Dec 31, 2014

PerforMax Cleaner Removal Guide

There is a pop-up PerforMax Cleaner screen locking your computer? Why can this unknown computer protection software appear in your computer suddenly? You never allow the installation? In addition, it cannot be removed by the Norton in your computer. How to get rid of the unnecessary PerforMax Cleaner completely?

More Details about PerforMax Cleaner:

PerforMax Cleaner is defined as a rogue antivirus tool that is reported by many innocent computer users from all over the world. You may have one or two antivirus programs installed in the computer so as to stay away from computer virus infections. Unlike those legitimate antivirus programs that you install manually, PerforMax Cleaner itself does not need your permission to process the installation. Its developers have put it in some online resources that can cover its aggressiveness. So if you visit a corrupted web site, open a spam email attachment, click an unknown link or download a “free” program, this rogueware can have the chance to enter your computer without prior notice. And you authorized antivirus program is not able to prevent it because it is specially designed.
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Published by Andrew Gonzalez on December 31, 2014 2:59 am

Dec 19, 2014

Remove AVLab Internet Security Virus

I received a stupid message from AVLab Internet Security showing that my laptop has a lot of dangerous viruses. I felt afraid and wondering at the very beginning because my original security protector Norton said nothing without viruses. After searching for it on the Internet, I know that it is a fake antivirus program! It is a computer virus! Is there a good way to get rid of it? 

More Details about AVLab Internet Security:

AVLab Internet Security can be classified as a rogue program that attempts to bring a lot of troubles to the victim’s computer. This fake program usually dresses as a legitimate antivirus tool and claims that it can provide computer protection and threat removal services. With the deceptive appearance, it has successfully made many computer users to pay for its registered (full) version. How do we know that it is not a friendly program? Firstly, the rogueware will install itself without the computer owner’s permission; secondly, it will automatically run non-interruptible system scan; lastly, it will tell you that your computer is infected with various vicious viruses and in order to eliminate all the problems, you will have to pay to get the registered (full) version. In fact, all the scan results it shows are fake! Those detected threats are nonexistent. Basically, those are the steps for computer hackers to accumulate money from global computer users with the help of this fake AVLab Internet Security. It can spread through the network rapidly.
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Published by Andrew Gonzalez on December 19, 2014 3:20 pm

Dec 17, 2014

Fake SystemBytes Win 7 2015 Removal Guide

I accidentally got SystemBytes Win 7 2015 on my computer and cannot find a way to uninstall it. I knew this is a fake antivirus program because it won’t let me do anything on my computer. It won’t let me view websites on explorer or open any programs. All it did is to display lots of fake reports and push me to pay its full version. I tried to delete it from control panel but I didn’t see it there. I searched online using my phone and it said the virus has to be removed manually. But I cannot open Task manager at all. It says the file is infected. What should I do?

SystemBytes Win 7 2015 Description:

SystemBytes Win 7 2015 is nothing but a bogus anti-spyware program that was produced by cybercriminals to trick computer users into believing their PCs are corrupted by various PC threats. And then it urges potential victims to purchase a full version of its false software product. Beware that this is a bogus program and you should never pay for it. It belongs to to Braviax/FakeRean family of rogue antivirus programs that has a large number of variants such as SystemBytes XP 2015, SystemBytes Vista 2015, SystemBytes Win 8 2015 used to attack different operating systems.
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Published by Sarah Poehler on December 17, 2014 7:51 am and last modified on March 26, 2015 1:21 am.

Dec 17, 2014

AVC Plus Removal Guide ( Step By Step)

AVC Plus is infecting my computer. What can I do now? This program is so pesky software I think. I had tried to use my antivirus tool to remove it all, but I couldn’t. I was struggling to fix it myself. As a matter of fact, I don’t know where I should start first. One of my colleagues advised me that I should use manual removal method to get rid of this virus. But how? I have no any idea about this. Please help me out of this difficult situation. Thank you very much!

