Dec 31, 2016 Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Hi. I think my computer has viruses. My computer started to run slowly since I saw on my Chrome. Ads and virus reports pop up all the time. I scanned my computer with the anti-virus program, but nothing has been found. Is a virus? If it is a virus, why my anti-virus can’t detect it?

Brief Information of Browser Hijacker is a potential unwanted program that belongs to the browser hijacker family. It is tricky enough to escape from some of the anti-virus programs and perform malicious tasks freely. It makes change on your computer so as to take over your browser and firewall settings. Your homepage, default search engine and browsing background will be replaced by unknown programs. Its developers would deliver you ads in order to promote its products and websites. You will suffer a flood of ads every day. One of the most obvious characters of this threat is browser redirect. It forces you to visit unknown websites suddenly while you are browsing. Useless programs will be installed without your knowledge to mess up your computer. As time goes on, your computer will run pretty slow and get stuck frequently. Besides, object helpers will be installed to collect information on your browser. Your personal information is at risk. It is very necessary to get browser hijacker off your computer. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on December 31, 2016 12:06 pm

Dec 29, 2016

How to Remove OnlineFormFinder Adware Virus?

How to Remove OnlineFormFinder Adware Virus? My computer got into this trouble. Kinds of unknown add-ons were added onto my Chrome browsers extension. I couldn’t browse the Internet normally. I couldn’t go to the website I want to. I was redirected to visit lots of unfamiliar website continually. Fake alerts were reported by Norton frequently. What should I do? Please help!

More Information About OnlineFormFinder Adware Virus:

OnlineFormFinder Adware Virus pretends to be a good and useful app which can provide kinds of features on your Chrome New Tab. As a matter of fact, this adware is reported as an unwanted toolbar that may get installed on browser through freeware. Yes, you can download this virus and installed it onto your computer for free. After the adware is installed, you may find that this adware may inflict so many troubles when installed on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You can’t use your browsers normally. This virus will claim that it can help you enhance your web browsing experience. It seems to be a useful application. However, due to some annoyances like excessive advertisements and redirect functions, it was deemed malicious and unnecessary browser add-on. Pop-ups and banners, coupons and ads will be showing everywhere on your computer screen to stop you from using the website normally. In a word, OnlineFormFinder Adware is a unwanted and malicious application and kinds of browser hijacker virus.

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Published by Selina Lynmich on December 29, 2016 6:21 am

Dec 28, 2016

How to Remove the Virus?

Hi, there? Please help me. It was on last Friday. When I used my Chrome browser to surf the internet after my friend return my Dell computer, I found my Chrome was not working as before. I have the thing sticking to it. I felt very curious so I search information about it on the internet and learned that it is a not reliable program. I had done nothing wrong before I found this issue. I thought it probably happened during the time when I lent it to my friend. Anyway, I want remove it from my computer completely right now. Can you guys help me? Thanks a lot.

Important Information about the

The Polarity Technologies, Ltd. which is known for having produced a great many PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), is believed to be the one behind the virus. The is one of the other similar malicious programs that are developed to serve similar wicked purpose. After infection with the virus, if you find your homepage and default search facility have been changed to the domain of the without your permission, there is no need to feel surprised at all. Because it is a common trick that all the browser hijackers will play to serve it immoral and illegal purpose. And that is why many cases are reported by the victims saying that someone has secretly made alternations to the homepage and default search engines of their web browser. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Sarah Poehler on December 28, 2016 10:19 am and last modified on January 6, 2017 2:39 pm.

Dec 27, 2016

How to Remove Browser Hijacker?

Hey, there. How to Remove Browser Hijacker? My IE can’t run well on my new laptop due to this virus. What should I do? Kinds of pop-ups and ads are continually coming into my screen to stop me from browsing the Internet normally. Please help!

More Information About Browser Hijacker: is a fake search engine which will make you into believing that it can help you find your favorites easily. On its homepage, you will see “Search” and a bank box with a magnifying glass as Google, Bing which are legit search engine. This fake search engine also provides you some shortcut links like Shop This Holidays…Watches, Nikes…etc. All these shortcuts seem real and useful. However, if you use this fake search engine to find your needs, you will find that there is nothing good relates to your favorites, but kinds of commercial links and pop-ups. If you click on any of these results’ links, you may not be redirect to the websites you want to, but some unknown websites with malicious activities. Thus, you should be clear that virus hacks into your computer if you see its website appearing at your homepage.

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Published by Selina Lynmich on December 27, 2016 1:08 pm

Dec 23, 2016

Quick Guide to Remove Pop-ups

My Internet Explorer gets redirected to the for no reason and I am unable to get my homepage normally. My anti-virus program can do nothing helpful to handle such a headache. The pop-ups come from a virus or malware, right? I have tried to get rid of it myself but ended with a failure. What should I do to remove the pop-ups completely? In fact, the pop-up is a browser hijacker and will make chaos if no removal in time. Manual removal is the most effective to get rid of it. Please follow the post to get some assistance to eliminate it.

Brief Description of pop-up pop-up has been categorized as a browser hijacker which is sponsored specially to attack computers all around the world. Once installed on a targeted computer in degrading manner, the pop-up redirects victims’ website regardless of browsers or search engines. The pop-up will display plenty of pop-ups which are related to the browser hijacker so as to promote their products. So that innocent Internet users can’t surf the Internet easily as they usually do. Meanwhile, it forces you to view ads and malicious websites now and then. More malware will be installed to damage your computer. Gradually, your computer will run slowly and take a long time to react. It just gets stuck frequently while you are playing game or writing an important report. Hence, you must remove this threat in time. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on December 23, 2016 12:33 pm and last modified on December 23, 2016 12:36 pm.

