Nov 5, 2019

News – LastPass Named Industry Leader

Looking for ways to see what LastPass have updated ahead of the holiday season? We share some great news with our followers. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on November 5, 2019 9:09 am

Sep 26, 2019

1Password Review 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for a reliable password manager? Can’t decide which one to choose? Is 1Password any good? Is 1Password safe? Our experts have tested all the popular password managers and recorded features and other information. To help you make an informed decision, we sorted the information and wrote reviews about the password managers. Many users ask if 1Password is worth to invest. If you are one of them, learn about the product in this 1Password review to get your answer. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on September 26, 2019 9:07 am and last modified on January 23, 2020 8:03 am.

Aug 6, 2019

RememBear Review 2020: Is It Secure?

Did you ever use RememBear? Is it easy to use? How does RememBear protect your data? What features can you use? Is it expensive? To provide you accurate answer, our team purchased a plan and tested the product for few months in order to write this RememBear review. Hope it gives you information you need and make an informed decision. Today, most users need a reliable password manager to take care of their digital life as they have more and more accounts & passwords to remember. Beginners may make mistake and choose the wrong product due to lack of experience. Our goal is to help you choose the best product for your need at reasonable price. Learn if RememBear is your best password manager in this article. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on August 6, 2019 7:54 am and last modified on July 3, 2020 8:01 am.

Jul 30, 2019

RememBear Coupons & Codes : Get 42% Discount in 2020

Are you looking for RememBear coupon codes for extra discounts? You come to the right place. The provider sends us the latest promotion information and valid promo code, allowing our readers to save as much money as possible. Before you check out, copy RememBear coupon codes on this page and paste it to the coupon blank to apply extra discount. Sometimes, the provider offers discount directly, and you don’t need to enter any code. Commonly, the coupon codes are available during special events and last for limited time. Miss out big promotion all the time? Pay attention to our website. We will update the promotion with valid RememBear Coupons & Codes immediately when there is a coupon or big promotion. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on July 30, 2019 9:02 am and last modified on July 3, 2020 8:02 am.

Jul 23, 2019

Trend Micro Password Manager Review 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

Did you ever use Trend Micro Password Manager? Is it secure? Does it offer effective password management solution? Is it worth to invest? Before signing up a service for a long term period, most users have many questions to ask. It is right to learn a service well to avoid investing in the wrong service. Trend Micro Password Manager is an effective tool which offers to secure users’ passwords and sensitive information with strongest encryption. If you are looking for a secure and affordable password management solution, Trend Micro password manager is a great option. Learn more about the service in detail in this Trend Micro Password Manager review. This review is based on our real-time test results. Our team have tested a large number of password managers and recorded honest test results. Hope this review will help you. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on July 23, 2019 6:41 am and last modified on July 3, 2020 8:07 am.

Jul 23, 2019

What is Trend Micro Password Manager?

Trend Micro Password Manager is a secure product that protects and manages a variety of complex accounts and passwords for users. This password manager is owned by Trend Micro which is a famous company that delivers reliable Internet security solution. With rich experience in Internet security industry and advanced security technologies, this password manager is secure enough to safeguard your passwords and personal information. It uses AES-256 encryption technology to encrypt your data and stop others from snooping at your precious data. It allows unlimited password storage, so you can store all of your passwords on it. It scores your existing passwords and suggests you replace weak passwords. It uses a combination of letters, numbers and special symbols, etc. to create strong and unique passwords for you anytime you need it. You are allowed to add personal information to the data vault for quick access and auto form filling. When you are about to check out online, the password manager can automatically fill fields like name, shipping address, email address, phone number and other personal information. You can save time and avoid error to finish the checkout quickly. Trend Micro Password Manager supports a variety of systems and platforms, so you will be able to manage passwords and secure your digital life effectively. It is a powerful yet affordable password manager.

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on July 23, 2019 1:40 am and last modified on July 26, 2019 2:17 am.