What Is AVC Plus?—Learn More About This Program:

AVC Plus is a malicious virus which has been sorted to the family of rogue antivirus infection. This fake program is still among the most common types of rogueware program. Cyber criminals want to make illegal money by creating rogue antivirus programs just like this program so as to hoax unsuspecting computer users into buying useless security software. If you really buy this program, you will regret later as it is not actually an anti-virus program. Once this program installed on your computer, what it does on it is not to protect your computer from being infected, but it may do lots of harmful things which are the complete opposite. This program will do a scan automatically without your permission when it enters your system. Then it will list lots of fake information for you which may tell you that your computer is in high risk. It will trick you that if you want to remove all threats on your computer, you’d better buy full version of this program. This is the way which criminals make illegal money from. You should aware this kind of information. You should not believe this massage it sent to you.

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Published by Selina Lynmich on December 17, 2014 5:11 am

Dec 13, 2014

AVbytes Win 7 Antivirus 2015 Removal Guide

Hi there. I was watching video online and suddenly AVbytes Win 7 Antivirus 2015 just popped up on my computer which currently blocked my Internet. It said my computer has been seriously infected and it will not allow access to anything. I guess it is a fake antivirus because it keeps pushing me to pay its full version. However, I cannot find a way to uninstall it because the program isn’t listed in control panel. It won’t let me open task manager or access any Windows services. How do I get rid of it from my computer?

“AVbytes Win 7 Antivirus 2015” Virus Description:

AVbytes Win 7 Antivirus 2015 is another variant of AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015 that comes from the same Rogue.FakeRean-Braviax family. This virus is categorized as a rogue program that used to attack computers running with Windows 7 operating system and it also has other versions like AVbytes XP Antivirus 2015, AVbytes Vista Antivirus 2015 and AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015, aiming to hack different operating systems. Just like other fake antivirus programs, it will be configured to start every time you try to start up your computer. Although it sounds and looks like a legitimate utility, you should NEVER keep it in your computer because this program is a virus and it has no virus database and no scan engine, therefore it can’t really detect any infection on your computer. All it does is to display fake scan results, false security warnings, hijack your web browser, and does not allow you to run your legitimate Windows applications.
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Published by Sarah Poehler on December 13, 2014 7:28 am

Dec 12, 2014

GuardBytes Plus Removal Guide

Are you getting so frustrated why you are receiving a pop-up from an unknown program? So many fake alerts are spread from that program as well. It is called GuardBytes Plus. Do you know what it is? It is fake antivirus software. You want to remove it? But you have no idea? Take it easy, here is the manual removal guide for you to get rid of this malicious virus completely. Here we go!

Learn More About This GuardBytes Plus

GuardBytes Plus is sorted to be the rogue anti-virus virus family which tries to hoax computer users into convincing that their computers have been attacked with so different kinds of infections like malware, viruses, and Trojans. Once this fake application installed on your computer, it may do a scan for your computer automatically and you can’t stop it until it finishes the scanning. After it finished the scan, it would send you lots of warning alerts which is telling you that your computer is in high risk. Even though the fake antivirus software looks like a perfect antivirus application which may tell you all the potential “threats” on your computer. However, you should be aware that GuardBytes Plus holds no virus definition database or any features that would allow this application to detect any of the security infections listed. In fact, all infections listed during the ‘security scan’ are fake and do not exist on your computer. The real purpose of the malicious virus is to encourage computer users to buy a fake license key. You should not buy this fake program as it is a scam virus which is developed by cyber criminals to attack computer users. You should remove it right now when you find it.

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Published by Selina Lynmich on December 12, 2014 7:22 pm and last modified on September 27, 2016 9:10 am.

Dec 3, 2014

AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015 Removal Guide

Hi, there! I found something strange on my computer. My computer is working more and more slowly now. I got so many security alerts from a malware which is named AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015. It is said this malware is fake antivirus software. It can run in the background automatically and then begin to scan my computer with my permission. I can’t stop the scanning process. I want to remove this rogue antivirus from my computer immediately. But how can I make this complicated work done? I have no idea about it. Can anyone recommend some tips for me to get rid of this virus by manual way? It will be so appreciated!

