the Registry. More and more unless files will be generated while you are browsing the Internet, updating Windows application, installing programs, downloading applications and documents, running programs. These file may take space of your computer. If you don’t clear these file for a long time, your computer will run more and more slowly. Also, Windows will never remove registry entries even if a program is uninstalled as most of the uninstallers won’t be able to remove their own registry keys. So, the registry gets loaded with outdated entries which can cause error messages and slowdown computer speed and performance. Therefore, it is very much important to clean registry in order to boost system speed, free storage space, increase startup time, etc.

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Are all Browser Extensions Safe to Use?

Hello. I have questions about the browser extensions. I use browser to work and do shopping every day. However, I saw pop-up message suggesting me install extensions to improve browsing experience. It says I should install InvisibleHand extension as I always buy product online. It will help me find cheaper and better goods. Should I install it? Is it reliable? Can it be the spyware?

What is Browser Extension?

Browser extension is a browser plug-in that extends the functionality of your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. You can use the extensions that supported by your browser safely. Nowadays, the reliable extensions are able to change the user interface of the web browser because they are authored using web technologies such as JavaScript CSS and HTML. Different browsers started supporting extensions in different time. The first browser that started supporting extension is Internet Explore. The second one is Mozilla Firefox. It has supported browser extensions since it was launched in 2004. The third one is Opera desktop web browser which supported in 2009. Next, Safari and Google Chrome both started in 2010. Safari mainly supports native extensions. Microsoft Edge didn’t support extensions until March, 2016. Besides, it supports fewer extensions. In addition, different browsers support different extensions. You need to choose the ones that suit your browser. Read the rest of this post »


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How to free up hard drive space on your Computer?

How can I free up disk space on my computer? My hard drive is nearly out of free space. I keep getting a low disk space warning. I always failed to install software even if its size is pretty small. Now my computer runs extremely slow and freezes suddenly. I hardly can use it to work. It is a Dell computer with Windows 7. It’s not an old one and I bought it 6 months ago. Is it because I downloaded too many files? I receive pictures, videos, music and various files from my partner every day. I was about to remove some of the files, but I was afraid that I might remove the wrong ones as I know little about computer. Important files are stored in my office software. Do not want to lose them. Please help me free up the hard drive without losing important data. Thank you.

Is Your Hard Drive out of Free Space?

Did you get low disk space warning? Does your computer run slow? In those years, the size of computer hard drives have been enlarged at an amazing rate. You can have 1 TB of storage on your device. However, you may find that no matter how large your hard drive is, it is still possible to run out of memory. As we all know, the software we use has been undated regularly. Meanwhile, the more functions it has, the larger size it has. You may install more software to meet your need and download more files for work. In this way, your hard drive will be filled soon. Read the rest of this post »


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