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What is Bitcoin and How to Buy-Sell Bitcoins?

What is Bitcoin and How to Buy-Sell Bitcoins? Digital currencies which are not in ties with either the government or the bank is known as Bitcoin. The users can spend the Bitcoin anonymously.

These coins are generally created by the users by mining them. They basically lend the computer power to verify the transaction of the other users. These users, in turn, receive the bitcoins. Bitcoins can also be purchased or sold with the exchange of currencies like US dollars, or even other currencies can be used. The worth of the bitcoins is now even more than gold ounces. These coins are digital. Bitcoins were the best currency choice for those cyber attackers who were capable of crippling the computer network all over the world in earlier days. When the Ransomware of the attackers was in action, the victims were held hostages, and their data was encrypted, they demanded the payments in bitcoins so that the attackers could access their computers.

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Published by Matt Johnston & last modified on July 24, 2017 8:54 am | Bitcoin

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