More Information About AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015

AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015 is classified as a malicious fake antivirus virus which is created by cyber criminals to attack computer users around the world. This infection is a useless and suspicious rogue application that can report false system security threats and displays fake warnings to scare you into thinking that your computer is infected with malware. In most cases, once this virus installed on compromised computer automatically, it will have a rogue scan for your computer and then state that your computer is in danger to the numerous threats it listed for you on the screen. This antivirus program seems to be a good application which pretends itself that can protect your computer. Then it may trick you to believe that if you want to clean away all threats on your computer, you need to purchase the whole set of this fake antivirus so that you can remove them completely. After it tricks your money, it will do lots of harmful things on your computer. You may feel so regretful and want to uninstall this rogue program as soon as you can. But you can’t remove it by any antivirus program installed on your computer.

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Published by Selina Lynmich on December 3, 2014 6:48 am

Nov 26, 2014

A-Secure 2015 Rogue Antivirus Removal Guide

Yesterday I found a program named A-Secure 2015 installed on my computer. I am getting into a big trouble now as I have been getting weird stuff on my computer. It keeps bothering me because it always states whatever I try to run is infected. I use google to search for it and I find it is just a rogue antivirus program. But I can’t get rid of it by any anti malware programs. And it claims that my security tool needs to be checked. It is making me crazy! Who can help me to get rid of this fake program out of my computer? I would really appreciate that!

A-Secure 2015 Rogue Antivirus Description:

A-Secure 2015 is rogue antivirus programs which is created by cyber criminals to pursue their commercial goal. It is good at tricking innocent users by using fake scan results, false security warnings. In order to get directed attention from users, they scare users into thinking their computers have a security problem and then state that using its product is the best way to protest the computer. As a matter of fact, they won’t provide any protection to your computer as their creators’ purpose is to gain profit by coercing computer users into buying the full versions of their product. Actually if you pay for this fake software, it is equivalent to send your money to cyber criminals. It is distributed using various ‘exploit. In most cases, computers users get this rogue program after they visited some websites hacked with malicious scripts and downloaded some unwanted applications since it is capable to detect security vulnerabilities of the operating system. And another common way for them to enter the target computer is by the help of Trojans which pretend to be legitimate programs in order to install the infection.
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Published by Andrew Gonzalez on November 26, 2014 11:39 pm and last modified on November 26, 2014 11:40 pm.

Nov 24, 2014

Remove Windows AntiBreach Module Virus

You just received some pop-up windows from an unknown program called Windows AntiBreach Module on your computer? Where did the program come from? You do not know when you installed it. You cannot use the computer because it always pops up some alerts saying the computer is infected. How to remove this stubborn thing?

More Details about Windows AntiBreach Module:

Windows AntiBreach Module is a fake antivirus program. You should be careful when such a program appears in the computer. For ordinary computer users, it looks like a common antivirus program that seems to be able to provide full protection for your computer. You cannot find out anything strange from its appearance in addition to such a fact that you cannot close down its pop-ups or prevent it from running a system scan. If you happen to be familiar with some other fake antivirus programs such as Rango Win 8 Protection 2014 and Zorton Win 7 Antivirus 2014, you will be able to realize that it is actually a virus. If you do not remove it, bad consequences will happen to the infected computer.
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Published by Selina Lynmich on November 24, 2014 8:37 am

Nov 23, 2014

Remove Rango Win 8 Protection 2014 Unregistered Version Virus

You see a popup about Rango Win 8 Protection 2014 Unregistered Version in the computer? You do not know what this strange program can do in the computer? Is it really from the Microsoft? Actually, it is a virus! You just want to uninstall it because you never approve its installation but it takes over the computer completely? You can refer to the removal guide here.

More Details about the Scam Virus:

Rango Win 8 Protection 2014 Unregistered Version Virus is classified as a rogueware, which disguises as a legitimate antivirus program and tries to defraud innocent computer users of as much money as possible. This newly released computer virus should have the concern of the computer users from all over the world because many computers have been infected recently. It looks no difference from those famous legitimate antivirus programs in the appearance. Computer hackers trick the computer users by convincing them that the rogue virus is useful so that they can achieve the aim of accumulating wealth. In order to avoid being cheated, we should be cautious when we see any unknown program popping up suddenly on the computer.
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Published by Sarah Poehler on November 23, 2014 7:34 am and last modified on November 24, 2014 6:10 am.

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