Nov 24

How to Use Dropbox on Samsung S8 in China?

Dropbox is one of the blocked internet services in China. It is deemed to be a threat to the society because people can spread and share pictures, videos and other data easily. In this article, we will discuss why it is blocked and how to unblock it in China.

Can’t Use Dropbox in China?

If you live in China, you may not hear of Dropbox because the ISPs in China do not allow you to access it. Some of you might use it and later found it fail to load. It did work in the past and has been blocked since 2010. Dropbox a personal cloud storage service. The service provides 2 GB of storage for free and up to 100 GB on various for-fee plans. It is a home for all your photos, documents, videos, and other files that allows you to access your stuff from anywhere. It also is a creative collaboration space designed to safely sync your files across all devices which makes it easy to share with your partners though you are not living in the same city or country. Dropbox gives distributed storage administrations like information matching up which is important for information stockpiling. It supports both portable and desktops on various devices like Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry etc. This service is very useful, especially for those people who travel a lot. However, it does not work when you travel to China as Dropbox has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China. You need to get through the censorship.

Why is Dropbox Blocked in China?

China is one of the sturdiest countries in the whole world which holds its expertise growth and development, internet security, scientific discoveries, and substructures firmly. It is very well known about the security strictness in respect to the Internet. After the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protest on June 4, the Chinese authority put lots efforts on Internet censorship. Why is Dropbox on the list? It didn’t violate the Chinese laws. However, it allows users to share files and dissemination of information in near-real time. As Dropbox is not based in China, it doesn’t have to work with the Chinese Government to filter content or restrict access to “inappropriate information”. It is destined to be blocked by China once they become popular enough. Besides, there is another reason for the block. In China, most of the western or the widely used applications on the Internet are blocked. This action gives the local Internet company a chance to develop in the domestic market. Therefore, the Golden Shield Project was created to ensure that users in China can’t access those websites. It is known as the Great firewall of China. It is considered the most prime, extensive, and most advanced Internet censorship establishment in the world. Is it possible to defeat such a powerful thing to access Dropbox and other blocked services in China? Yes, it is possible. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on November 24, 2017 7:44 am

Nov 23

How to Access Dailymotion on Samsung S8 in China?

Hey. I need a tool to help me access Dailymotion in China on my Samsung S8. I came to China last month for study and I found that all video sharing websites I used at home are blocked here. Dailymotion is my favorite and I don’t want to give it up while studying abroad. I have no friends here and need it to kill time. How can I watch Dailymotion normally like I did at home? Any assistance?

Can You Watch Dailymotion in China?

Do you try to use Dailymotion in China? Can you access the site normally? Any error pops up when loading the site? If you say Yes and have problem in watch video on Dailymotion in China, it’s normal because it is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Some of you may not know what Dailymotion is. Let’s explain it. Dailymotion is a video-sharing website hosted in France which lets people upload and view videos from all over the world. It streams a larger number of videos including the original content created by Dailymotion studios. Dailymotion is a proper platform for children because it addresses safety through creating awareness of bullying and cyberbullying and providing parents with tools to help their children share and watch videos safely. As the second-leading video-streaming site in the world after YouTube, it is very popular for its high-quality videos in most of the countries and regions. The superior layout and intuitive interface give you an amazing viewing experience. Many users choose because it is very easy to get started with Dailymotion. You can watch the video without signing in. In addition, it is freer to share video on this platform because the producers are more tolerant, giving much less claims on copyright issues. It is a pity that users in China can’t access such a good service. But, you know what. Some people still can access Dailymotion in China. They use VPNs to bypass the firewall to unblock the websites. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on November 23, 2017 12:50 pm and last modified on November 23, 2017 12:50 pm.

Nov 22

How to Use Viber App to Send Text Messages and Make Free Calls in China?

Hello. We need your suggestions. My wife is traveling to Beijing for work and staying for 2 months, so we were wondering what would be the best way to communicate while he’s there. We use Viber here, but we heard that Facebook, Twitter, Line and Viber are blocked there. Is there a way to unblock Viber in China? Should we use another app?