Jul 17, 2019

What is RememBear?

Remembear is a product of the same team behind TunnelBear VPN. It is a useful password manager with great features and cute interface. It offers to store your passwords in one place which is encrypted and highly protected, so you will be able to access your passwords anytime and won’t forget any password. When you first the software, it prompts you to import your login detail from the browsers or old password manager in your device. You also can store sensitive notes and regular personal information, so you will always have your information everywhere you go. Remembear uses secure state-of-the-art technology and utilizes secured end to end encryption to protect your data. Likewise, it supports two-step verification for logins to provide users extra layer of security. You are able to unblock your vault securely with Touch ID or FaceID and use a single master password lets you unlock your vault. It supports auto-locking after Bear inactivity. No one will be able to access your vault without permission. Your passwords and personal information are safe with Remembear. The password manager supports autofill logins and form filler for faster online checkout, saving your precious time. Whenever you need, it creates strong and unique passwords for your online accounts to prevent getting hacked. Besides, it lets you sync passwords and information across multiple devices for convenient access and management. The company offers friendly designed apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, and provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can access and manage your data across all your computers, phones, and tablets. It is a simple, secure, and beautifully designed password manager that simplifies your digital life.

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on July 17, 2019 1:37 am

Jul 16, 2019

What is Kaspersky Password Manager?

Kaspersky Password Manager is a popular product owned by Kaspersky Lab. In addition to solid security suites, the security giant provides amazing password management solution as well. This password manager offers a secure digital vault for your passwords, and personal information like passport, credit card detail, driver’s license and ID numbers. It works with Windows, Mac, iOS & Android, and syncs your data across all devices. You can access and manage passwords on all devices with one single license. It creates strong and random passwords for your accounts, and offers to replace your weak & reused passwords. You are able to import passwords from browsers and your old password manager. It helps you organize your data in folders and fill web forms with stored information to save time. It supports auto login, and you can get automatically logged into your accounts on your favorite websites. Kaspersky has zero-knowledge security and uses advanced encryption standard for your data vault. It does not have your master password which grants you access to the data vault. It keeps your passwords safe and easy to access from anywhere. You won’t forget any single password.

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on July 16, 2019 7:23 am

Jul 12, 2019

Kaspersky Password Manager Review 2020 – Is It Any Good?

Have you heard of Kaspersky Password Manager? Is Kaspersky Password Manager any good? Is it worth a try? Kaspersky Password Manager is a useful tool which has the ability to have all your passwords & personal information secure and centralize in one place. It offers to simplify password management by allowing you use a single master password to access all your stored logins. Is it safe to store passwords on Kaspersky Password Manager? What kinds of protection it offers? What else can you do with the password manager? Get your answers in this Kaspersky Password Manager review. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on July 12, 2019 9:26 am and last modified on March 17, 2020 6:45 am.

May 28, 2019

LastPass Coupon & Discount: Get Lifetime Deals in 2020

Is there a charge for LastPass? What are the best LastPass coupon, discount and lifetime deal? Why you need LastPass lifetime deal or renewal coupon? With coupon, you get an extra discount or special deal at a retailer’s website. In those days, users purchase products and sign up services frequently, it is a wise choice to search for coupon, promo code and use the code to cut down budget. Many retailers release coupon and spread it to reliable website to help them promote their products. With LastPass coupon, you can spend less money on the same package than other users who don’t have a code or promotion link. LastPass is a very useful password manager. With more and more passwords to remember, people have difficult in managing their passwords. Besides, criminals use more and more advanced technology to crack users’ account for valuable information and money. You need to secure your accounts with solid passwords. How to create strong passwords as well as manage them well? Use LastPass to help you do the job. LastPass creates strong and unique passwords for you. It stores them in encrypted data vault, and you can access them anytime. To get best deal and save money, you should visit our promo page and make use of LastPass coupon. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on May 28, 2019 8:14 am and last modified on July 3, 2020 8:00 am.

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