Dec 22, 2016

How to Remove the Virus?

Hi, I have the sticking on my web browser of the Chrome. To tell the truth, I don’t think it is the worst search facility I have ever seen. But I google information about it and learn that it is not safe and reliable. So in case of any loss occurring in the future, I decide to get rid of it from my Dell computer totally. But when I worked on it, I found i could not remove it myself. It came back anytime I thought it is deleted. I am really tired. Can you guys help me? Please! Much appreciated!

Important Information about the is a malicious program which is released not long time ago. While the designer and developer of it is still not known to all. On a blank page without any logo or mark, there is only a Search button and toolbar lying respectively on the top and where is close to the top. Such documentations as the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or any information detail with regard to how to use this piece of program are seemingly not provided for the newer versions. Redirection malware is also the name that can be used to call the virus. And is the search facility of which the takes advantage to support its redirection feature which will function anytime as soon as the search button is clicked on. Therefore, due to the intense color of the redirection feature, the virus discussed in this article is much more classified to be an unwanted program than a typical computer virus in a more strict sense. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Sarah Poehler on December 22, 2016 8:21 pm and last modified on December 26, 2016 6:55 am.

Dec 22, 2016 Virus Removal Guide

Hey, there. was setup as the default search engine on my Google Chrome. I got lots of banners and pop-up when I used this search engine to find something. I couldn’t do anything normally. What’s wrong with my computer? Someone said that my computer was infected by Virus. Really? What should I do? Help!

More Information About Virus: Virus is advertised to improve your security while using services at,, and It is said that it can help you scan the links online and provide you trusted and usefully webpages only. What it will do is to make you into believing that is a good and legitimate websites. Cyber criminals used to add this virus into the third party applications. This virus may be attached to the online resources, such as links, pop-ups, ads and websites etc. In most cases, people may get this virus into their computer due to mis-clicking on something unknown while they are browsing. Besides, you may get the virus after you installed some “free” apps from unauthorized websites. In addition, you just read the emails on your junk email folder, that may lead to your computer gets infected. Hence, it is strongly to remind the majority people who use the computer to be more cautious when you are online doing something.

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Published by Selina Lynmich on December 22, 2016 1:20 pm

Dec 19, 2016 Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Guide

Hello. Need help of removing I used yahoo as my search engine all the time. Somehow, this one appeared and became my homepage. I tried to reset Firefox, but still can come back. Not to be mean, but I don’t like this domain. Too many ads show up on my screen since I have seen it on my browser. It brought unknown programs on desktop while I can’t uninstall them. I would like to delete it as soon as possible. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

Brief Information of Browser Hijacker is a potential unwanted program that changes the system and browser settings without your permission. This program has been spread widely as a free Internet browser extension for emails. According to the research, it supports Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It claims that it provides computer users quick access to email, such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook and Hotmail etc. In this way, it is able to achieve your trust gradually so as to have more rights on your computer. In fact, it is not a reliable domain. Not like Google or Yahoo, its main task is not providing useful information or quick access to email. If you use frequently, it will change your default browser settings with special code that make it very difficult to change back. Various ads from unknown websites will be injected to your browser. You will receive ads now and then and cannot block the ads with security program. No matter you run browser or not, it works silently and interrupts your work badly. It also collects information for its developers. To protect your computer and information, delete browser hijacker thoroughly. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on December 19, 2016 5:57 am

Dec 17, 2016 Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Guide

Hello. Please help me get rid of It takes the place of my google search engine and I can’t take it back. So many weird things since I have seen this domain. I have got too many popups recently. They take me to unknown shopping sites. Google Chrome opened ad websites automatically after I clicked on other programs. That makes me feel stressed. Really need your help. Please reply me soon. Thank you.

Brief Information of Browser Hijacker is a browser hijacker. Its developers use it to create traffic and extort income from the user by showing ads. It alters system and browser settings without your permission. Your homepage, search engine and even default videos player will be changed into unknown ones. No matter you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, is always able to hijack your browser. One of the most obvious characters of this threat is browser redirect. It just redirects you to strange websites and forces you to view their unreliable ads. It also installs useless ad-supported and useless programs on your computer. Those programs will damage your computer further. Besides, it is necessary for you to note that one of its important tasks is information collection. That will cause sensitive information leak. They will use your personal information to develop their product and make money. You must stop and delete browser hijacker before it is too late. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on December 17, 2016 5:15 pm

Dec 13, 2016 Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Guide

Hi. I have been redirected to all the time and the page kept giving me abundant commercial pop ups. I could not move into a site I wanted as I did before! My anti-virus can do nothing to handle it. I lost my patience, but I failed to remove the annoyance. What should I do to get rid of Is there any way to remove it manually? To be honest, I know little about computer. It would be great if you can help me fix it.

What is Browser Hijacker? is classified as a hazardous browser hijacker which was sponsored by Cyber criminals to assault computers. Internet users who come from different places have been the victims of this browser hijacker and gotten the vermin on their computer without any agreement or consciousness. Once it managed to sneak into a targeted computer with a success, the virus is supposed to present tons of redirections when innocent users launch browsers regardless of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome, or Safari. Instead of moving into a right website as the users should do, it will relocate to or ones related to it. Additionally, the intentional web page shows a mass of the pop-ups which are associated with commercial ads. The existence of the numerous pop ups will cause online traffic so that computer users are unable to surf the net as effective as they did before the infection. You ought to delete browser hijacker to fix the problems. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Emerson L. Sullivan on December 13, 2016 6:17 am and last modified on December 13, 2016 6:26 am.

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