Can’t Use Viber App to Text or Call in China?

Can you use Viber to text or call your friends in China? What error can you see when trying to load Viber site in China? Viber is a free cross-platform instant messaging and voice app that allows users to make free calls, send texts, pictures and video messages to other Viber users. You simply need to download the app and enter your phone number to get started. Once your account is activated, the app links to your contact list to find and connect with friends. You need to be connected to your friends or have their numbers before you can call them. This keeps you away from crank call. You can change the settings to not allow others to view your photos. It is good for your online privacy. Viber works on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. It allows you to make calls, send messages and much more to connect with people around the world freely and safely. It is one of the most expressive ways to keep in touch with your loved ones because you can make audio and video calls for a long time and send many video or voice messages without worrying about the high cost. This app does not use your calling plan. You can connect your friends via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network. Viber has been widely used and has 900M users in many countries. However, it is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. You are not able to send text message or make free call via Viber normally with the local server. In order to use it again, you need to bypass the firewall effectively. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on November 22, 2017 3:08 pm and last modified on November 22, 2017 3:11 pm.

Nov 15

Win32.Runouce.b Virus Removal Guide

When I am installing quick heal antivirus but antivirus is not installing, I got the message saying “your computer have virus please scan your computer”, The virus name is Win32.Runouce.b. Please help! I have important information on the computer and must remove the virus right now

What is Win32.Runouce.b Trojan Virus?

Win32:Runouce-B is a nefarious Trojan virus which secretly infects victims’ computer system via security vulnerability. It is very difficult for you to note that it is a virus with your naked eyes because it hides itself by integrating into the operating system. Once it is installed on your computer, it attempts to gain administrator access to the system so that it can perform any activity it wants without your knowledge and permission. The Trojan virus executes each time your computer boots. You may notice that it takes a long time to load the Windows and respond to your command. The compromised computer even crashes down frequently due to the virus’s malicious activities. After the virus roots in the system, you barely can use the computer for work. To fix the problem, you need to remove the virus completely. There is also another reason why we suggest you remove the virus as soon as possible. It is because the virus aims at compromising Internet users’ computers and attempting to steal confidential information there. According to the experts, Win32.Runouce.b Trojan virus is developed to corrupt your system and steal information which can help them make money. Never allow this virus stay on your computer for long and put your data at risk. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on November 15, 2017 2:48 am

Nov 3

How to Remove The Police or FBI Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy?

Need your help please. I got problem. When there was a porn ad showing up, I tried to get out of it but it was installed on my phone. And then the fbi bureau of investigation blocked my screen asking for a pin. The screen is black, and the only other options I can do is turn off or restart my phone. It says, “To start up your device, enter your PIN”. Below that box there’s emergency call. Is it the real police who lock my screen? Please help, I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.

Brief Information of Police or FBI Lock Screen

The police or FBI lock screen is a piece of ransomware that blocks the aimed desktops and mobile devices, trying to swindle money out of innocent users. At the beginning, this virus aims to attack the PC users, locking the PC screen and displaying fake police warning. In those years, the hackers turned to mobile devices because mobile devices have been used by the majority people and become a necessary part of daily life. The ransomware is able to attack tablets and smart phones with various brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, ZTE, Kindle and RCA etc. Also, it is an international virus which has been distributed all over the world. It has different names in different countries. For example, it can be FBI virus, cyber police virus, US marshal virus, and DOJ virus etc. in the US. Besides, it can be Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus in Canada and Metropolitan Police virus in the UK. No matter what its name is, do not trust it. The police or FBI lock screen is a dangerous scam virus. You must get rid of it once you see it. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on November 3, 2017 12:50 pm

Nov 2

How to Get Message “Your Device is 28.1% Damaged!” off Mobile?

Well, I have this message popping up saying that I have 4 viruses and my device is 28.1% damaged, telling that I need to install some apps to remove it. I didn’t follow but googled around. It turned out that many of the reviews say it isn’t legitimate and that it does not remove the pop ups. The problem is I can’t even use Google Chrome anymore because it is constantly popping up. Besides, it says it came from adult content which I know can be risky so I don’t know if it’s real or not. It says it’ll lock my phone in a day every time I keep clicking the back space. What can I do to get rid of the “four viruses”? Please help.

What is “Your Device is 28.1% Damaged Because of 4 Harmful Viruses” Alert?

Do you get popup about 4 viruses while browsing? Have you been warned that your device was 28.1 % damaged due to some viruses? Why would you get such alert on mobile? It is because your device is affected by a nasty browser hijacker virus. The four viruses are not real. The warning seems to be helpful which tells you have virus and provides a solution. In fact, it is not helpful at all. Instead, it is the real threat which hijacks your browser and mess up your device. Do not be tricked by its appearance. As you know, it pops up frequently which stops you from using the browser normally. It is trying to persuade you to download suspicious software, thus helping its developers make money. There is nothing good it will do to your device. Meanwhile, it puts your device and information at risk. This fake alert virus should be removed as soon as possible. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on November 2, 2017 11:11 am

Oct 21

How to Remove Facebook Child Porn Virus?

Hey. I need your help. The Facebook child porn virus attacked my Samsung S8+. It claims to be the FBI, saying I violated the laws for watching child porn. I swear I didn’t watch anything like this. I was looking a birthday present for my girlfriend. Now, the virus blocks my phone and won’t allow me to do anything. I want my phone back and to get rid of the fake FBI warning. Please help.

Brief Information of Facebook Child Porn Virus

Facebook Child Porn Virus is a term used to describe a dangerous Trojan virus which is created by the cyber criminals. The infection first started spreading among high school students on the East Coast. Now, it has been spread widely. People got it from the share videos, games and other programs on Facebook social media platform. it corrupts your system files and programs files to mess up your device function and programs’ running. There are lots of malicious havoc that it can create on your device. It ruins device with a help of tricky messages that have been circulating on Facebook for years. According to reliable report, this malicious program has already been shared tens of thousands of times and has received more than 15,000 likes. Therefore, there are lots of victims of this Facebook child porn virus infection all over the world. This nasty virus steals the name of the authority, such as FBI, US Marshal, Cyber police, Metropolitan Police, NSA, DOJ, NCA and Garda Síochána etc. to scare users into paying a penalty of $ 500 USD. It is an international virus. The name of the authority and language of the warning is different in different place. No matter who it claims to be, it is fake. Its owners are not the police, but the cyber criminals. Do not trust it. It is a piece of dangerous malware. You need to get rid of it to protect your money and device. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on October 21, 2017 4:55 pm

Oct 20

How to Remove FBI Virus from RCA Android Tablet?

I have the white screen virus on my tablet with the fbi message. They took a picture of my face and say pay this fine. And the message said I had some images on my tablet of child porn, and it showed me and I never had those images even on my tablet! Long story short, I wanna use my tablet again and get rid of it, I have an RCA Android. It even won’t let me shut it down. What do I do? Please help.

Is Your Tablet Locked by FBI Warning Virus?

Is your phone or tablet blocked by a police threat? Have you been fined by a FBI waring on mobile device for watching illegal porn? Are you wronged by an unexpected popup while browsing on your tablet? If your answer is “Yes”, your device has been attacked by a dangerous virus. The warning is not sent from the FBI. It has nothing to do with the real police or any other legit agency. Instead, it is made up by the hackers to scare you.
Many victims lost money due to this FBI virus. They believed that the FBI warning is real, thinking that they were in trouble with the police. In a way, the warning looks authentic. It has the logo and seal of FBI. On the waring page, it claims the police scanned your device and detected some suspicious files. You have been caught due to attendance of the forbidden pornographic sites. Some pornographic images also are displayed on your screen. It says those images are the proof that you violated related law. Specific laws are listed, telling what punishment you will receive. In order to make it look real, it collects your basic information, such as name, location, IP address, device, contacts, and picture etc. and shows them on the warning page. That makes victims think it is the police who are able to monitor their activities and grab the information. Besides, the FBI virus blocks the device completely and does not allow you to do anything, like someone is controlling it. It does not go away though you turn off the device for a long time. It still comes back right after you turn it on again. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on October 20, 2017 10:43 am and last modified on October 21, 2017 4:52 pm.

Oct 11

Help Removing Virus

Hey. I need help of removing virus from my iPhone 8. I was watching a video on the website and a message popped up, saying that I have virus and needed to download a piece of software to remove it, so I did. I didn’t notice it was wrong until I found my brand new iPhone worked weirdly. Many ads popped up on the screen and Safari became slow. I believe the virus is still on the phone, but I don’t know how to get rid of it. Please help.

Brief Information of Virus is a browser hijacker virus. It is able to affect Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other browsers on Windows, Linux, ios and android devices. It has been spread widely on the Internet, aiming at displaying intrusive and obstructive popups and banners on the device’s screen and also triggering browser redirects to random websites that the user did not want to visit. Once it is installed on your device, it starts to collects your browsing habits and shows you ads to help its developers make money. That will cause information leak and also bring you new threat. Therefore, remove the virus soon if you see it.

How does Browser Hijacker Virus Work? virus is developed for marketing purpose. Once it is installed, it alters settings without your permission to take over the browser. After it takes over the browser, it corrupts your browser by installing unknown plugins and extensions. With the object helper, it injects malicious codes to the settings and hijacks your browser. In order to make you download their software, it claims that there is virus on your device. In order to fix the problem, you need to download a piece of software. We do not suggest you install the software because it is not helping. When you use browser to search for information, it injects ads to your search results to replace the useful information. Besides, we don’t know if all of the ads are safe. The virus also redirects you to unknown websites while you are reading news or viewing products on Amazon. You must be cautious because some of them can be fishing websites. After all, most people got ransomware virus when suddenly being redirecting to malicious websites. This browser hijacker starts to monitors your online activities and collects related information. Your name, device os, location, favorite websites, search engine and product wish list etc. will be recorded and sent to its developers. They use the information for marketing and generate revenue. However, almost all of us refuse such information leak. Therefore, you should get rid of browser hijacker virus to avoid loss. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on October 11, 2017 11:25 am and last modified on October 11, 2017 11:27 am.

Oct 10

Can’t Access BBC iPlayer in China?

Hi there. I got problems. When I try to use BBC iplayer, it gives me the message saying BBC iplayer only works in the U.K. I used it all the time and it worked fine back in UK, I would like to make it work in China too. Please can you help?

Why can’t You Access BBC iPlayer in China?

iPlayer is an Internet streaming, catchup, television and radio service from the (British Broadcasting Corporation) BBC. Its tagline was “Catch up on the last 7 days of BBC TV & Radio.” If you missed the live broadcast, you still could watch it within 7 days. In the past, users eagerly hoped that they could watch their favorite programmes in their spare time. Therefore, BBC iPlayer has been very popular among users since it has been launched. It is available on various devices like mobile phones and tablets, personal computers, and smart televisions. You can “carry” the programmes on your mobile device in your pocket conveniently and watch them on the big screen on smart TV. You don’t need to pay the TV licence for watching catch-up programmes.
It is a pity that BBC iPlayer is only available for UK based viewers. Every family in UK pays fee every year to raise money to operate BBC iPlayer. Therefore, it is only broadcast in UK without commercial advertising. If you live in US, Australia, China or other countries, you will not be able to access it. When you try to visit BBC iPlayer in China, the website server detects your IP address which gives away your location, thus refusing your visit. Besides, the Internet censorship in China is high. The Great Firewall of China blocks most of the western video-sharing platforms and social media platforms to prevent them from corrupting its people’s thoughts. Your connection will be blocked once the firewall knows your China-based IP address. Therefore, you need a UK IP address to access BBC iPlayer. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on October 10, 2017 5:56 am and last modified on November 14, 2017 12:37 am.

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